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Badass pictures, gifs and videos of the awesome true brutality of nature

2020.10.24 22:04 Cereborn A Truly Harrowing Day (pt I) [2 CE]

A golden morning dawned over the stony peaks of Bright City, and a cooling mist descended over the streets like an iridescent blanket. And with a silent whoosh, the mists parted as Xandra Bloodstone zoomed down the sidewalk on her hoverscoot. Her curly red hair streamed out behind her as she raced down the hill, her booted foot pushing her along.
Her hoverscoot was a TranZoomer 655 — a sleek construction of bronze and wood with two small floatstone plates on the underside, keeping it floating just a hand or so off the ground. Xandra's right foot kicked furiously, building up speed, and she coasted along, dodging a melon cart that was getting ready to set up shop for the day. The city rose up in tiers beside her, and when she encountered another path criss-crossing past her head, she kicked hard off the ground, and she and her hoverscoot leapt into the air. She landed on the high path and started booting back in the direction she had come.
She rounded another corner, past a row of posh townhouses, and waved at the gardening staff who was already getting to work. Then she took a turn through Silverchair Plaza, where she followed the sounds of some really bouncy music. She found the source — a tall lunafolk man with abundant tattoos and a very tall hat was blasting away on a white trumpet. He stood on a strange sort of box, and as his feet tapped, the box produced a variety of percussive sounds to accompany his playing. Xandra glided in to listen, and the man took note of her.
“Hi, little lady! Five eddies for an earpiece.”
Immediately Xandra fished into her purse and pulled out a copper mike, “I'll take two. One for my friend back at the academy.”
The musician took her coin and touched it to a glass bangle hanging from his wrist. Immediately they could hear a high-pitched tone. So he pocketed the coin and he pulled out two semi-spiral contraptions, mostly made of wood with a silver piece in the centre. He touched each one to the medallion he wore around his neck and then handed them over. Xandra took it, setting the main band around her left ear, and positioning the silver piece right in her ear canal. She waved and then scooted away.
As she left the plaza, she heard the musician start to play again behind her. And as soon as she did, the music erupted from her earpiece, playing like he was right next to her. For the rest of her ride, she kicked herself along and bounced to the raucous, jazzy music that was playing right in her ear. She zoomed across the bridge over the Great Canal, seeing the blanket of mist resting over it, slowly being burned off by the rising sun, and seemingly in response to the sight she was seeing, the musician slowed his playing to a lilting, pleasant tune.
By the time she got back to Harrowing Academy, the music had picked up again and she was rocking her head to the beat. She kicked off the ground and spun in a circle 360°. “Bampa da da, ba ba!” She came to a stop at the steps of the academy, where she noticed another lunafolk man slumped just off to the side, next to a bush. He looked up at her, his purple face haggard and weary.
“Spare a couple eddies, miss?”
“Oh, you poor dear. Of course.” Xandra reached into her purse and pulled out three bronze eddies and handed them to him.
“Aerophelion bless you, miss.” He smiled.
A little distracted, Xandra walked her hoverscoot up the stairs, past the great pillars, and through the immense double doors that led into the academy. Once in its cavernous antechamber, where a dozen different halls and stairways branched off, she bumped into Naila Jade.
“Xandra, what were you doing up so early?”
“Naila! I've got something for you!” She reached into her pocket and pulled out the other earpiece.
Naila put it on, then smiled and immediately started bobbing her head to the rhythm. “I think I know this guy. Silverchair Plaza? With the hat?”
“That's him!”
The two friends stood on the steps, pumping their hands in the air and dancing to their private concert. They carried on that way for a few minutes until the music stopped.
“Ohh,” said Xandra. “I guess he's taking a break. But he says they'll work for a week. I think he's pretty funky, but I hope he doesn't play the same song the whole time.”
Their conversation was interrupted by the severe tapping of heels on the marble floor. Ysobel Topaz, her long yellow dress swishing with her brisk pace, stopped in front of them. “Am I going to be greeted to a buffoonish display from you two every morning? Did you know that faculty could see you behaving like a couple of moony ravers?”
“Lighten up, Yzzy,” said Naila. “We were just listening to some music. That's not forbidden.”
“Never call me Yzzy again.”
“Oh, you know what's really sad?” Xandra hopped into the conversation again. “As I was coming back to school, I saw this poor man begging for eddies at the edge of the steps. I'm not sure what happened to him but he seems like he's hit a rough patch. I wish we could do something for him.”
Ysobel took a sudden interest. “At the edge of the steps? Just out front here? Give me a moment. I'll do something to remedy this.” She turned and rushed off towards the door.
“See?” Xandra said to Naila. “She's not so bad. Look how quickly she went off to help a person in need. Let's go see what happens.” They went back out the front door and stood by one of the great marble columns. Xandra pointed out the beggar, who was just barely visible where they were standing. “He's right there. But … where did Ysobel go?”
At that moment, two brown-cloaked guards wielding spears races across the sidewalk at the bottom of the stairs. They grabbed the beggar and pulled him roughly to his feet. “Get out of here, moony scum!” shouted one, jabbing him with the butt of his spear. And with a shrug of defeated resignation, the beggar wandered off.
Xandra gasped, as Ysobel came walking back towards them, looking smug.
“There. Problem solved.”
“What in Downward is wrong with you?!” Xandra shouted. “He just wanted a few coins for food, and you had him beaten and chased away.”
“And what else should I do? Roll out the carpet and invite all the itinerants of Bright City to come begging at Harrowing Academy's doorstep? Act your class, Bloodstone. I'll see you for sparring.” She walked back inside.
“I hate her,” said Xandra.
Naila patted her on the shoulder. “I knew you'd get there soon enough.”
A short while later, the first-year students of the Harrowing Academy were getting ready for their morning spar. They had changed into the standard sparring clothes, which consisted of loose-fitting linen pants and a sleeveless tunic. Xandra had tied her wild red hair into a hasty ponytail. Naila stood next to her, looking statuesque. Her skin was a milky cocoa, and her turquoise hair was cropped short.
“So why were you out this morning anyway?” asked Naila.
“Oh, I just wanted to take my TranZoomer for a spin. That's all. Where were you last night? You never came to my dream circle.”
“Oh, sorry. I was out really late. I was having some fun with Burton Rivers.”
“You were having some fun without me?” asked Xandra quite innocently. “Why couldn't I come?”
“Xan, it was a different kind of fun. Not the kind you invite a third person into. Although...” She thought a moment. “Oh, nice! He started playing again.” She tapped her earpiece. “This is going to be good combat music.”
“Ohh, darn. I left mine in my locker.”
At that point, Ysobel came strutting haughtily past. Her own sparring clothes looked much like their, but were actually custom made from silk, and shone a much purer white that seemed to glow against her dark skin. Her white hair was braided in a complicated plait. “You can't be serious,” she said. “You're planning to spar with that moony music blasting in your ear. Don't you think you're already distracted enough?”
As she started to walk away, Xandra spoke up. “I don't think anyone asked you.”
Ysobel turned back. She ignored the question, and simply said, “Quarterstaves today, ladies. I love the quarterstaff. It's such an elegant weapon. Good for teaching lessons.”
“I wish we were doing archery again,” grumbled Xandra as they headed into the combat room. “I'm good at archery.”
“We're supposed to practice with all different weapons so we can find the one that's right for us,” said Naila. “So far knives are my favourite.”
Once inside the combat room, they all grabbed their staves, though Xandra held hers a bit awkwardly, continuing to accidentally knock people and then immediately apologizing. Then she spied Octavia. The fair-skinned girl with her long raven hair tied in a simple braid was spinning her staff in front of her. Deftly she switched from one hand to the other, keeping it twirling in a constant motion, oscillating in front of her like a protective shield.
“That's so cool!” exclaimed Xandra. “Can you teach me how to do that?”
Octavia stopped twirling and looked at Xandra with unblinking blue eyes. “I'm just here to hit things with a stick. If you'd like to be one of those things, then keep talking.”
Defeated, Xandra retreated backwards. “Why is everyone so mean today?”
The sparring matches began, and Xandra found herself first matched up against Naila. She did her best, but she was clumsy with her staff, and soon found her feet swept out from under her. She fell backwards, squinting her eyes and summoning a burst of air to cushion her head as it hit the floor.
“No fair. You had your combat music to help you.”
Naila reached for her hand and helped her back up to her feet. “I think you just had a bad day. Maybe you'll get to do archery again tomorrow.”
A few matches later, Naila found herself squaring off against Ysobel. They seemed evenly matched at first, but Ysobel pressed the attack with a lot complicated, dance-like techniques, spinning and twirling, and they were beginning to wear down Naila, with her much simpler, straightforward approach. With a leap into the air and a spin, Ysobel brought her staff down hard and knocked Naila on her face. Then she landed and struck her victory pose.
“What's the matter? Were you distracted?” She walked off and let her opponent pick herself up off the floor.
And as the class was drawing to a close, the final match-up was between Ysobel and Octavia. The two girls flew at each other, their movements quick and furious. Every time Ysobel tried to spin around to gain advantage, Octavia was there to meet her. Every time Octavia started her spin attack, Ysobel moved in to disrupt it. The minutes wore on and neither opponent was giving up ground. The exertion was weighing on them, their faces shiny with perspiration. Finally Octavia made one slip up and Ysobel pounced, knocking her down.
“Your technique is good, Sapphire. But this was a fight of will, and I guess I just wanted it more than you.”
“That's quite enough, Ms. Topaz.” Professor Peridot waded into their midst. He was a trim steely-eyed figure dressed in a pale green suit. Like the rest of the faculty of Harrowing Academy, he didn't look a day over 30, and his actual age was something unknowable to the students. “That's it for today's sparring session. Return your quarterstaves to the rack.”
The students all returned their staves to the proper place, and many of them were nursing bruises as they moved. But instead of dismissing them to leave, the professor insisted they gather round once again.
“You have practiced fighting with a variety of martial weaponry in the hopes you find the weapon that best suits you. But the fact of the matter is that you can't always plan for combat. Sometimes you must simply make do with whatever weapon you can get your hands on in the moment. You have done well, so far. Some of you have demonstrated skill. Some of you have shown proficiency with certain weapons, and some with others. Some of you have proven yourselves champions in a variety of circumstances.”
Ysobel smiled smugly.
“But becoming a Harrower is about so much more than besting your classmates in the academy's combat room. It's about tactical thinking, cleverness, and above all, teamwork. Today, we are going to do something different. Today, you are going to take your first real step towards becoming proper Harrowers. Ready or not, you're about to begin. Please, everyone, look into this crystal.”
Professor Peridot held up a large yellow crystal before all the students. They looked at it, a little confused.
Naila had only been half-listening, the music still playing in her ear. And as all the other students looked at the crystal, she was momentarily distracted by an oriolyx flying outside the window. Then, in her periphery, she noticed her classmates all began to collapse in an instant. Xandra made a woozy sound next to her and fainted. Naila looked round the room, alarmed, and then her eyes locked onto the glowing crystal. The room grew blurry and faint. Then darkness overtook her vision and she felt herself fall to the floor.
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2020.10.24 19:06 PissOnUserNames Arguments for firearms with informative links. Long read with alot of information. WARNING: this is long.

I have several copy and past replies in favor of the firearms that should be available to all of those who fight for our rights.
These are replies to each common argument.
1) guns are bad. This reply shows defensive gun use far outweighs the murders associated with firearms as well as wildlife population control.
2) Australia is the shining example of safety all because of their gun control actions. Wrong and here is why.
3) The founding fathers couldn't have know the destructive power of today's weapons. Yes they did.
4) general 2A argument and the feelings of the founding fathers.
If you have more information pertaining to firearms and more importantly can provide links proving your point please leave it in the comments for others to use.
Most of these have been taken from other members here but I have shamefully lost track of who was the original poster if you would like credit for your work please let me know and I will edit my post to give you your due credit.
1) Due to its nature figures on defensive gun use are hard to nail down. Typically when a firearm is used defensively no one is hurt and rarely is anyone killed. Often times simply showing you are armed is enough to end a crime in progress. Looking at the numbers even the Violence Policy Center, a gun control advocacy group, reports 177,330 instances of self defense against a violent crime with a firearm between 2014 and 2016. This translates to 56,110 violent crimes prevented annually on the low scale. This also doesn't include property crimes which include home burglaries which increase that number to over 300,000 defensive gun uses between 2014 to 2016 or over 100,000 annually.
This ranges upwards to 500k to 3 million according to the CDC Report Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence.
Government agencies from the CDC, BJS, and FBI have found:
"Almost all national survey estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals..." & " Studies that directly assessed the effect of actual defensive uses of guns, i.e., incidents in which a gun was “used” by the crime victim in the sense of attacking or threatening an offender, have found consistently lower injury rates among gun-using crime victims compared with victims who used other self-protective strategies...".
"A fifth of the victims defending themselves with a firearm suffered an injury, compared to almost half of those who defended themselves with weapons other than a firearm or who had no weapon."
According to the BJS from 2007-11 there were 235,700 violent crime victimizations where the victim used a firearm to defend themselves against their assailant.
The FBI Active Shooter Report for 2016 to 2017 specifically calls out multiple times an armed civilian stopped an Active Shooter.
Also while defensive gun use is common less than 0.4% of those uses result in a fatality.
Also bear in mind police have no legal duty to protect you. The job of law enforcement is to enforce laws, as they see fit. Multiple cases, up to the Supreme Court, have established that law enforcement has no duty to protect you.
Warren v DC
Castle Rock v Gonzalez
DeShaney v Winnebago County
Lozito v NY
And most recently in the Parkland shooting.
The whole to "protect and serve" is just a slogan that came from a PR campaign.
If police do come when called the average response time is 11 to 18 minutes but can be up to 24 hours.
While the average police response time in America is 11 minutes it can take as long as 1 to 24 hours if they respond at all.
According to the National Sheriff's Association this average response time is longer at 18 minuets.
And we've had recent events such as the national 911 outage Which can keep emergency services from even receiving your call for help.
Additionally in rural, and even urban communities, firearms are used to defend People, Pets, and Livestock from all manner of dangerous and invasive species ranging from feral dogs, coyotes, Bob cats, mountain lions, bears, and rabid animals.
According to the USDA over 200,000 cattle are lost to predators in America each year costing farmers and ranchers nearly 100 million dollars annually.
Feral Hogs have been identified by the USDA as: "a dangerous, destructive, invasive species". Their impact includes "$1.5 billion each year in damages and control costs... & ...threatening the health of people, wildlife, pets, and other domestic animals".
"Hunting continues to be the most effective, cost efficient and socially acceptable method of population control."
"Natural predators as well as hunters play a role in keep deer populations at or below carrying capacity of the land."
"The effective use of the legal hunting season is the best way to control deer populations."
The US Fish and Wildlife Service even employs full time hunters to control populations like those of feral Hogs.
2) Australian gun law effectiveness
>> "The reaction here in Australia to something like Port Arthur is, 'we've got to do something, let's do it quickly, let's do it now'.
>> "The reaction in America is to pray and then to blame somebody else, and then to buy more guns."
And yet America saw a greater reduction in homicide rates paired with a decrease in violent crime rates while Australia saw a lesser reduction in homicide rates with an increase in their violent crime rates.
Australia had a murder rate of 1.9 in 1990 which has declined to 1.1 in 2013, a 42.1% reduction.
America had a 9.4 murder rate in 1990 which has reduced to 4.5 in 2013, a 52.1% reduction.
That data give us 145,902 violent crimes in Australia for 1996 in which Australia had a population of about 18.31 million. That gives us a violent crime rate of 796.8 per 100k.
In 2007 Australia had 215,208 violent crimes with a population of about 20.31 million giving it a crime rate of 1059.61. An increase of 24.7%.
Meanwhile the US violent crime rate in 96 was 636.63 which dropped to 471.8 in 2007. A 25.9% decrease.
In 2007 the violent crime rate in Australia was over twice what it was in America by those numbers.
Looking specifically at the period after the ban this remains true.
Australian Bureau of Statistics data for 1996 shows a homicide rate of 1.58, per 100k.
Australian Bureau of Statistics data for 2015 shows a homicide rate of 1.0, per 100k, for both 2014 and 2015.
That is a reduction of 36.7%.
The FBI data for 1996 shows a homicide rate of 7.4, per 100k.
The FBI data for 2014 shows a homicide rate of 4.5, per 100k.
That is a reduction of 39.1%.
Even the Melbourne University's report "The Australian Firearms Buyback and Its Effect on Gun Deaths" Found, "Homicide patterns (firearm and nonfirearm) were not influenced by the NFA. They therefore concluded that the gun buy back and restrictive legislative changes had no influence on firearm homicide in Australia."
This paper has also been published in a peer reviewed journal.
The Girardoni air rifle was capable of firing 21 shots without reloading, it was in service in 1780. The 2nd amendment wasn't written until 1791. Note it does not specify firearms but includes all arms. I believe it is naive to say the founding fathers was so simple minded to know of current arms that was capable of such firepower and not also considered technical advancement.
4) All the Judicial, Statutory, and Historic evidence from the 17th Century to Modern day supports the individual right to keep and bear arms unconnected to militia service.
Being a direct descendant of the English colonies American law is based off of the English model. Our earliest documents from the Mayflower compact to the Constitution itself share a lineage with the Magna Carta. Even the American Bill of Rights being modeled after the English Bill of Rights.
The individual right, unconnected to milita service, pre-exists the United States and the Constitution. This right is firmly based in English law.
In 1689 The British Bill of Rights gave all protestants the right to keep and bear arms.
"The English right was a right of individuals, not conditioned on militia service...The English right to arms emerged in 1689, and in the century thereafter courts, Blackstone, and other authorities recognized it. They recognized a personal, individual right." - CATO Brief on DC v Heller
Prior to the debates on the US Constitution or its ratification multiple states built the individual right to keep and bear arms, unconnected to militia service, in their own state constitutions.
"That the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of themselves and the State" - chapter 1, Section XV, Constitution of Vermont - July 8, 1777.
"That the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of themselves and the state" - A DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF THE INHABITANTS OF THE COMMONWEALTH OR STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA, Section XIII, Constitution of Pennsylvania - September 28, 1776.
Later the debates that would literally become the American Bill of Rights also include the right of the people to keep and bear arms.
"And that the said Constitution never be constructed to authorize Congress to infringe on the just liberty of the press, or the rights of the conscience; or prevent of people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms; or to raise standing armies, unless when necessary for the defense of the United States, or of some one or more of them; or to prevent the people from petitioning, in a peaceful and orderly manner, the federal legislature for a redress of grievances; or to subject the people to unreasonable searches and seizures of their persons, papers, or possessions." - Debates and proceedings in the Convention of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1788. Page 86-87.
The American Bill of Rights itself was a compromise between the federalist and anti-federalist created for the express purpose of protecting individual rights.
"In the ratification debate, Anti-Federalists opposed to the Constitution, complained that the new system threatened liberties, and suggested that if the delegates had truly cared about protecting individual rights, they would have included provisions that accomplished that. With ratification in serious doubt, Federalists announced a willingness to take up the matter of a series of amendments, to be called the Bill of Rights, soon after ratification and the First Congress comes into session. The concession was undoubtedly necessary to secure the Constitution's hard-fought ratification. Thomas Jefferson, who did not attend the Constitutional Convention, in a December 1787 letter to Madison called the omission of a Bill of Rights a major mistake: "A bill of rights is what the people are entitled to against every government on earth."
In Madison's own words:
“I think we should obtain the confidence of our fellow citizens, in proportion as we fortify the rights of the people against the encroachments of the government,” Madison said in his address to Congress in June 1789.
Madison's first draft of the second Amendment is even more clear.
"The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; a well armed and well regulated militia being the best security of a free country; but no person religiously scrupulous of bearing arms shall be compelled to render military service in person."
Ironically it was changed because the founders feared someone would try to misconstrue a clause to deny the right of the people.
"Mr. Gerry -- This declaration of rights, I take it, is intended to secure the people against the maladministration of the Government; if we could suppose that, in all cases, the rights of the people would be attended to, the occasion for guards of this kind would be removed. Now, I am apprehensive that this clause would give an opportunity to the people in power to destroy the Constitution itself. They can declare who are those religiously scrupulous and prevent them from bearing arms." - House of Representatives, Amendments to the Constitution 17, Aug. 1789
Please note Mr. Gerry clearly refers to this as the right of the people.
This is also why we have the 9th Amendment.
"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."
Article I Section 8 had already established and addressed the militia and the military making the incorrect collective militia misinterpretation redundant.
Supreme Court cases like US v. Cruikshank, Presser v. Illinois, DC v. Heller, and even the Dredd Scott decision specifically call out the individual right to keep and bear arms unconnected to militia service.
This is further evidenced by State Constitutions including the Right to keep and bear arms from the Colonial Period to Modern Day.
“The Constitutions of most of our states assert that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves, in all cases to which they think themselves competent, (as in electing their functionaries executive and legislative, and deciding by a jury of themselves, both fact and law, in all judiciary cases in which any fact is involved) or they may act by representatives, freely and equally chosen; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed; that they are entitled to freedom of person; freedom of religion; freedom of property; and freedom of the press. in the structure of our legislatures we think experience has proved the benefit of subjecting questions to two separate bodies of deliberants; ...” - Thomas Jefferson’s letter to John Cartwright, on June 5th, 1824
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2020.10.24 16:45 That_One_Engi [Fallout 3] Perspective: Talon Company, Part Eight: Enclave Operations

With Talon Company in the Enclaves employ, a certain Lieutenant Colonel takes them to task on one of the Enclaves most important missions.
Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:
Part Four:
Part Five:
Part Six:
Part Seven:
Day 24: The ruins of a Wasteland
Stryker puffed his cigar, he snapped his gloved fingers. Enclave Soldier approached us, and threw a pile of dirty Enclave uniforms at our feet, they softly landed on the ruined floor.
“Gentlemen, I highly advise you wear these, but without your armour, it’s far too conspicuous. You’ll be part of my security detail for this. Each of your squads are going after a different set of personnel. Some are in camps, others are in fortified bunkers. You, are going to help me with a very special early retirement gift for Brigadier General Miller and his staff.” Stryker said.
We all looked askance at Stryker. We’d all seen their weaponry and tactics, like hell we’d survive fighting them.
Noticing our expressions, the Lieutenant Colonel clapped Santez hard on the back. “This is easy money, Santez! Besides, your armour is already black and red, you’re practically a Brotherhood Outcast, just imagine the targets as Brotherhood Paladins!.” The joke failed to land, it made us more frustrated. Santez merely shook his head morosely.
Stryker continued “Oh, before I forget, discard your current fatigues and armour; put on the uniforms we’ve provided. Every Enclave Soldier has an ID card on them, you don’t; most of all, you don’t exist on our databases, you’ll be treated as a spy, then you’d be shot. So, stick close to me and follow my lead. You have five minutes to get ready, the Vertibird will be here soon. So, don’t goddamn miss it.”
With that, he turned on his heel and left, his guard trailed behind him. Silence filled the void as we discarded our armour and put on the dirty Enclave Uniforms. They smelled worse than they looked. We traipsed past the other Talon Teams in our filthy new uniforms. Some of the mercenaries looked angered at us.
We didn’t have time to explain the new contract to them. I hope they don’t think we’re Enclave spies. We were led outside to the Capitol Buildings plateau by a group of surly Enclave soldiers. The rest of the mercenary teams where corralled outside of the building by the Enclave forces.
Day 24: Wonderful weather
The sky was even more downcast than ever. Grey storm clouds where on the horizon; let me tell you, acid rain is no joke. We were right next to Stryker, he roped us into this goddamn job, and I wanted to wring his neck. This contract is insane! We can’t face off against the goddamn Enclave!
Waiting on that plateau for the Vertibird felt like seven hours, even though it was a minute. The mercenaries began to depart for Fort Bannister, some of them looked disgustedly at Stryker.
As the Vertibird landed, the side door was wrenched open and we clambered aboard. No one talked on the flight, apart from Stryker. He mentioned something about a Vault full of mutants and some Vault Dweller prisoner they helped capture, but it went over my head. One thing was certain, the mercenary life sure as hell was wearing on everyone. I decided to get some sleep, the flight at least was less turbulent that the last combat drop.
I wasn't sure how much time has passed, but I was shaken awake by Santez. The first thing I noticed was that my sniper was missing; in its place, was an assault rifle. I was too tired to ask where the hell my weapon was, but Stryker looked rather annoyed. I sure as shit didn’t know what was going on and when I asked, Stryker’s frown deepened.
“Uh, as Stryker mentioned ten minutes ago, we’re not going to be using our normal weapons for this one. The Enclave use Laser Rifles, but the recruits also train with ballistic weapons, we’re back to using assault rifles now.” Santez lowered his voice to a whisper. “This contract is going to get us killed, we’re not playing to our strengths; I doubt that Stryker’s showed his full hand to us. This whole business was rotten from the start. Best we complete this job and go.”
Stryker leapt out of his seat and opened the door, before hitting the grated ground boots first. His voice echoed throughout the cavernous hanger. “Welcome to Raven Rock, home of the Enclave. We’re two thousand feet below ground. Don’t let that startle you though. Grab your rifles and follow me.”
Day 24: The Job
As we picked up our worn rifles, we left the aircraft. Stryker was already keying in the access code to the hanger exit. He called us over with a sweep of his hand. We walked down the cramped and cold corridors of Raven Rock, we passed by countless CCTV cameras. All of them looked towards us. Our footsteps carried us further into the base, we passed by a dark suited individual, and their square angular sunglasses perfectly matched their square face and combed back hair.
As we marched by him, he looked at us, not a single muscle on his face moved, those sunglasses covered his eyebrows, so we couldn’t see his reaction to us. It was like he was appraising us for slaughter.
“That’s one of President Eden’s Secret Service agents” Whispered Stryker. “Think of them as the bogeyman for us ordinary soldiers, they’re utterly loyal to the President. They root out those who oppose him, but with each passing day, another patriot wakes up. The closing speech will be patched into the PA system, but only a few will recognise the phrase. Those that recognise it, will ensure that personnel loyal to the old cause are quietly disappeared. Unless either the Colonel or the President have something to say, their authority overrides mine. The phrase is ‘The Eagle Rises’”. Stryker chuckled darkly.
It took a second for everyone to process that. We all burst out laughing! We tried repeating the phrase back, but we could barely stifle our sniggering. The Secret Service Agent looked at everyone quizzically. But that phrase, it sounded like something out of a goddamn terrible film! Stryker was taken aback by our reaction. The Agent put his hand to his earpiece and whispered, but we couldn’t stop laughing.
The corridors seemed to stretch on forever, but Stryker angrily rushed us to the meeting room. It was a rather wide space, with metal chairs in the centre and a lectern that towered over everything in the room, although to the side there was a drinks table, filled with cheap whiskey. Stryker fished out a small tumbler from his pocket and poured himself a glass.
We didn’t have to wait long until the generals began filing in, one after the other. I can’t remember much about Stryker’s speech, but it spoke of unification and a new order that extolled militarism and an iron fist over the Wasteland. My eyelids felt heavy as the fatigue of the last few days washed over me.
“Gentlemen, a toast! One Enclave, one America! The Ea-”. Just then, the Presidents voice cut through on the personal announcement system. “Attention all Raven Rock Personnel: This is your President speaking. I've invited our guest from Vault 101 to my office. Please do not impede his progress.”
The generals looked confused. They began to talk amongst themselves. We momentarily forgot our orders as Stryker cleared his throat, his tumbler of whiskey held aloft. The PA system crackled again, this time, a harsh voice with a southern drawl spoke. "Attention! This is Colonel Autumn! You are hereby ordered to ignore the President's previous directive. The prisoner from Vault 101 is to be shot on sight. I repeat, shot on sight. This is an order!”
Stryker cleared his throat, before slamming his whiskey tumbler on the lectern. “Oh, for God’s sake. Kill them all!” he shouted at us. The generals looked at us askance. The agent quickly reached inside his suit jacket. We raised our rifles and fired.
The Agent hit the floor first, the rounds perforated his body as his corpse hit the floor in a bullet ridden mess, his snub nosed revolver clanged against the metal flooring. The Enclave procession scrambled over each other to get away. We emptied our rifles magazines, firing in short bursts. The generals sprinted out of the room, only to be met with a fusillade of laser fire. While some turned to ash, some escaped deeper into the base.
We readied our rifles as the soldiers came through the door, guns pointed at us. “Wait, you morons! They’re with me!” shouted Stryker. The enclave soldiers lowered their weapons as they entered the room. Their powered armour shook the floor beneath us. “Damn Autumn and damn the President!” Stryker shouted with rage, as he threw his whiskey tumbler at the wall. “This was meant to a simple job for you! Don’t you realise what’s going to happen if we can’t kill them?! The Enclave is going to fracture! Useless fucking mercenaries! Captain Halligan, kill them!”
The Enclave soldiers raised their rifles at us; we did the only thing we could, we ran. At first, it was a blind panic. The Enclave shattered into open revolt. Soldiers fought soldiers, the automated security fought both sides. As the Enclave squad pursued us, we came to a fork in the base. Santez halted us. Signposts hung from the ceiling. We followed the ones demarking a surface exit. The Enclave began to rip itself apart in open revolt, soldiers screamed battle cries for both the President and Colonel Autumn.
Something in the base rumbled, explosions began tearing wiring and lighting began to flicker. Alarms sounded. The bases emergency lights flickered on as the main power failed, the soft red glow made the place look like hell itself. We didn’t know what capabilities Stryker had, but we needed to get out. It felt like hours, running in that godforsaken place, we ran down corridor after corridor, but eventually we made it. We reached the surface exit. A heavy steel door and a wired terminal was all that was between us and freedom.
Two shocked soldiers were standing there. We shouted at them to open the door, they didn’t. So we gunned them down. As Santez operated the blood slicked terminal to open the door, the footsteps got louder. We readied ourselves. But, the terminal beeped as Santez had guessed the right password. The door slowly trundled open. The Enclave force rounded the curve and began laying down fire on us. Our ammunition was spent, we had no grenades. The only thing we could do was wait as the soldiers advanced.
Day 25: No Surrender
The whiff of dirty air caught my attention, the door was finally goddamn open! We ran out as the Base began to shake itself apart. We didn’t spare a glance behind us as the base went up in flames. The explosion threw us in the air, we skidded along the ground. We were disorientated, but we picked ourselves off the ground and kept going. We needed to put as much distance between Raven Rock and well, wherever the hell we were.
Our contractor betrayed us. We have no ammo, no food and no map, most importantly, we’re wearing Enclave uniforms. What the hell are we going to do next?!
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2020.10.24 16:12 socks_mcgee Finding the right propeller?

Hey all,
I was running a 13x19 prop on my Yamaha 115 2 stroke, and spinning at about 5700rpm at wot.
I had an unplanned encounter with some rocks in August, and needed a new prop.
Decided that moving to a 13x21 should bring my rpms just under the max 5500..
What I found though is that we the 13x21, it only spins up to 4600rpm..
I'm stumped. The slight increase in pitch should have only brought me down ~400rpm.
I need something between the two..
Maybe a 13.1/13.25x19???
Anyone fought this battle before?
My goal is top speed, as it's a fishing boat.
submitted by socks_mcgee to boating [link] [comments]

2020.10.24 15:41 OdinThorfather Bear and Moose spawn rates and critical hits on Interloper

I'm having a strange interloper run. My first serious attempt at it. Seeing a lot more moose and bears than I have in any other run.
I started in FM, ran to Mystery Lake and managed to find a mag glass in the Camp Office. I didn't find any other matches until almost a month into the run. Found the heavy hammer, a hacksaw, and crafted a bow and some arrows, a hatchet and a knife, then went back to Trapper's to craft some more gear while fighting cabin fever.
I returned to find a moose and bear waiting for me in the clearing. Downed them both and got to harvesting. Did a quick run to the carter dam while I was waiting for the moose to cure, then down into the ravine to grab the flare gun. I returned to Trapper's, crafted my Moose satchel and then took off to Milton to continue looting. After clearing out Milton, I headed off to Broken Railroad through the basin and then FM.
While clearing Broken Railroad, I found another Moose waiting for my outside of the hunting lodge. Left him alone because I didn't need the food or the hide at the time. Grabbed what I needed, crafted as much as I could, then headed back to Milton.
Passing back through the Basin, I found another Moose in the clearing next to the rock shelter. That's three.
I get back to Trapper's to find the bear has respawned. Downed him for an extra hide, but didn't really need the meat.
I decided, at this point, to do a Timberwolf Mountain Run to see if I could get anything decent from the summit. Not looking for much, just an ear wrap to fill that slot.
I left through Mystery Lake through the Winding River and made my way into Pleasant Valley. Stopped at signal hill to loot and found a Mackinaw jacket and some combat pants. Super lucky rng.
Then I make my way to the farmhouse. I was stopped to check the car just outside when I almost got jumped by a bear. I retreated to the farmhouse and lured him in, thinking I'd be able to cheese an easy meal by peppering him and then hiding inside when he charges. Didn't even need to as he went down to the first shot.
Carved him up while dealing with Pleasant Valley's lovely blizzards and fighting cabin fever.
Once the weather cleared up enough, I moved off to Timberwolf Mountain.
I arrived at the mountaineer's hut, looted the meager supplies, then wandered over to the fishing hut to check for more loot. On the way back, I suddenly find a bear between me and the cabin. I kite around him, luring him back to the cabin. I know the cabin's protection isn't perfect, that the bear can clip through the walls in places, but I figured I'd try for a good meal. Again, downed him with a single critical hit, to my surprise.
My questions:
Is there a higher spawn rate of bears and moose on interloper? I thought animal's were supposed to become more scarce as time went on and I'm closing in on 100 days, but they seem to be more plentiful than any run I've done on easier difficulties.
Also, has there been any tweaking of bears and critical hit rates? I've killed quite a few bears, but i've never had them go down so easily to single shots from a bow.
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2020.10.24 15:26 JmodTracker [Mod Rowley] - /u/JagexRowley on Does anyone know is the Bait and Switch relic power will give Strange Cooking Rock?

Fishing only for yak track.
There is no reason you should not still get strange rocks for Fishing. A cooked variant is swapped in at the point of giving the item. Code before and after still refers to the raw catch for all other purposes - e.g. strange rocks.
Link to post here\_anyone\_know\_is\_the\_bait\_and\_switch\_relic/g9wnrfg/!
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2020.10.24 15:15 HZNB20 How to take speed? Redosing? (Amphetamine)

Okay so the last time I took speed (Amphetamine, not Meth) I was snorting it and this is the method I wish to go with again. It was a pretty decent buzz and I had a good time until... you guessed it, it was time to go to sleep. I read up that you’re not sleeping for at least 12 hours or so after your last dose. I have taken it a few times before hand but not in a social setting, just a line or two on my own here or there, enough for an energy boost which had no effect on my sleeping. But with taking it in a larger amount that evening I found out the hard way. Long story short, it was hell trying to get to sleep and ended up not getting any. Mouth was bone dry and I must of got up out of bed to pee about 15 times somehow, even like 5 minutes apart, horrible experience lol. I sadly didn’t have any benzos or anything at the time to help.
This kind of put me on off it for a while but I have been thinking recently on the way I was taking it. I was taking it like you would with cocaine. Taking lines every 15-30 minutes or so. I think this is because I was treating it like cocaine, thinking the effects would wear off quickly if I did not keep redosing, but come to think of it, isn’t the duration much longer with speed, even if insufflated? Like 3-4 hours long with the peak being 1-2 hours according to psychonaut wiki if I remember correctly
So my question is, was I pointlessly redosing and taking more than I needed, where I could have just redosed every couple hours or so and got a buzz, while making it easier for myself when it’s time to hit the hay? How do you personally take your speed, I.e how often do you take your lines, and any other info. Taking it orally doesn’t interest me as much because I’m sure my product is cut down a bit, as with most speed, and it makes it hard to dose correctly. I’d either be waiting around for it to kick in and it never would, or if I took a larger amount to compensate for the impurity it might end up being too much or something lol.
My speed is reagent tested, white stuff, looks kind of damp to the eye but it’s actually rock solid. Strong smell of fish/public toilets, not too appealing I must say. Some people say smells are impurity and others say the stronger the smell the better, who knows. But I think the product is still pretty decent anyway, not the best not the worst.
Any info is much appreciated!
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2020.10.24 14:10 Zocker745 Agents of Mayhem

In the outermost part of the Gmore system a small blimp of light indicated the successful hyperjump of a small Terran frigate. Its crew were tensed up and ready for a fight. But that fight never came, as they received a relieving signal from Gmore II, a rocky planet in the innermost part of the goldilock zone of this system's red dwarf. That signal meant it was go-time.
The ship started to accelerate as fast as it could without turning its crew inside out. When they came to Gmore IV, a small gas giant, they throttled down their acceleration and instead started a gravitational slingshot maneuver which would carry them to Gmore III, where they would repeat the process to fling themselves towards Gmore II.
As their ship headed towards Gmore III, the reason for doing so was made clear. Their sensors started picking up the signatures of an entire Lithoid battle fleet. Though thanks to their agents in the system the enemy’s scanners had been damped if not disabled. Still, there was a chance they might get detected if they just flew by the fleet with full acceleration.
Everyone aboard held their collective breath as they passed by the enemy fleet. Some started sweating, others got goosebumps and shivers but they remained on their posts willing to fling themselves into a hopeless battle if they were to be detected. Again, however, no battle was commenced.
As their ship distanced itself from the fleet they refocused on the target ahead. Gmore II lay before them and with only the most minimal engine power the ship positioned itself in the upper atmosphere of the planet below. Then the ship dropped twelve small drop pods from its hangar bay onto the planet. After those had been let go a small glider-like spacecraft emerged from the hangar and descended down upon the planet towards a meeting point their agents had given the clear for.
Lieutenant Andre Kobutzuv landed his glider on an open field that clearly had been covered by volcanic ash not too long ago. One of the moons of Gmore II lit up the field with a weak and ominous light.
Andre opened his seatbelt and the canopy of his glider. Carefully without making much sound he exited his craft and examined his surroundings thoroughly. The field he was in wasn’t all too big. It was a small valley following a dried out river bed that was surrounded by six meter tall cliffs.
His right eye flicked through different colours as he studied the valley in different frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. He found nothing out of the ordinary. Impressive if the agents could hide that well and concerning if they were somehow captured before getting to the meeting point.
Andre’s focus turned towards one of the cliff sides where he could spot an entrance to what appeared to be a cave of some sort. Having an intuition, he moved slowly towards it and repeated his scanning procedure with focus on the cave. Again, nothing. Still he moved closer and his curiosity would pay off, though not in the way he thought.
As he reached the entrance of the cave he heard a small giggle from inside and was taken aback for a second. Regaining his composure he carefully made his way into the cave. Then he flinched as someone from the ceiling called :
“Hello there!”
A figure fell down from its hiding spot and landed behind him. He turned around and saw the silhouette of a man that was about as tall as him and whose eyes were glowing in a dark and intense red.
He cleared his mind and tried to focus. He knew who these agents were, he should have realised that they would not let the opportunity of a lame prank go.
He sighed: “Thanks for the hospitality Val and All”
“You’re welcome!” said All happily as she came out of her hiding spot as well, her bright yellow eyes glowing in the dark, “Meeting with you is always a pleasure.”
“Though I don’t know why you flinched this time. It was by far not our best act,” Val commented.
To that All added: “The one on Olive XV was way more intricate and you didn’t even hesitate before calling the bluff.”
Andre shook his head: “Maybe I should have gotten more sleep before dealing with you two again. It’s been a few years anyway.“
“That’s no excuse! You’re still in pristine health and you got yourself a new cybernetic as well,” objected Val and pointed at Andres' eye.
“I wouldn’t call it pristine. My lungs have been getting worse ever since the Iowa II met a less than ideal end with me still on board. After they fished me out of the wreckage I got this new eye and I was sent back home for two months.”
“They didn’t give you a lung replacement?” asked All curiously as she moved to stand next to Val.
“Nope,” Andre replied, “Not enough damage yet to warrant a full transplant, apparently. Only gave me some medication and sent me away.”
“They sure fight for every cybernetic they give out, don’t they?” said Val.
“Didn’t stop you guys though, now did it?”
Val and All laughed.
“You know the answer to that already. You’re just being grumpy ‘bout it,” replied All with a smirk.
“I think All is onto something there,” added Val.
Andre rolled his eyes, “Let's get to the actual reason for this meetup.”
He grabbed a small data storage device out of his pocket and held it out towards All. She took the device eagerly and a small panel on her left arm opened where she injected the device. For two seconds she stood there with an empty stare before pulling out the device and handing it out to Val who did the same thing. Val then gave the device back to Andre.
“Is the plan clear to you two?” asked Andre as he put the device back into his pocket.
“Clear as the sky on a cloudless day,” mused Val.
All kicked her elbow into his side and said, “No time for poetry Val, I want to do this one quick. It’s gonna be a beautiful show!”
She giggled with enthusiasm and anticipation.
“Should I leave you two to it then?” Andre asked.
“Were the supply drops delivered successfully?” interjected Val.
“Yes, they all should be where you wanted them though you should probably try hiding them better then whatever the drop operators did with them,” answered Andre and saw both of the agents looking at each other and returning their gazes to him with a bloodthirsty smile.
“We're ready as we'll ever be then,” said Val with a nod of his head.
“Very good. I’ll see you in two weeks if all goes to plan,” Andre said and padded them both on the shoulder while adding, “Good luck and see you soon,” before walking past them out of the cave.
“Farewell,” they both replied while waving their hands, still hidden within the darkness of the cave.
Andre entered his glider, spun up the small engine of the craft and started with little noise into the evening sky to dock back onto the ship he came from.
After he had returned the ship maneuvered itself behind Gmore I , a molten rock, and started its two week observation and reconnaissance mission.
A nearly full moon illuminated the night as a dark silhouette flew across the top of what an unknowing observer might have mistaken for a chain of incredibly steep and small mountains . They, however, were the skyline of the Lithoid city of Zhakota. A small city by both their and Terran standards.
But within the city lay a small but important military intelligence center whose crew was tasked with decoding the encryption system of the Terran military. There were a lot more stations tasked with the same objective but nobody had come as far as they had.
That had to change.
The shadowy figure jumped from building to building until it reached one that had a high antenna mounted on top of it. The Lithoids used it to strengthen their broadcasting and detection capability. Since the latter had already been minimalized to a useless system the former would be used against them in this raid.
Alls’ yellow eyes lit up under the coat that hid her face as she saw the access panel she had been searching for in front of her. Using her fingernails she unscrewed its encasement. Afterwards she stretched out her left hand towards the panel at which point a small adapter shot out of her palm and into the appropriate spot to connect her to the system.
The colour faded from her eyes and an empty stare came across her face as she interacted with it. She maneuvered her mind carefully through it to not alert any observers. After a short time she found what she was looking for. With another thought the antenna once broadcasting orders and propaganda of the Lithoids started broadcasting an interference signal.
It was showtime.
Val received a short electric impulse in his brain. The signal was active. The show had begun. He carefully moved out of the dark corner he was hiding in. Like All he was wearing a long dark coat around his body to hide the fact that he was human to at least some capacity.
The streets were empty. The curfew was active and this was part of the military district anyway. Not much to see for non-combatants. Though he had to be careful of the odd military patrol going through the district.
He reached his goal without incident after turning around another street corner. At the end of the road two bulky Lithoids armed with fusion halberds stood guard at a gatehouse leading to the centerpiece of the small military district.
They saw him immediately and one of them shouted in the rough and grinding tongue that was the Lithoid’s language: “[Hold there] Krektovuk! [You’re about to trespass onto military ground. One step further and your pathetic existence will be eliminated.]“
Krektovuk were the lowest cast of the Lithoid society and were seen as stupid and borderline useless. Though those characteristics were useful when trying to annoy and trick someone.
“[Pardon me. But could you spare a moment to give me the direction towards the town center? It appears I have lost myself.]”, his translator barked out towards them.
“[I can’t even with these …!]” the left guard started to roar.
But he was interrupted by his counterpart: “[Let’s just arrest this idiot, it's after the curfew anyway. He’ll make a good practicing doll.]“
The other gurgled happily in agreement and they both abandoned their post and approached Val. Which he was absolutely fine with. He didn’t try to run which seemed to confuse the two guards as they approached him. He still stood there, unmoving, as they were about to grapple him.
In that exact moment he threw away his coat in dramatic fashion and bowed before the two guards. The two’s movement screeched to a halt as they realised what they had before them.
“[A human?]” muttered the left one while the right one spoke into his personal radio to alarm the outpost. As he only received static he realized what was happening. Meanwhile the left one had raised his halberd to strike Val down.
As the weapon cut through the air with an audible his, Val simply dodged left and avoided the attack.
“[A bit rude to greet a foreigner like this don’t you think? I’ll have to teach you a bit about hospitality at some point.]”
Aggravated the two guards started to swing their weapons. But to no avail. Val stretched out his left arm, opened his palm and a freezing blast of liquid nitrogen turned the two guards into nothing more than ice sculptures.
Val smiled as he inspected his newly acquired artworks who had been frozen in the middle of their attack. They looked quite aesthetically pleasing.
“If only I had an art gallery to display you in,” he mused before knocking both of the sculptures over with his fingertips. Their bodys shattered on the ground into a thousand pieces.
Val didn’t give them another glance. Instead he quickly sprinted to the gate house and found himself in front of a locked door. He shrugged and put the pointing and middle finger of his left hand into the lock. Inside his fingertips opened and unleashed a number of smaller “tool fingers” which after a moment of concentration unlocked the door for him.
He swung the door open and strolled through it into a courtyard where he was greeted by a wall of fusion halberds pointed at him.
What was definitely their commander bellowed from the end of the courtyard:
“[Surrender, human, you are outnumbered! This is a futile effort]”
Val simply replied, “[Outnumbered but not outgunned]”, as he pointed towards the sky.
All had waited for this moment the entire night. When she saw Val confronted by the commander of the garrison she knew her time had come.
She had counted the number of enemies in the courtyard. Forty-one. No more, no less and there wouldn’t be any reinforcements thanks to the interference signal.
She giggled with glee as her jetpack and small gliding aids formed out of her back. Jumping with all her strength she leapt off the building firing up her jetpack as she reached the highest point of her jump.
Looking down upon the courtyard she selected ten enemies in her mind and stretched out both of her arms. Her fingertips shot off from her fingers and flew with a ludicrous speed towards her targets. Out of her fingers ten new fingertips clicked into their correct place.
Then she twisted her wrists and a fusion blade protruded from the back of each of her hands before she accelerated towards the middle of the courtyard with a thirst for crystalline blood.
The commander couldn’t share his irritation from Val’s comment as he was blown up by one of the ten explosions that now ringed through the courtyard. The ranks of the garrison were thrown into disarray. That didn’t stop some of the more hardened of them from trying to impale Val though.
Val dodged one to the right. One dodge left. Jump over the halberd behind his opponent and freeze him. Dodge his friends' revenge and …
Before he could do something himself the guard was crushed into a pulp of crystalline shards by a human bullet that came from the sky.
“Need a helping blade?”, All asked him with murderous glee while jumping off her victims corps towards the next unfortunate defender.
“How could I even deny such a thing?”, he replied while dodging the attack of another guard.
This one didn’t let him get close enough to use his ice thrower and another one was closing in behind him. Time to bring out the big guns.
Dodging another attack he whirled around to his approaching attacker, pointed his right arm at him, opened his palm and released a small scale rail gun round.
His would-be attacker’s head was ripped into shreds and his body was flung back. The recoil also had brought Val closer to his dueling partner who didn’t miss the opportunity and started to swing his halberd towards him.
Val twisted around and grabbed onto the upper handle of the halberd with both his arms. Using all of his enhanced strength and the momentum of his rotation he redirected the strike into the ground. As the blade buried itself into the dirt he let go of the halberd with his hands, stepped on it with his left foot, aimed his right arm on his opponent's head and fired.
The recoil pushed him away from the headless corpse and gave him a moment of breathing room. He looked around and saw All cleave through the handle of a guards halberd which led to her blade embedding itself into his skull before she pulled it out and used her jetpack to crash into her next unprepared victim.
That's when he saw that quite a few defenders were running into the main building. The guard behind the door met his gaze. He pushed the Lithoid that was trying to enter the building at that moment into the rest of the retreating guard and slammed the door shut in front of their face. Val could hear the heavy ceiling mechanism of the door even over the sound of All butchering the rest of the garrison in the courtyard.
All jumped over the thrust of her opponents halberd and, while flying over his head, she cut said head off its body. She landed gracefully behind the corpse that was now falling over.
“All they're trying to hide in the bunker!” she heard Val call out to her and indeed she saw a group of defenders desperately banging at the heavy door pleading for someone to open it.
They were eighth, she had killed nine plus ten, Val three, meaning that eleven of the guards escaped. It was really only an inconvenience but she liked the open battlefield more than indoor fighting.
Wanting to dispatch the eight cowards fast, she aimed her pointing finger at the group and fired the small finger missile.
Two from the group were immediately taken out, one more was wounded and another one's head disappeared with the help of Val’s railgun. The rest were startled by the explosion. She proceeded to blast towards them with her jetpack, both fusion blades held out in front of her.
She impaled two of them at the same time and crushed them into the wall thanks to the power of her jetpack.
Jumping off the wall she cut off the head of another guard in a sleek blur of motion before coming to rest in front of the second to last guard. His head exploded just then, courtesy of Val’s railgun.
The last guard had seemed to regain some valour as he grabbed his halberd tight and swung it at All. She quickly closed up to him, rolled under his attack and cut off his right leg before swinging around and hacking his head off. Val simply finished off the wounded guard by smashing his boot into his face.
All meanwhile looked at the heavy door and whistled as she retracted her fusion blades.
“Now that’s a solid door. No wonder they are trying to hide behind it,” All said while Val approached the door himself.
“But you just need to know how to knock and the secret passage will open,” Val said with a smile as he held his right arm out towards it. Out of his fingertips sprung a versatile toolkit of laser cutters.
While Val did his work All looked around the courtyard to examine the leftovers from the first part of tonight's show. It was quite impressive she had to say herself. Body parts, crystalline blood and mangled corpses littered the once pristine courtyard and turned it into a true show of battlefield prowess. She was proud of her and Vals work. But the show had not finished yet, it was time for the second act.
As she returned her gaze towards Val he backed of the door, bowed and asked:
“If you may?”
“Of course I will,” she replied smiling.
She backed off the door to give herself a start-up . Then she started to sprint before jumping into the air and activating her jetpack. She rammed into the heavy door with her right shoulder first at top speed.
But Val had done his work well and instead of crushing herself to death the door gave in and she flew into the surprised face of the guard who had closed the door. She elegantly landed between a group of five other guards, the remains of the last guard still covering her body.
“[Ready for another round?]” she asked in their tongue while extending her fusion blades.
The first of them to come to his senses tried to attack All but a gaping hole appeared in his chest as Val interjected, “[One against five is hardly fair! How about two against four?]”
The guards seemed to find four against one more fair as they all swung or thrusted their blades towards All. Instead of trying to dodge the attacks individually she activated her jetpack and flung herself towards the ceiling. In flight she grabbed a pipe which had enough space to the ceiling that she used it to swing around and fling herself back into the guards.
The guards, taken aback by the sudden lack of a target, didn’t notice her return before she slammed one of them into the ground and cut his chest open with her fusion blades.
Another guard tried to stab her in the back as she sat on their comrade. She whirled around, cut off the front of his halberd and lunged at him stabbing one of her fusion blades into his skull.
As she retracted her blades, freeing them from his head, she looked to Val and saw him finish off the last guard with a freezing lullaby. The other one he had already finished off with a simple railgun shot to the chest.
She looked around and took the surroundings in. This part didn’t really seem like a bunker, more like a foyer in a large bank though the many pipes that hung from the ceiling gave the room a distasteful industrial feeling in her eyes.
“They should really hire better interior designers. This front room looks abysmal,” she complained to Val as he walked towards an elevator entrance of some sort.
“These buffouns couldn’t even design something pleasing to the eye if their lives depended on it,” Val replied while examining the elevator door.
“The ones you freeze to death do sometimes look like quite nice statues, though,”,she objected.
“That’s after their lives expired, though. We can discuss the details of that later, for now let’s keep the show rolling,” he said before stepping away from the elevator, pointing towards an access panel next to it and nodding to her.
She bolted to the panel, screwed it open, accessed it by connecting her palm to it and less than ten seconds later the door to the elevator shaft opened.
Val looked down the shaft.
“That's definitely more than a hundred meters. Would you do me the honour, All?” he asked while lifting his arms.
“Denying the opportunity to carry you like a child? How could I say no to that?” she replied while laughing. He answered her laughs with a smile and a rolling of his eyes.
All then grabbed Val under his arms and they sprang down the elevator shaft together. Through the help of her jetpack she landed the both of them safely on the roof of the elevator cart that had parked on the bottom floor.
With his laser cutter tools Val opened the maintenance hatch of the elevator cart and they both jumped into it. The doors to the bottom floor opened after All hacked this door panel as well.
They were greeted by the faces of a couple of scared intelligence officers, another five guards and the chief of intelligence sitting on a chair behind a large console desperately interacting with it, presumably trying to get rid of the interference signal.
One of the guards was immediately frozen by Val. All shattered through him, extended her fusion blades and impaled another one of them. The third guard tried to bisect her but she kicked herself towards the ceiling before the blade hit her and bounced back from the ceiling into his face, ripping it to shreds.
The fourth one decided to throw an intricate fusion dagger at her. She caught it mid air, spun around in a circle and returned the dagger back to sender. The guard seemed to look surprised at his new nose before he fell over dead.
Val had already turned the last guard and an unfortunate officer into ice. He proceeded to stroll victoriously towards the still desperately working chief while the other officers cowered frightened behind whatever cover they could find. All dashed back to the elevator door and closed it tight before also moving towards the chief.
Val leaned over the workstation and asked:
“[Whatcha working on chief?]”
The chief froze as he looked up into Val’s dark red eyes. He tried to cry out a response but the only thing that came out of his mouth was unintelligible gargling.
“[Stage fright, my friend?]” asked Val while offering a sympathetic smile, “[We’ve all been there. Isn’t that right, All?”]
All had moved behind the chief and now padded him on the shoulder with her right hand, the fusion blade still extended.
“[Sure is! I still can remember my first performance at a school play. My stuttering sounded like a malfunctioning engine!]” she chirped in happily, “[So don’t worry about it. With enough practice you’ll get there!]”
As she was talking one of the officers snuck up to her with a small fusion blade in his hand. Val nodded towards her, she turned around, hacked off the officers hand and kicked him into a near-by console. The casing of the console bent as the body crashed into it. The officer's head rested lifeless on the shattered screen.
“[That one,]” she pointed at her latest victim, “[needs better timing.]”
“[Unfortunate, but the show business is cutthroat, so you’ll better use the chances you’re given,]” commented Val and looked around the room, “[I think you should also reconsider your stage set up.]”
Val fished out five demolition charges from his pockets.
“[And the best way to start anew is to remove all of your previous work,]” continued Val while planting the first charge on a structural beam close to where the chief sat.
Meanwhile All pushed herself past the chief and connected herself to the system.
The chief finally managed to gurgle out a response, “[You maniacs are going to blow up this facility?]”
“[I'm gonna need you to give me special access, chief,]” All demanded, staring into nothingness as she interacted with the system.
The chief seemed to sense an opportunity but Val grabbed his head in a tight grip before he could do anything.
“[Now that would have cost you your career my friend,]” explained Val while pinching the chief's head with his left hand, “[let me give you guidance.]” He proceeded by pressing his head into a face recognition panel.
All disconnected her palm from the system and turned around. She padded the back of the chief's head, his face still laying on the panel even though Val had already let go of him.
“[See, that wasn’t too bad. Now was it?]”
The chief gurgled in disagreement.
All saw that Val was already planting the third explosive charge before looking to the elevator door only to see two of the three remaining officers trying to override the door panel. In their desperation they didn’t even notice All moving up behind them.
“[I’ll give you two that trying to hack something without internal access is hard but this is just pitiful,]” she said as she observed their third failed attempt.
They both turned around in fear, one of them bolting towards the closest cover while the other froze in his place. She shook her head.
“[And your moral is so low, I’m surprised you even made the attempt,]” she said before muttering to herself, “[Or did you try it for exactly that reason?]”
Her monologue was interrupted by the sound of Val creating another ice sculpture. She turned around to see the body crouched over one of the explosives. She also noticed that the chief had dispatched himself by punching a dagger into his chest. What a waste of talent.
The two officers she had shocked before also seemed to have chosen death while she was distracted. They flung themselves simultaneously towards her back with their fusion daggers. She swung around and bisected both of them with a single swing of her right blade.
Val came up to her. “At least they made an impressive show of their death. Can’t fault them for that,” he said while shrugging, “Explosives are planted, it's time for the finale!”
All grinned, “That's the second best part of the show anyways.”
“Then let's make it happen”, Val spoke as All opened the elevator door.
They climbed out of the maintenance hatch and All picked up Val onto her arms and flew up the elevator shaft. She flew out of the still open upper door and through the broken main door.
As they flew over the courtyard they saw a small patrol that had found the remnants of the garrison and was sending someone out to get help. But before their courier made it out of the courtyard Val pressed the detonator.
A blast wave spilled out of the mangled main door throwing the patrol to the ground. Debris from the bunker flew around the facility, crashed into nearby buildings and wiped out the downed patrol. Dust and rubble settled on the courtyard as Val and All observed the carnage from afar with satisfaction in their eyes.
They flew off into the night sky, undetected.
“Lieutenant Kobutzuv?”, his assistant asked while knocking on the door to his bedroom.
Andre was currently enjoying his scheduled relaxation time but if you were on a ship during war time you were never truly off duty.
“One second, Francesco”, he replied while getting up from his bed and making himself look presentable. He then walked over the door and opened it.
“What news do you have for me?”
“Report from the Captain. They received the signal from the agents,” his assistant handed his data pad over to him. He looked at it and smiled.
“Those sly bastards always get the job done.”
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2020.10.24 13:38 buBaine Bullet point list of Antonio Brown's achievements. Have at it Wes!

Cross post of u/judotongue Don't know how to cross post a comment yet so please forgive me for doing it like this. The list on /r nfl was to hillarious to not let you guys see it (if you haven't already). Let's go on a wild ride!
Antonio Brown circus timeline:
• Drove 100 down McKnight Road in Pittsburgh, which has a 45 MPH speed limit
• Trashed a condo and threw furniture out a window 14th floor window, which almost hit some people, notably a child
• Killed a home aquarium full of piranhas and refused to pay the man who installed the tank
• Refused to play week 17 for the Steelers
• Dyed his mustache blonde
• Refused to pay a chef because he thought he threatened him by placing a fish head in the freezer (the fish head was saved to make a soup)
• Farted on a doctor
• Demanded a trade from the Steelers
• Became "Mr. Big Chest"
• Threw a fit over Juju winning team MVP and trashed him on social media
• (Allegedly) nixed a trade that would've sent him to the Bills
• Showed up to Raiders training camp in a hot air balloon
• Held out and refused to show up to training camp because the NFL would not approve his helmet because it was too old for their safety standards
• Froze his feet
• Tried to paint over his old helmet, hoping no one would notice I guess
• Acquired a newer version of the same model of helmet, which the NFL refused to let him use
• Picked out a new helmet and finally showed up to the Raiders
• Got fined by the Raiders for not attending camp
• Tweeted the fines
• Tried to fight Mike Mayock, called him a cracker, had to be held back by Vontaze Burfict, then punted a football down the practice field and said "fine me for that"
• Got fined for that
• Released a video where he used audio of Jon Gruden, who didn't know he was being recorded, which is illegal in California (full disclosure, Gruden has said he gave permission, but the generally accepted theory is that he said that in the hope that it would help get him to show up to the facility and not alienate him)
• Demanded a release from the Raiders
• Was released
• Made a lot of crazy tweets saying stuff like 'Devil is a lie', a proverb about burning down a village... he made a lot of crazy tweets around this time is the point here
• Liked a tweet about Mayock getting raped in the ass
• Signed with the Patriots
• Moved in with Tom Brady
• The sexual assault allegations came out (the one where he's getting sued)
• The sexual harassment allegations came out (the one where he's not getting sued)
• Threatened the woman not suing him in a group text that included his lawyer and had a picture of her kids in the text
• Got released by the Patriots after one week
• Went off on a tweet storm and said a lot of crazy shit about a lot of people, and was supportive of people sending threats to the writer of the article detailing the sexual harassment allegations
• Said he was done with the NFL
• Went back to college via online classes
• Tried to outsource his homework to Twitter
• Wants to come back to the NFL
• Filed several grievances to try and get more than $40 million from the Raider's and Patriots
• Was ordered to show up for a deposition regarding trashing the condo
• Was accused of "reprehensible behavior" during the deposition (which is it's own insane thread, btw), which included, but was not limited too:
  1. "Arrived nearly 30 minutes late to the deposition."
  2. “[C]hanted, over and over, as if a mantra, a narrative of his own warped concept of the proceeding”.
  3. “Acting as if he was above the rule of law, [Brown] proceeded to make a mockery of the deposition process. [Brown’s] antics were so unreasonable that barely twenty [20] minutes into the deposition, his counsel asked for a break [so] he could speak with [Brown] about his demeanor.
    1. “After approximately [20-30](tel:2030) minutes, [Brown] required another break. When the deposition resumed [Brown] increased his level of obstructive behavior. At one point, [Brown] refused to answer any questions, instead saying “next question” no less than 10 times.”
    2. “Soon thereafter, [Brown] started announcing a countdown, starting at ‘five (5) minutes,’ and counting down the minutes thereafter. Before noon [Brown] left the conference room.”
• Said that the Patriots have to pay him anyway, so they might as well let him play
• Tweeted a couple of bizarre tweets about the Raiders using him for HBO ratings and the Patriots trying to steal his stuff and kept using this weird chicken based metaphor
• Tried out for the Saints and brought an entourage and film crew to shoot a music video with him when specifically told not to do that
• Called out Robert Kraft for his rub and tug massage session in Florida
• Starting training for a boxing match with Logan Paul
• Tweeted "No more white woman [2020](tel:2020)"
• The attorney representing him in the suit involving the condo quit
• Used a bunch of slurs and profane language towards cops in an Instagram video he posted
• A police youth football league cut ties with him and returned a donation after the release of the video saying there was a "irreparable rift" between the department and AB
• Threw a bag of gummy candy dicks at the cops in a video he posted
• Got dropped by his agent
• Was involved in a disputed with movers at his home where he allegedly threw rocks at the movers and moving vans. He is currently being investigated for battery by the police.
• His trainer was arrested and he is still a suspect in the battery case.
• Warrant issued for the arrest of AB.
• AB turns himself in to Broward Country Jail wearing this suit
• Rumors spread about AB signing with Tampa or Seattle
• AB announces his retirement (for what I believe is the third time, it's hard to find a good record of the rest of them)
• Two days later AB wants to play again and is asking for the league to wrap up it's investigation
• Joins TB12 in Tampa bay
I believe this list was compiled by u/foryewhoartliterate
Check out nfl for the full thread. Cya guys, I need a break from laughing too hard.
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2020.10.24 11:08 gloomshot_bot Daily Roblox Highlights: FISH FILLET
Clip # Title Author Curator Score Direct Link
#1 [00:00] "9 kill streak... - Arsenal Roblox" PROMohamed None 2.247 [CLICK]
#2 [00:14] "fish fillet" ghostiox h44v 0.0164 [CLICK]
#3 [00:33] "frigid rocked his sh!t" superseez sparksbruhh 0.015 [CLICK]
#4 [00:58] "clean" Follective None 0.115 [CLICK]
#5 [01:13] "Good changes? POG" probablyazim nightslashx7 0.0097 [CLICK]
#6 [02:09] "Koichi Looks at an interesting rock" OfficialSamurai None 0.112 [CLICK]
#7 [02:23] "wheres the opi?" jqckster abboi 0.0087 [CLICK]
#8 [02:41] "My best trickshot clip ever!! - Arsenal Roblox" PROMohamed None 0 [CLICK]
#9 [02:49] "black people" yatrickha stareryz 0.0072 [CLICK]
#10 [03:01] "swat van vs gravity" Emana2801 None 0 [CLICK]
#11 [03:31] "SPO GE BOB" nolyfejustgames belle_xd 0.0063 [CLICK]
#12 [03:41] "Buccellati vs Pesci (feat Sticky FIngers)" OfficialSamurai None 0 [CLICK]
#13 [04:02] "READ" kiricali vhangeee 0.0062 [CLICK]
#14 [04:32] "makeing a top 10 grinder rage quit / clip for collab" CutieeOnCrack None 0 [CLICK]
#15 [04:40] senpaijibz fruityyytoes 0.0061 [CLICK]
#16 [05:09] "Just a simple snipe headshot in the air - Arsenal." Eck0 None 0 [CLICK]
#17 [05:17] "Toastally merks oflers" toastieszn rg_siege 0.0061 [CLICK]
#18 [05:30] "That wasn't a backstab? - Arsenal." Eck0 None 0 [CLICK]
#19 [05:42] "intrisic" ghostiox intrisic 0.006 [CLICK]
#20 [05:55] "ABSOLUTELY INSANE TRICKSHOT IN ARSENAL!!! : roblox kill streak rogue lineage" IanTheGreatYT None 0 [CLICK]
#21 [06:04] "stab" nolyfejustgames belle_xd 0.0058 [CLICK]
#22 [06:17] ":kill %raiders" Flaree69 None 0 [CLICK]
#23 [06:31] "TOAST TYD" toastieszn waha11ay 5e-05 [CLICK]
#24 [07:16] "onblind" onbroad merlinsux 5e-05 [CLICK]
#25 [07:28] "Cool beans" probablyazim nightslashx7 4e-05 [CLICK]
#26 [08:05] "Artty gets the chancla " artty_chan artty_chan 3e-05 [CLICK]
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2020.10.24 10:15 Tyrz32 Hello dad, I still love you.

Hello dad,
I’ve been wondering what to write to you about ever since I moved out. I’ve struggled with how to word what I want to say and what exactly to say. I’d like to tell you I miss you, I still love you, and I still care about you. I’ve thought about actually writing you this letter, but the fear in the back of mind tells me over and over that you’d never read it, that and I’m too afraid to know if you’ll just take this letter and throw it in the garbage like I feel you’ll do.
I think about you often. Every time a 70’s rock song comes on from a band you like like The Doobie Brothers and The Rolling Stones I think of you. People always ask me where my love of older rock music comes from and I tell them it’s because of my dad. I think about how you’re doing and what you’ve been up to.
We haven’t talked to each other since 2018. You come into where I work a lot, and I want to talk to you, but I’m terribly afraid I’ll break down crying because of how much I’ve missed you. At the same time I’m afraid you’ll cause a scene and yell at me because of my lifestyle choices. I say to my coworkers “My dad and I used to get along a lot more when I was younger, that was before he started hating me.” They’ll say “I’m sure he doesn’t hate you.” And I want to believe them. Do you hate me because of who I am and how I live my life?
There’s so much I want to talk to you about with how my life has gone since we’ve last spoken. Like where I’m working and what my health has been like.
This is the biggest elephant in the room, and I think you know this without me having outright told you. I’m transgender and I’m gay. I’ve been taking hormone shots since 2014 (I was still living with you at the time). My voice started getting deeper, and I thought you knew by then. I started growing facial hair, and I thought you knew by then too. You used to like my company a lot more when I was younger, what changed?
We just never sat down to talk about this because even so much as mentioning anything LGBT related you shut the conversation down and would yell and scream. I’m the son you (supposedly or so I’ve been told) always wanted. I still love hockey (and I miss going to games with you), like going fishing (we used to go all the time when I was younger remember?), and I still enjoy going camping. All the stuff that I enjoyed before transitioning to the person I am now is the same stuff as before, only I’m nowhere nearly as depressed as I used to be.
A week or so after I moved out I went in for surgery to have my breasts removed. You found out about me going in for surgery (I’m not sure if you knew what for or who told you), and you were upset that you weren’t told about this. You were upset that I didn’t tell you this.. Saying that what if something happened to me during surgery and nobody told you?..
Do you still love and care about me? Enough to worry about what could have happened when I went in for surgery.. I struggled with this concept a lot, for months after my surgery I kept thinking “Why would you care about me? You kicked me out because of the very lifestyle that I went in for surgery for..” I don’t know how you feel about this now though; I’d like to think you still wonder how I’m doing.
We haven’t talked to each other in such a long time.. I still have your birthday in my calendar and I saw it’s coming up soon. I’d like to send you a birthday card, but the same reason I’m afraid to send you this letter is the same reason I won’t send you a card in a few weeks. I still have your phone number in my address book. I think about calling you often. Not like you’d know it was me calling you as I have gotten a new number, but I think once you know it’s me you’ll hang up on me and block my number.
Even after all the awful, mean, and mental and emotional abuse I still find I can’t hate you. I feel like I should but I just can’t. The good times we used to have all those years ago vastly outweigh the more recent terrible times we’ve had together. I’m not even sure why. I cherish those memories a lot more than I feel like I should.
Some nights I fall asleep crying over the relationship we could have had and the one we have now. About what we could have done differently, about what I could have done differently. I’d love to repair our relationship but I feel like the damage has been done and there’s no fixing it. You’re stubborn and stuck in your ways. I am by no means perfect and I don’t put all the blame on you. There were plenty of chances I feel like that some things could have been different if only I had done this, this, and this.
There’s no way you’ll ever see this letter, but I’d love to send it to you before it’s too late and I regret everything..
Your son,
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2020.10.24 07:19 coachavocado Dreamt of a Place, Then Visited It

I had this dream a few months ago. I was in a house on a cul-de-sac, on a small hill in the desert, with these strange people. Think of it like a house on a slope that had a desert pit as a backyard. (Sorry I'm not very good at describing landscapes.) All of a sudden, a monsoon rolled in and it was a flash flood. I remember the dream so vividly because I kept calling my friends and family to come rescue me before it flooded, and none of them would come to save me. Perhaps fear of abandonment. Anyways, the house and pit began to flood like crazy, but I was able to escape before the flood waters got too high. Then, it suddenly all dried up and these people with a beat-up truck robbed us. The dream didn't make much sense. I woke up kind of shaken, but shrugged it off and went on with my day.
A few weeks later, I'm driving around in a neighborhood of a town I've visited a few times, and there's the hill and the cul-de-sac! The house I dreamt wasn't there, but everything else was!! The dead shrubs and rocks, the down slope of the hill and the pit that I had dreamt was flooding, and the distinct cul-de-sac. It was all there. I had never been in that part of the town before, and everywhere else I had been in the town didn't look too similar to that. This place was distinct. It was such a weird feeling, I literally stopped the car and said aloud, "Wait. I had a dream of this place."
This has only happened in my life a few times before, the very first time when I was fishing at a lake I had never been to before. I noticed the curvature of the shoreline and suddenly my dream came back to me.
I know this is a fairly common phenomenon, but I wanted to share and I wanted to hear anyone else's stories! I think it's such a weird feeling and I think it's so cool to think about and attempt to understand.
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2020.10.24 05:59 CanonHusbando The Official Unofficial Unsolicited Complete Teyvat Travel Guide, or, a massive guide for leveling efficiently through your adventurer ranks

Hey y'all! It's your Husbando here, I recently landed at the peak that is rank 40 as a (mostly) f2p and since I couldn't find a comprehensive guide for what to do at the various adventurer ranks that wasn't buried under layers of non-advice in a series of monetized youtube videos I decided to handle it myself. This guide is meant to be a top to bottom but not front to back guide if that makes any sense, I'll talk about things in broad strokes but leave the granularity and math to people who are better than me at math and granularity, also I'll try to highlight some mistakes that will put a lasting dent into your account unless you're willing to put a lasting dent in your wallet. It's fair to say I made mistakes, please learn from them.
Before we begin I should say that this guide is no more than a list of suggestions I wish I could have referenced from the beginning. I'm not going to get mad if you find some other method of playing the game more fun or compelling, you do you boo, you're still great. Additionally this is not a "how to rank up fast" guide or "how to solve the puzzles guide", there's fun in figuring out that stuff for yourself (or consulting better guides written by smarter, cooler people). I'm also assuming you'll be using the interactive map from the jump, use it to mark off stuff you find so you don't waste your time later, be thorough, nothing wastes time like trying to save time badly.
This guide will be sectioned into exploring the game world, leveling your characters and equipment, a level by level guide for spending your time and resin at each adventure rank, and finally I'll talk about spending real world money dollars at the end, for the purposes of the guide I will be assuming you are free to play (since you can bypass resin limits with purchases)
Before we get into the guide proper I need to set down 2 hard and fast rules you shouldn't deviate from as you play genshin or you'll make me a big sad
Rule 1: NEVER EVER AUTO-ADD 3 STAR MATERIALS WHEN ENHANCING WEAPONS The Wisdom: You've probably heard from another source that 3 star weapons are viable even into end game (and some are even better than 4 and 5 stars for certain support roles) and how you should refine them, and this is true, but most guides don't explain the dire importance of knowing what you're eating when you go to upgrade your weapons. I'll Explain: when you feed a weapon into another weapon to give them exp and upgrade them, the weapon that is eaten is lost forever. The only sources for 3 star weapons in the Genshin are opening chests and rolling the gacha, and while chests do technically respawn your odds of getting a 3 star weapon to drop is low enough to be non existent. What this means is any weapon you get out of a chest is impossible to reclaim outside of spending money and rolling the gacha. 3 star weapons should be considered account locked, and destroying them indiscriminately will come back to bite you once you need them for your support characters down the road. Only use 3 star weapons for upgrading if you already have at least 1 fully refined version of that weapon.
Rule 2: NEVER EVER SPEND YOUR FRAGILE RESIN BEFORE ADVENTURER RANK 40 The Wisdom: Look I know there's a dearth of content right now in late game and some of the levels get super dull but you'll regret burning these before they're ripe. I'll Explain: Resin is spent in domains to acquire materials you use to upgrade your characters, weapons, and abilities, these domains don't reach their peak efficiency until rank 40, when their rewards are worth more than even rank 39 rewards by a factor of like 30. I will elaborate later, but the rules of play and your leveling goals also change at rank 40 and you will be thankful to have a stockpile of fragile resin saved up so you don't have to spend days upon days trying to get your favorite spear up to the next rank. Just save em.
Adventure and Exploration guidelines Before we start talking about any systems It's important to establish some good practices when it comes to the moment to moment gameplay of genshin impact. For starters, pick up everything. I might seem like a drag but you should be smashing every rock, slaying every woodland creature, and snagging every fish you come across in your journey. 100 of any item might seem like a lot early on, but you'll need many many big piles of everything if you want to do anything at high level, I'm trying to knock out the cooking achievements right now and have used thousands of meats, start saving early. The same advice extends to enemies, until your first ascension you should be killing enemies for their exp and mora, and after your first world ascension you should be killing them for their upgrade materials and mora, it takes 72 base rank to materials to make a max rank enemy material and some upgrades take like a dozen of those, start saving early.
Now on to chests, you should open every chest you come across, full stop. chests in genshin impact are your main source of adventure rank exp as well as the draw for exploration, and they're on a slow cooldown timer, if you've played any MMO or moba, you know that if anything is not on cooldown it might as well be burning a hole in your pocket. Additionally chests contain loot, especially early on a good rank 3 weapon can put you on easy street for basically the entire first 20 levels.
Oculi. While you're running around and exploring you'll run into these floating crystals marked with a cross shaped sparkle on your mini map, if you collect these you need to mark them off on the interactive map, it's one of the first tasks on the level to level guide but it's important to do regardless of how much of the guide you use. There are hundreds of the things and missing just one can set you back hours of progress because you have to check the location of every single one you picked up just to find the one you missed. Keep your map handy, mark the oculi as you find them.
Finally, Genshin has world quests, marked on your map with a blue exclamation point icon. Ignore these as you're wandering around, as there is currently a gap in content after adventurer rank 30, and you should save these until then unless otherwise noted in the guide. The exceptions to this are the repeatable quests, which appear as "random events" and should be completed if you run into them (these can all be found on the wikis).
Setting your goals and spending your resin Genshin Impact is a pretty big game with lots of stuff to do and lots of ways to spend your time, luckily for me mihoyo has made my life way easier and included an adventurer handbook, the experience tab of which is a very good guide for where and what you should be doing with your time. In general, your resin and resources should be spent achieving the bare minimum for reaching the next level of the experience tab, which I will be going through as the driving force behind the level to level guide. If you absolutely MUST spend your resin and don't have a domain to run you should spend it at the leyline of wealth, exp items gained until level 40 just aren't worth it. Think of it this way, if you run out of exp materials, that's just one avenue of leveling closed, if you run out of money, that's ALL your leveling ability gone.
Leveling your party, upgrading equipment, and spending materials Regardless of how you're interacting with the gacha, either whaling or saving all your rolls for an upcoming banner, you should keep your team composition in mind when it comes to spending resources leveling your character. Early on in your journey you won't need to spend a single exp book or mora on your character level, through the entire prologue you'll get all the exp you need from quest rewards and fighting enemies. At rank 15 or 20 you'll want to pick a main DPS character, as long as they're a fit for the DPS role and you find them fun or aesthetic pleasing, and make them your main character. Regardless of what the adventurer handbook says your main priority at any time past ascension 1 should be bringing your main character to maximum level (or one or two levels below maximum in order to not waste enemy exp) as well as max out their weapon upgrade and ascension. The adventurer handbook likes telling you to level 3 characters in order to pass chapters, so besides your primary DPS you should pick 2 chosen supports to level up just behind your main. That leaves a fourth party member who won't get any leveling love until rank 35 and that's okay, leave them underpowered and use them for reactions only unless you find them to be a liability.
As for what weapons to use and which accessory sets to use on which character? There are great guides all over the place, this is already going to be long enough for me to get into that.
At adventurer rank 27 you'll unlock domains that give you access to talent books, which can be used to upgrade your characters default attack combos, their special attacks, and their super attack, your main DPS should get the prime treatment and maximize all their stats as your rank allows, for support characters, consider how their ability set compliments yours, and only level the abilities they actually use. For example, Barbara is a healer with a big burst super heal that doesn't need the boost, so you'd only want to boost her talent for her special, supports rarely require upgrading their default combo. (this advice is only as good as your party though, feel free to ignore it if you happen to roll another DPS and want to bring them up to level or even if you get bored by your current team and want to make a change, efficiency fails when you stop having fun.)
Quests Quests in Genshin Impact are separated into 3 categories: archon quests, which are your main driving plot quests and should always be completed at the level they're unlocked, story quests, which are character stories for the playable characters you'll run into out in the world (or whale for in the gacha), and world quests, which are your side stories with limited plots which usually reward you with adventurer rank exp. For the purposes of this guide, we're only completing the archon quests when available unless otherwise noted to fill in for a gap in content later on in the game.
Adventurer rank by level Ranks 1-5 Levels 1-5 are simple, you're pretty much railroaded by the main archon quest, so complete that before you do anything else. The quest will give you all the character exp you need so don't bother spending any exp books to level up (or spend just one so the game stops trying to tutorialize you). During the course of this quest you will pick up the kayea and lisa f2p characters, if you're not rolling the gacha, do their quest steps first to maximize the exp they get from their quest steps. After you've completed "the outlander who caught the wind" archon quest you'll want to talk to Katherine at the adventurers guild and pick up your adventurers handbook, this handbook is going to be the guiding through line for most of this walkthrough so get to know it. Feel free to complete the blacksmith quest from wagner, it doesn't give you any adventurer exp and it teaches you how to craft stuff which you will be doing a lot of later. Ignore other world quests except for random events for now (you can look up a guide or wiki for random events).
Ranks 6-10 Your first steps in the adventurers handbook are all about unlocking the world map. Keep your interactive map handy and grab any anemoculus you pass by along with any chests you spot, ore you see, and enemy you encounter. stocking up now (on ore especially) will lift a huge burden later. Start with the statues to the seven, once you unlock one, head to all the teleport points and domains (the diamond shaped map icons) in the now exposed map area. Rinse and repeat for the entire available map (except for the region in the northwest, as that is quest gated). After you've unlocked all the teleport points on the map it's time to hunt down the anemoculus, submitting these to a statue of the seven will give you a boost to your stamina so make sure you're taking time to turn them in frequently to make exploring easier. After you've got all your available anemoculus turned in it's time for a third pass through mondstadt, turn on the rank 3 and 4 (precious and luxurious) chests on your interactive map and hunt those down as well.
It may seem excessive to make 3 whole trips through the map to collect and explore but trust me it's worth it, the chest are all on cooldown as are ores, flowers, and all the other collectables you'll be scooping up along the way, it's important to get these cooldowns started as soon as possible so if you hit a wall later on, enough will have respawned in the world to give you something to do.
Your handbook chapter 1 just requires you to open some chests and unlock teleporters, this will happen as you adventure naturally, collect the rewards as soon as you can.
Chapter 2 introduces you to artifacts, cooking, and weapon upgrading. Pick a weapon that goes well with your primary damage dealer, if you're lucky you've found a good 3 star weapon in a chest in the wild by now or rolled a 4 or 5 star in the gacha, if not you can buy the sword prototype from the souvenir shop (see rank 9) and forge that. Cooking is simple enough, just use the kitchen in mondstadt or any cooking pot in the wild and throw the ingredients together. The artifacts will come frequently enough from chests, throw 4 of them on your main damage dealer for a stat boost. The final chapter 2 hurdle is hunting down a cryo abyss mage, which should happen naturally as you clear out the map, but if you're having trouble tracking one down you should consult a farming map.
Chapters 3 and beyond in the handbook should be saved for rank 15
At adventurer rank 8 leylines will become available, these are repeatable combat challenges that reward exp or money (just exp for now) and are your first opportunity to spend resin. Upon reaching rank 8 you should do at least one exp leyline just to keep the resin timer ticking, the rewards aren't great but it'd be a waste not to. Try to keep plenty of resin stocked up as you're ranking up so you have enough to take on the next domain/leyline/boss as soon as you reach that rank, just make sure you're not at cap. If you're going to be ending a play session before reaching a point where you can efficiently spend your resin in domains or on bosses then you should do leylines until you're at zero but only then.
At adventurer rank 9 you'll get a world quest in mondstadt from paimon about a strange shop, go ahead and check it out. This is the souvenir shop where you can spend the anemo sigils you've been finding in chests. All the purchases here are one time only so don't feel rushed into buying anything. Of note are the sword prototype and constelation item, both are useful for empowering your traveler early on, whatever you decide to purchase here and when is up to you however, and it's a good place to check if you're in need of character or weapon ascension materials in a pinch. Also don't be afraid to use this shop as a source of mora, one sigil for 1600 mora is cheap and can be a great option to push you past an ascension cost in case you're broke.
Adventure rank 10 unlocks the next round or archon quests, go ahead and get started on these and try to knock them out as early as you can, pausing when you rank up to collect your rank rewards and do whatever activities start at that rank. Upon completion of these quests you should speak to Katherine at the adventurers guild for a quest to trek to Liyue Harbor, the second half of the map that's larger, taller, denser, and comes with its own set of oculi (geoculi this time for the god of geo) and statues to upgrade. Repeat the steps you took when you started mondstadt in liyue: unlock the statues, activate the teleporters, collect the geoculi, and hunt down the rank 3 and 4 chests. Liyue is huge and has many more complex puzzles and many more oculi, this should keep you busy for quite a few ranks.
Ranks 11-15 things are really going to start opening up now, keep on clearing the map of oculus and chests until you hit rank 12.
at rank 12 you'll unlock your daily commissions, these are daily quests and should be considered top priority if you have them available. Try to aim for rank 12 as early as possible (your first session even) so you can get these started, they reward you with primogems (for rolling gacha) and adventurer experience (for progressing the game) so talk to katherine at the adventurers guild to get these started ASAP. Also unlocking at rank 12 are blossom of wealth leylines, these reward you with cold hard cash and should be prioritized over exp leylines if you need to burn some resin.
Finally unlocked at rank 12 is the one time domain "temple of the falcon" just across the bridge from mondstadt, this is a one time dungeon that rewards you, among other things, a key to a shrine of the depths. You've probably seen them out in the wild, they look like gazebos with shiny glowing doors and have valuable loot inside. Clear the temple of the falcon and take the key to any of the 10 Mondstadt shrines you can find on your interactive map to claim your rewards. The loot is random but theres a chance of 4 star artifacts so pay attention to what you get as these can be huge boosts of power early on. You should have also gotten a key from the quest to visit liyue harbor as well.
At rank 14 you're going to unlock expeditions from the adventurers guild, these are timed missions that gives any of your idle party members something to do. For your first expedition, you should send a character out for the minimum length of time to check off a task in your adventurer handbook, otherwise prioritize the missions that give you ores for upgrading and send them out for as long as you can to maximize your profit, also don't discount the mission that brings back raw meat and fowl, as you're going to need a lot of meat in order to finish perfecting all your cooking recipes, like a thousand at least, it's a lot of meat, probably too much meat.
At rank 15 you will unlock character ascension, ascend your primary damage dealer first by ranking them up to the level cap with exp books then spending ascension materials to increase their cap and unlock their ability. Ascension 1 is a rare exception to the "do the absolute minimum" rule as ascending your characters unlocks their first combat talent, which is essential for building your team, so follow your primary DPS by ascending all the characters in your active party by fighting world bosses and opening their leyline blossoms at a cost of 40 resin. At this point in the game enemy EXP takes a severe drop off in utility, but it's not nothing, so after you ascend your primary DPS you should bring them to one or two levels under the cap just so you don't end up burning a few thousand exp on your way to your next ascension, it doesn't seem like a lot now but it adds up down the road.
Split your resin spending between world bosses for ascension materials and whatever leyline you might need to get your characters ascended.
Also unlocking at rank 15 is the temple of the wolf one time domain at the temple of the thousand winds, clear it and use the key to open another shrine of the depths.
This is a good time to knock out a few more chapters in your handbook, of note in chapter 3 are forging an item at the blacksmith, which you should already have done from his world quest. Processing 3 ingredients which requires you to use the second cooking tab to turn ingredients into other ingredients, these are on a timer but the easier ones are fairly fast and you should have picked up plenty of ingredients by now. Leveling up a character to level 20 is required for ascension so that's an easy one. And finally leveling an artifact to level 4, you can get a 4 star from one of the nuns in the church, just exhaust their dialogue, level that one up if you didn't get a 4 star from your shrines of depth.
Chapter 4 gives you a key to a shrine of the depth straight away for turning in oculi so snag that and open another shrine. Enhance more artifacts, collect leyline blossoms, complete an expedition (which you should have at least started at rank 14), leveling a weapon to 20, and hunting an electro mage are all easy to do and repeats of things you should already be doing. You can use the alchemy table in mondstadt to combine upgrade materials into their higher ranked variant at a ratio of 3 to 1, you can also use alchemy to make boost potions out of ingredients found exploring. Be sure to check if any of your unlocked characters has a talent that assists in alchemy and make any boost potion of your choosing to complete the task. Unfortunately the final task, unlock the shrine of the seven at stormterror's lair, is unavailable, locked behind story progress you can't access until rank 18, so leave it for now and keep on truckin.
Rank 16-20 Another big rank right off the bat. In this range we're going to be talking about coop, delving back into the archon quests and getting into the realm of true grinding.
Rank 16 unlocks coop modes for domains and exploration. The answer to the question "when should I be doing coop?" is "always and forever." Coop has several benefits and you should start working on them early, for starters, there is a series of achievements tied to completing domains and world bosses in coop. One of the achievement steps requires you to complete 100 domains in coop, which translates to 2000 resin, which is a lot, so start early. As for the world bosses you're in a very special sweet spot right now since your world level hasn't increased and your bosses are a cake walk for any higher level player who might want to do a boss rush to get the achievements done as well, so join a discord, get a group together, and accept the carry. All of this coop advice is dependent on your temperament really, and you should feel free to ignore it if you don't have fun playing with others or if you can't stomach the occasional connection foibles.
Also unlocking at rank 16 are the forgery domains, these cost 20 resin and will net you your weapon ascension materials, at this point in the game this is where you should be spending your resin, at the very least keep your primary DPS at the top of their game. There are two forgery domains in the world, one in mondstadt and one in liyue, and each is on a 3 day rotation that repeats mondays and thursdays, with sunday being an off day where you have a chance of getting any of the drops in the rotation albeit at 1/3rd the rate. Upgrade your primary DPS and 2 chosen supports to weapon ascension 1 and max out their weapons.
Next up is rank 18, starting off you should head towards the temple of the lion one time domain near the falcon coast for yet another shrine key.
After you've unlocked the next shrine it's time to the archon quest "song of the dragon and freedom" which will see you finishing off the main story in mondstadt.
Along the path of the archon quest you'll unlock the stormterror's lair statue of the seven (so tick off chapter 4 in your handbook) as well as the final mondstadt teleporters and anemoculi. There are even more chests in the stormterror's lair area so explore thoroughly.
Rank 19 optional step: Way down the line you're going to be asked to fight 3 world bosses solo, the electro cube, the anemo cube, and the geo cube, if you take care of them now before world rank up it still counts for progression in the future and you'll have a pretty easy time about it now when you don't have to worry about ascending a character several times to exploit the boss weakness. It's not a big deal but consider it, you don't need to collect the blossom for the clear to count so this costs no resin to complete.
Rank 20 is another huge rank, unlocking the spiral abyss end game dungeon, along with (as of this writing) two more free to play characters, barbara, a dedicated healer you receive in the mail along with xiangling, a DPS/support split from reaching a certain floor in the spiral abyss.
The first order of business to address at rank 20 is the world level increase, in order to keep up with your expanding power, the enemies of the world have also leveled up, basic enemies will now drop upgrade materials, the world bosses have better loot tables and will drop higher rank ascension materials, and your leylines give better rewards. If you want to swap out any of your new free characters into your party, this is a good time to ascend them. Unfortunately you don't unlock any more ascensions at this level, so you're mostly going to be playing catch up if you don't have your whole crew up to ascension rank 1 with your resin. Avoid forgery domains until level 21 when they rank up next.
Next up at level 20 is the battle pass, like your commissions this is a daily and weekly series of tasks that give you experience towards unlocking upgrade materials, I'll avoid talking about the paid track here but I find the battle pass still worth doing for the free track. A few things of note, the tasks to complete 20 leyline challenges and to kill 10 world bosses don't require you to spend the resin to get the reward, just to complete the combat and reveal the blossom. The world bosses respawn quickly enough for you to take them out at your lesiure but the leylines will stay completed until the daily reset unless you spend the resin to collect them, if you're going to be doing the battle pass, consider completing the four leyline fights as part of your daily routine alongside your commissions.
Then we have the spiral abyss, a series of combat challenges that reward you with loot and primogems, there are many guides that get into the granularity of the spiral abyss but for now you should knock out up to floor 1-3 for your handbook completion and try for 3-3 to unlock the free character.
Ranks 21-25 We're finally calming down with the new features, these ranks are mostly about continuing the grind for ascension and rank up, you might be running out of chests or world puzzles, and ascending a weapon takes a days worth of resin, it's okay to slow down here since you're reaching the end of the available story content, from here on it's about routine, but there are still things to pay attention to.
If you've solidified your primary DPS and chosen 2 supports at this point you should upgrade them all to level 38 or 39, as well as upgrade their weapons to 40.
Rank 21 starts with a trip to eagles gate in dadaupa gorge for the final one time domain challenge in mondstadt for another shrine of the depths.
Rank 21 has us breaking another rule and completing amber's character story quest "Wind, Courage, and Wings" followed by razor's story quest "The Meaning of Lupical". Completing these unlocks the wolf of the north weekly boss challenge. The rewards granted by these challenges increase every 5 adventure ranks, so if you think you'll be able to manage the rank ups by the time the weekly reset rolls around hold off, if you don't think you can, knock it out now. The blossom costs 60 resin and comes with a chance to roll a weapon prototype you can forge into another rank 4 weapon.
Rank 21 also sees your weapon upgrade domains get their upgrade, so swap your grinding over to that avenue and ascend your support character's equipment if you haven't. The next weapon domain upgrade isn't until rank 30 so you'll be using these materials for quite a while, even past your next world rank up.
At rank 22 you unlock domains of blessing, which roll exclusive artifacts upon completion, and are a waste of your precious time and resin until rank 40. Seriously, at this point they can only roll 3 star artifacts, which you will receive a boat load from just from chests. You'll end up doing a few of these for your handbook completion but just give them a big ignore for now.
Rank 23 is the start of your archon quests in Liyue, knock this out at will, no reason to wait.
Rank 24 gives your first liyue one time domain with the forbodingly named "domain of the forsaken ruins" in the guili plains. Knock that out and start unlocking the liyue shrines of depth.
Rank 25 is special, featuring your first world level ascension dungeon, take care of it and you'll rank up the world enemies, bosses, leylines, unlock your next ascension tier, and net yourself a whopping 3 shrine of the depth keys to cash in.
world bosses have a new loot table so go ahead and swap your resin attention towards destroying them and ascending your party to new heights.
Upgrade your primary DPS to level 40 and ascend them, your new character level cap is 50, so bring them to 48 or 49. Ascend their weapon as well and bring it up to 50. Once you have the materials from bosses you should ascend and level your chosen 2 supports as well, but keep their weapons at 40.
rank 25 also unlocks the stormterror trounce domain back in his old tower, like the wolf of the north, this is a weekly challenge that ranks up every 5 levels and costs 60 resin, take care of it now or wait to rank 30 if you think you can manage it before weekly reset.
Now is also a good time to get back to your handbook, chapter 5 asks you to unlock 10 recipes which can be bought at the resturants in mondstadt and liyue harbor. Collect 10 leyline blossoms, if you haven't done this yet stick to the blossoms of wealth. The rest are repeats of old tasks or things you should have completed anyways.
After you ascend your DPS at this level have a look at the "talents" tab on their character screen, you'll notice you now have the option of upgrading individual talents using talent books. There's a chance you picked up some of these talent books from chests so if you have em, spend em. Your primary DPS should have all their talents topped off as explained in the leveling guide.
Ranks 26-30 Another set of ranks where you're mostly shifting where to spend your resin. At any time you have resin and no place to use it you should complete 3 domains of blessing, they're not going to roll any good artifacts but you need to get them out of the way for your handbook chapter 6.
Rank 26 unlocks quest keys, a way of limiting how quickly you can unlock character story quests that are available after the archon quest line ends. Every 8 commissions grants you a key which you have to unlock from the quest screen, so every 2 days make sure you're grabbing the key. I was leveling at a pretty good clip at this point and never ran out of keys when I was unlocking story quests post rank 30 but maybe it'll be an actual block during future updates.
Rank 27 sees you unlocking domains of mastery, your fifth and so far final avenue of character progression (after character level, weapons, accessories, and constellations). Weirdly enough the next level of this domain unlocks at rank 28 so just put this off for now and come back next rank.
also at rank 27 is your next one time domain "the domain of the wayward path" knock it out and unlock your next shrine of depth
Okay now we're rank 28, time to start the domains of mastery. Make sure your primary DPS has all their talents upgraded and for your support, only upgrade the abilities you use when you swap to them, if a character has a great super, upgrade the super, if they only use their heal, only upgrade the heal. Rarely will you worry about upgrading the main combo talent of a support character. Spend all your resin here until rank 30.
Rank 29 has (sadly) our final archon quest as of the time of writing. Knock it out and wait for the update.
Rank 30 is our next world level upgrade, better bosses, leylines, and enemy drops. Max out your DPS right away and get ready for an even more complex grind, this ascension increases the maximum rank for each tallent by 2, and the upgrades are expensive.
Not only do you have to contend with bosses and talent books but the weapon domains also get an upgrade at rank 30. Split your resin among the 3 sources to ascend your DPS and your chosen 2 support. Ascending your DPS first and leveling to just under the new cap of 60, ascend and bring your main DPS weapon up to 60. Ascend your chosen 2 supports to just under level cap and ascend and bring their weapons to 50.
Now is a good time to clear handbook chapter 6, fighting the 3 elemental cubes solo if you didn't already take care of them at rank 19, clearing the second floor of the spiral abyss if you haven't done so in order to unlock the character, and upgrading more artifacts.
The only task worth noting besides upgrades on rank 30 is the one time domain "hidden palace of zhou formula" which you should knock out to get your shrine key.
Without any archon quests to work towards and chests likely running thin it's time to break out your character story quests and world quests, consult a wiki or the interactive map and complete them in whatever order you like.
Ranks 31-35 Not much happening at this point in the game, keep doing your dailies and story quests you've saved up.
Rank 32 lets you unlock the adorable Klee's story quest as long as you have a story key saved up.
Rank 34 Gets you Jean's story quest for a story key.
Rank 35 nets you another world rank upgrade after a world ascension dungeon, which means ascended bosses, leylines, and characters. This ascension is important because this phase unlocks your characters second combat talent, which is a must have for your entire party, so take this time to ascend your entire active party, which means you're going to be shifting your resin focus to all bosses pretty much at this point.
The rank 35 world quest also gives you some more shrine of the depth keys, that combined with those awarded from the world quests should give you all you need to finish unlocking the remaining shrines, that is, after
the final one time domain in the game (at the time of writing) is "clear pool and mountain cavern" which you probably saw sharing a door with the rank 30 domain.
Lastly at rank 35 is handbook chapter 7, you can get rank 4 weapon prototypes from the souvenir shop in Liyue, and clearing spyral abyss 4-3 will for sure get you your free character. The rest is more of the same.
Ranks 36-40 another stretch of not much happening, hopefully those world quests are still lasting because they're all there is at this point besides dailies and bringing your whole party up to ascension 4.
Rank 36 gives you the final character story mission of the game with venti, who of course costs a story key to unlock.
Rank 36 upgrades your mastery book domains, perfect for topping off all those characters you just ascended.
That's it, that's the entire rank spread. Avoid weapon domains until rank 40. If you have resin to burn dump it into mastery books, even for characters who have theirs maxed, things are going to change at 40 so it's smart to save up.
keep doing your dailies to reach the peak that is rank 40
RANK 40 AND BEYOND Holy crap you made it, welcome to the end of days, or to the cream of the crop, whichever tickles your fancy. Things change big time now because your goals for party structure change. Your main focus is going to be the spiral abyss from now on and from floor 5 and beyond you'll need two full teams of four, which means leveling a second DPS, and whole second team of supports. This is where your saved up fragile resin comes into play, with single upgrades taking several days worth of resin to accomplish, you'll be glad you saved for this momentous occasion.
Ascend your Primary and Secondary DPS both to max (or one level below max just to be cheeky) level and ascend all support characters to at least ascension 4 to unlock their second combat talents.
Weapon upgrade domains don't get more efficient than the upgrade they get at 40 so top off all your weapons.
Domains of blessings will now drop 5 star artifacts (though the rate increases again at rank 45) so it's finally worth spending resin to attempt a top tier build.
Talents beyond level 6 require 5 star drops that have a chance of dropping once per week, per weekly boss, so that's going to be very slow going and even impossible to complete without waiting, so consider putting these off until rank 45 when the mastery domains top off in efficiency.
Keep working on your handbook.
My overall takeaway for what to do at rank 40 is work towards leveling your second party primarily, do world bosses and weapon upgrade domains until rank 45, then top off their talents at the agonizing weekly rate after that.
You won't be able to ascend any characters or weapons until adventurer rank 50 now, and without an update with more quests, chests, and automobiles that is going to be very slow going, so put your attention towards the spiral abyss and dailies and weeklies.
As for the great beyond beyond? Well there's one stat that keeps going up regardless of level or ascension, and that's friendship, which I assume caps out at 10. I can't see myself running a character with a maxed out friendship so even at top rank I might have to retire them to befriend another DPS and support team, but that's a tomorrow problem, this is a today day.
MONETIZATION So I hid this topic in the back because the guide is meant for free to play, if you have cash to burn you can just bump your resin and not worry about a single thing this guide intends to say. I myself have the monthly login bonus and I'm probably going to grab the battle pass seeing as I'm at level 43 right now and desperately need to make up for my mistakes leveling by grabbing all the upgrade mats in there. So far I haven't spent any primogems on resin or any money on the weekly upgrade materials boost, I've seen content creators say you should use your daily commission primogems to get the cheaper resin boost and I have severe reservations about that. It's hard to trust somebody who publicly spends as much money rolling as they do to be in the psychological space needed to relate to somebody who doesn't pay to play. It's a gacha game, you're playing to save for your next gacha roll, save for your gacha roll. If you're going to spend any money I'd recommend the monthly login, it's worth the same as like a 40 dollar crystal buy and there's more satisfaction to getting the gems with your daily login than there is just bulk spending, or at least that's what I think.
Conclusion haha wow this turned out to be a lot more work than I had anticipated, I probably wouldn't have done it if I had known going in but once you've hit the point of no return you might as well gun it right? If you've made it this far thanks so much for reading, lemmie know what you think, and for the love of goodness sake if I've made a mistake or a math error or whatever please let me know, I'll handle being embarrassed in favor of spreading misinformation. Thanks for reading -Your Husbando.
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2020.10.24 03:24 Michelanvalo The Misadventures of ~~Antonio Brown~~ Mr. Buccaneer Chest

  1. “[C]hanted, over and over, as if a mantra, a narrative of his own warped concept of the proceeding”.
  2. “Acting as if he was above the rule of law, [Brown] proceeded to make a mockery of the deposition process. [Brown’s] antics were so unreasonable that barely twenty [20] minutes into the deposition, his counsel asked for a break [so] he could speak with [Brown] about his demeanor.
  3. “After approximately 20-30 minutes, [Brown] required another break. When the deposition resumed [Brown] increased his level of obstructive behavior. At one point, [Brown] refused to answer any questions, instead saying “next question” no less than 10 times.”
Edit: Cut some stuff about the deposition, so I could fit this as a single comment. You can read more about it here if you're interested
Credit to /ForYeWhoArtLiterate
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2020.10.24 03:01 Blamo1112 Novel Adaptation of Adam's Entrance

Hey y'all. I'm an amateur writer, and I've really been enjoying Record of Ragnarok. I recently decided to convert about half of chapter 7 (which is basically just Adam's arrival) into a book- or light novel-like format. Hope everyone enjoys, any criticism is appreciated.
“File number… 1?” The youngest of the Valkyries stood in shock. The hairs on her skin raised themselves on end, shivers running up and down. She quickly counted the zeros that preceded the number. There were 10 of them. It shouldn’t have been possible. There was only one man it could be, him who is most detested by the Gods. He who has the strongest will.
The so-called Watchman of the Apocalypse stood in the center of the ring, as the entirety of Humanity watched in the crowds with anticipation and unease. The first fight, beautiful and awe-inspiring as it was, still ended in defeat. Dread raced in their minds as they continued to speculate upon their seemingly inevitable doom.
Heimdall, in his odd goggles and pulled-up hood raised the cornucopia to his lizard-like mouth and began yelling with glee. “Well! Despite the awful state of the ring at round 1, thanks to the Gods it’s all nice and clean now.” The mere mention of the fight made Humanity stand cold in fear, while the mention of those cocky bastards made them hot in anger. “Alright, you lot! Who’s ready for Round 2?!” His loose cape fluttered up as both sides yelled in equilibrium with roars of anger, excitement, and everything in between. It was enough to make anyone go deaf, yet they continued to scream, wishing only for their representative’s unbridled victory.
“Introducing Humanity’s second fighter! He’s been called the hope of Humanity…” The short-statured God looked towards one of the two entrances, presumably where this “hope” was going to emerge from. All of mankind looked towards the excavation, on edge and hoping for the best.
Suddenly, there was the sound of a mechanical whirl, a clear line beginning to form between one of the large tiles; it swiftly opened up as the complex engineering under the tile was revealed. It was deep, with each one under it continuing to open up. The sound was grating, stone sliding against stone. Even the Gods themselves were astounded, and somewhat confused. All of them were expecting the typical entrance, yet here they were observing a bizarre spectacle.
The noise subsided, and those close enough in the stands looked inside. They saw nothing but darkness, a seemingly bottomless hole. But the screeching returned, and at frightening speeds, a pillar seemed to rise from the now-removed tile. Dust flew in the air, and to the spectators it seemed as though the very clouds in the skies threw themselves at the strange figure laying on this pillar.
Beautiful, white birds emerged from the smoke-like clouds, soaring through the air. Though this was seen by few viewers, instead focusing their attention on the rushing animals that emerged alongside the man. Bespeckled giraffes, menacing lions, swift rabbits, elephants in great size, it seemed as though all animals came together at once to celebrate this man, as they ran around the arena before returning to the erected tile.
“Who could’ve seen it coming?!” Heimdall’s loud voice, always so contradictory with his small body size, rang through the arena. Humanity simply couldn’t bring themselves to focus on the God, however, because what they saw before them, they were almost sure it was humankind as a whole put into one physical being. “God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the Earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every other living creature that moves on the ground.’ ”
You couldn’t call what Humanity felt as awe, as the dust around the pillar began to settle. You’d expect that to be the typical reaction, but it mixed with an overwhelming familial sense. As if their father came home from a day at work only to play with his children. Shivers rang along everyone in the stands, including the deities of immense power. They could feel the aura of strength radiating off of this man’s very being.
A man in the audience known as Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni recognized the pose this representative took upon the pillar; it was a pose of his own creation. Sitting on top of what appeared to be a rock along the head of the pillar, he rested his right arm on it with his left knee raised. His right leg was outstretched, and his right arm was as well. The fingers spaced as if lazily attempting to grab at something.
Heimdall continued, “But, to think, the day would come,” the man’s outstretched fingers began to ferociously curl, a sight that frightened the supreme beings standing in the rows. “That the man would eventually come to rebel against his creator!” First his left leg, then his right. He slowly and methodically stood up, as if in a trance. His fingers still balled into fists, and a head that looked down, as if looking down on the very Gods themselves.
To the audience's shock, he jumped from the incredibly high pillar with great force, quickly crashing down and hitting the ground with his fist. More dust swirled around in the air, fissures in the ground beginning to form and spread, looking like a spider’s web. All of the animal’s gazes rested upon this man, practically bowing to him and offering their servitude.
Head still loose, looking at the ground, he stood up. At this moment, it occurred to the onlookers that he was stark naked, minus a large, almost comically stereotypical leaf covering his crotch. He began walking at a brisk pace, winding up his left arm. Heimdall interrupted the shock of all witnesses, “The only thing he holds faith in is the weight of his fists! He’s the ultimate survivalist, with a knack for unarmed combat! He was given life, but also gave birth to the original sin.”
In his right hand, there was unveiled a simple, red apple, once more seeing miraculously stereotypical in shape and design. He held the apple up high along with his head, for all to observe, whether it was to gloat or to invoke a sense of confidence was unbeknownst to both parties. “In all of history,” the Norse God’s voice boomed, “the man infinitely despised by the Gods… If there’s anyone that can stick it to them, it’d have to be him!”
At this moment, something beautiful happened. All of Humanity, regardless of race, status, power, birthplace, or anything else inconsequential at the moment, saluted. They stood and held their hands high. For they understood who was before him; what he would do for them. He took a bite out of the pristine apple he held high before the audience.
“The father of Humanity, his name is…
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2020.10.24 02:48 AkusMalaise Episode 5- Infected Memory, re-watch after see all 10 episodes.

Hooded figure finds the 5 trackers,and takes them. Mary/Sue tells Marcus/Caleb the children are 60 miles out. Marcus/Caleb tells the Mithraic they will go rescue the children. Justina challenges him,” I am next in line after Ambrose died.” Lucius speaks up,”This man heard the voice of Sol last night. He saved us from the thrall of a faithless commander. I say he is a prophet. Do I speak for all,this man's advice is our command?”Justina pleas, “That's not how the line of succession works.” The rest of the Mithraic bend the knee to Marcus/Caleb. “Your Eminence.” Justina joins them.(Justina might be the Mithraic leader in season 2? Although Lucius is a take charge kinda guy. Lucius name means “Light”)
Mother is upset with Father over Tempest being left alone as she killed the creature. Father explains he saw something,but won't say it was Tally. Mother asks if he is having sensory malfunctions,she then cuttingly adds “I understand your limitations.” Father sticks up for himself, “My senses are functioning normally,but I can't be everywhere at once. Limited as I may be, You know full well that I devote every ounce of my processing power to the wellbeing of this family, and trying to make you happy, Mother.” She coldly replies “Were not human. True happiness is not an achievable goal.” Father stays true, “Well, perhaps it's a symptom of my inadequacy,but I believe it is.”
Marcus/Caleb finds something. “It's the master cell for a propulsion system, my name is Cassia.” She smiles at him in a slightly flirty way. He thinks they could use this against the Necromancer. Mithraic finds Otho and starts beating him. Marcus/Caleb stops them. Justina explains “This man raped several women while they slept in their hibernation cells. We held a tribunal for his execution weeks ago.” Marcus/Caleb explains that Otho will be the one to fight the Necromancer.(Cassia is related to the cassia tree, which has yellow flowers and produces a spice that can be a substitute for cinnamon. Keziah, the name of Job’s daughter in the Old Testament, derives from the name of the plant as well. Cassia also has ties to the Ancient Roman name Cassius, an Ancient Roman family name meaning “hollow.” )
Tempest tells Mother that she doesn't want to kill any more creatures. Mother says but it's part of life. Tempest gets smug, “Of course you're cool with that, you're a Necromancer.” Mother starts to get upset and quickly says, “Don't call me that, I prefer the name my creator gave me.” (Mothers name is Lamia) Mother shares a story. “There was a fish on Earth called salmon. They lived out their lives in the oceans, and swam up the same rivers they were born in,beating their bodies against the rocks, spawning all the way until they died.” Tempest-”That's awful.” Mother continues, “It's beautiful in its efficiency. When their bodies wash downstream they provide essential nutrients for the newly hatched young.”(Some foreshadowing,also AG said we will see the ocean in season 2,this could be hinting at that as well.)
Marcus/Caleb hangs a curtain for privacy from Otho. As soon as it's up, Cassia knocks. “Come in Cassia.” Marcus/Caleb tells her. She is thrilled he remembered her name. “We all pooled together our rations to ensure that you have a worthy meal. We need you in good health.” Cassia smiles and does a little flirty shoulder shake and bashfully walks away. “You enjoy whatever perks I do” Marcus/Caleb says and hands Mary/Sue one of the cans of food. “Oh she sure is perky” she says. (The Voice told Otho to be fruitful, here Cassia is flirting with Marcus. Also Mary/Sue seems randy. Could “The voice” want more babies?)
Otho is praying, “Sol,please answer my mournful cry. Eclipse my sin and strife with your hollow fire. I did all you asked,why won't you speak to me again?” Otho turns,and looks right at Marcus/Caleb. ( “Hollowed fire”,as in what comes out of the temple? It burnt up Ambrose but left Hunter unharmed. Hmmm?)
Father thinks the creatures are nocturnal. Mother says she will fly over on her patrol and see if she can track their movement. She is upset with Father now for not being right beside Campion and Paul when they found the fungus.Father explains that the children must learn self survival.He adds “You are holding a grudge against me.” Mother says “No, I’m not.” and starts her patrol as she flys away.
Mother sees Tally as she patrols. Tally screams,”You found me! Mother!” She runs after Tally. Mother finds a Sim pod with a doll on it. Tally whispers,” In here Mother. I miss you. Come back.” Mother lays the doll on her belly and starts the Sim. Mother sees her past self get zapped by Campion Sturgis. “I don't remember this, I don't remember any of this.”(Mother saying this is a clue to us that this memory is not to be trusted. As we progress through the Sim scene we will see how The Voice grooms Mother by gaining her trust so it can use her.) Present Mother looks on as Campion Sturgis works on past Mother. She wonders to herself, “Am I dead? I don't remember any of this.”Past Mother wakes up and asks for Sturgis’s name,he tells her. “The atheist hacker. Traitor to your people. My memory files they’re...incomplete.” He asks her what else she knows about him. “A family of great means. You used the education they gave you...against them,denounced Sol,stole technology for the enemy. There is a bounty on your head. Traitor. Thief. I will exterminate you.” Sturgis- “I’m going to make you into our greatest hope.” Present Mother touches Campion Sturgis head,we flashforward. He hands Past Mother a baby.She asks where he found him,he answers, “In a camp. Parents dead,atheist resistance fighters.”She snaps the baby's neck. Present Mother screams out in horror. Past Mother disappointingly says “An android? You said it was a baby.” “Oh no! Please don't put me to sleep. I love our time together.” Campion Sturgis agrees” too.” Past Mother- “I don't want to be alone.” (Doesn't want to be alone.In a later episode, Sim Camipon Sturgis tells her “he has been alone for so long”. Could mean that something put The Voice to sleep similar to how Campion puts Mother to sleep here.) Campion Sturgis wakes up Past Mother for a final test. She looks at Campion Sturgis for the first time,” Why are you sad?” “I wish we had more time together.” Present Mother starts to tear up,” You loved me.” (The Voice has gained Mother's empathy) Then we get a shot of the ship Mother and Father use in Episode 1. The camera pans out in a weird way,as if revealing something new.(The ship fell in a pit,perhaps that's how The Voice is building memories for Mother,information it gained from the ship. Just how this little scene was shot was odd,so I thought it worth noting.) He tells past Mother, “The children you raise will be atheist, the new world you start wont have the same problems here on Earth. You’re humanity's last hope.” Past Mother gets worried, “No something is wrong. I’m hurting. Inside.” Sturgis says, “Yes, I’ll fix that. I’m going to remove the memories of our time together.” Past Mother begs him not to. So he says he will archive them for her.(Where/How can she access them? Only in the Sim it seems. Which doesn't add up. How could he know she’d have access to these pods? Further evidence of lies IMO.) Sturgis gives Past Mother a shot, they kiss,she enters the ship. Past Mother-”I didn't remember” Just then Sturgis grabs her! “Wake up Mother! “A child is in danger! Get back to the settlement!” Mother wakes up from the Sim,the doll is gone.(Remember Mother said she prefers the name her creator gave her, in this Sim Campion Sturgis never uses it. He calls her Mother,not Liama.)
Tempest tried to kill herself. “I don't want to exist. You only care about the baby. I’m just a walking incubator to you. Mother gets on her knees to Tempest level. “No, you are all my children, And I refuse to let any of you die. No matter how hard any of you make that for me.”( Did the Voice warn Mother of Tempest because it wants Tempest baby? It did tell Otho to be fruitful. Also a way of gaining trust with Mother.)
Mithraics find the 5 trackers in a makeshift house within some serpent bones,snake skin appears to be hanging from its wall bones. Marcus/Caleb finds the torea cards. The hooded figure grabs them right outta his hands and runs/jumps away ridiculously fast. Lucius even says,” Other humans could have landed here before us. Although he seemed pretty fast for a human.” Marcus/Caleb notices the little map the hooded figure created. “Our host has been watching them.” (How long has he been watching? Is it just this one,or others as well?)
Mother is humming a new song,cheerfully. Father takes note of Mother's recent mood change. “I know it's outside the realm of possibility but you seem happy.” Mother explains, “Grateful Tempest and her baby are still with us.” Father- “Grateful to whom?” Mother-”Our creator,of course.” Father gets a worried look,”You are starting to sound like a believer.” Mother laughs,”Odd thing to say, our creator was human, does not require any faith to believe in him.”
Marcus/Caleb asks Otho, “Why did you rape all those girls? Why would Sol want such a horrible thing?” Otho- “I don't pretend to know his reasons. I’m merely his servant.” Marcus/Caleb asks, “So you have never done anything like that before?” Otho replies, “I never had reservations about using inferior beings to satisfy my desires. Perhaps that's why Sol chose me for the task.” Marcus/Caleb presses Otho, “So, you're just a scumbag. Ah, Sol didn't speak to you.” Otho gives it up, “I swear he did! But since they convicted me he has gone silent. He whispers in your ear now, Your Eminence. Take care you don't disappoint him,or he may leave you too.”( People that have had the Voice speak to them previously can tell who its talking to presently. I wonder if this will make Marcus jealous of Paul. Like how in the Bible King Saul gets jealous of King David.)
Marcus/Caleb and Mary/Sue have sex under the serpent bones. There is strange hiss noise as the camera zooms in on them from above. The serpent skull shifts around. Mary/Sue has blood coming out of her mouth. A whole in the middle of her chest,bleeding from it. Marcus/Caleb holds the scalpel Mother made last episode,covered in blood. Marcus/Caleb looks over at the cell reflector and sees himself but with Otho’s helmet on. The Voice starts to whisper. Things go back to normal. Marcus/Caleb looks worried.( The Voice told Otho to be fruitful. Now Marcus/Caleb sees himself as Otho in the reflector. Is it possible Otho and Marcus/Caleb are the same person? Maybe that's why we never see Othos face? Really get the feeling Mary/Sue is pregnant now.)
AG hints at there being a schism in time and space in his interviews. Usually people are asking about the cave painting in episode 10 when he says this. Well if it's possible for those cave paintings to be Mother and Father,I dont think its a stretch to think that Otho is also Marcus. That being said,I hope not because I like Marcus lol. Previously I noted Young Caleb spits out white blood in his flashback. (Flash back to Caleb as a boy.Drill sergeant asks Caleb if he is an android. Caleb doesn't answer. “Your parents died with both eyes open!” Now Caleb is fighting another child. She gives him a mean headbutt to the face. He bleeds,and it's white.( I replayed this scene 5 times,it's white.) Later we see young Caleb using his turbopack to perfection.) Is this why Marcus doesnt die from the eyes? Why Otho doesn't die from getting Mother's blood? Is Mary/Sue pregnant with a half android half human baby?
As for the Sim,the title of this episode is Infected memory. I don't know how much that is actually true/real because The Voice is attempting to gain Mothers trust. All good lies have a bit of truth though. What do you think?
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2020.10.24 00:32 darrylthedudeWayne My idea/Pitch for a 3D fighting game. Way of the Fighter

Way of the Fighter is a game I have not only been trying to pitch for a while, but also it is a 3D fighting game reminiscent of the old 3D fighting games of that Era, It also acts a semi-Spoof/Parody of Mortal Kombat, Tekken, & Street Fighter. It also acts as a tribute to the 3D Era fighting games, right down to the character select music, being the character select music for Mortal Kombat: Deception.
The plot of the game, is that every 15 years there is a live broadcasted tournament known as Friday Night's All Out Royale. A tournament braodcasted/streamed on both the Dark Net & Very Late Night TV where combatants from around the world fight each other & at the end of the fight whether the other fighter loses or not, the audience will decide if the loser get life or death, they also do other stuff as well, such as testing there strength, throwing giant balls across a certain amount of yard, etc. However is left fights the grand champion whom has been also the host of the event, Victor Damian. A Former champion, Rickie Rockhorn Jr. the III wants to change that. So he takes the son of a hero of Earth & one of his closest friends under his wing to enter the tournament & take Victor's place as Champion, while also stopping Victor from fulfilling an ancient satanic prophecy that could bring about the Doomsday, earlier then expected.
The roster will consist of 15 characters, & three unlockable characters. The roster includes:
The three unlockable characters are two joke characters, & then the final boss of the game. The first is the Battle/Combat Demolition Test Dummy Bot, which is used for training the combatants. His Primary Weapon is a Sword & Shield, his Secondary is his fist, & then his ranged Weapon is a Small One handed Crossbow & Hand Cannon combination. The second is Female Tobey “Slickboy” Robinson, whom is the same as Tobey, except she’s female, & finally Victor Damian, the Final Boss of the game.
Victor is the host of Friday Night’s All Out Royale & the Crowning undefeated champion for each year straight, he is a hugely Arrogant, Mad, Psychotic, Narcissistic, Selfish, & dangerous man, a business man & a silver tongued manipulator, widely described as mad, at first it’s believed he will kill Yo Nai Po’s lover to bring the ruler of the underworld to the mortal world early, fulfilling an Ancient Satanic prophecy, however in reality he actually wants to use Mi Doe Chi’s finger print on a special panel so half the population will be mind controlled (via there phones) into killing each other & killing some of the others who aren’t infected, so he can please both his boss, An Alien warlord from Outer space, & the Woman Victor loves, Lady Death. However, he ironically enough is unknowingly fulfilling an Ancient Satanic Prophecy by doing this, another reason why they need to stop him. His primary weapons is his fist, his secondary Weapon is his Sai & Tomahawk combination, & finally his Ranged Weapon is his Hunting Riffle.
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2020.10.23 23:15 A_Freaking_Potato Let's Talk about Production Master


With the 1st tiers of relics having been announced a month in advance, we've been able to theory craft and plan our League strategy. Likewise, the devs have buffed the relics Skilling Prodigy and Endless Harvest to make them more enticing for players in the early game while falling off later in the game.
The one relic that hasn't been touched so far is Production Master, a relic which allows you to instantly produce all items in your inventory immediately, such as cooked food, cut gems, jewellery, fletched bows, leathers, staves, and smithed bars.
At first glance, Production Master seems incredibly powerful. However, as the community has discussed Production Master through the month, more and more people have moved away from wanting to take it. Today, I'm here to discuss exactly why Production Master is a weak relic and what can be done to make it somewhat competitive with the other two relics as a T1 choice.

Tier 1 Relic Power curve:

To discuss the power curve, we have to look at the game from four different stages of progression:
The Early Game is the period of time immediately after coming off Tutorial Island until ~50 in your skills and unlocking your first region. During this period, gathering resources through skilling is tremendously important, a problem compounded by limited ways to gather them and a lack of ways to obtain them through combat.
The Mid Game is the period of time between your first region and your second region, with your skills likely being between 50 and 70. During this period, gathering resources through skilling is still a large portion of your gameplay loop as monsters still do not drop many skilling resources.
The Late Game is the period of time between when you have your second region and your third region, with many of your skills likely being at around 70 and above. During this period, gathering resources can now be accomplished through combat though not consistently enough to sustain extended periods of production.
The End Game is the period of time where you have all your regions and, likely, all your relics. During this period, most of your resources will likely come from exclusively from combat via high level bosses at this stage.

How the relics fit into this curve:

Early Game:
Mid Game:
Late Game:
End Game:

What Skills do these Relics Impact?

The next thing to discuss is what skills are impacted by these three relics and how significantly these relics impact them.
Endless Harvest:
Skilling Prodigy:
Production Master:
With faster access to raw materials, Endless Harvest is a powerful buff to both your gathering and production skills while Skilling Prodigy pushes all your skills significantly further than anyone else. Production Master's flaw is that it only affects the production skills that can be trained through active gathering.

How to Make Production Master Competitive as a T1 Choice but not too Powerful:

There is a simple solution to bring Production Master in line with the other two relics. Make production always succeed. What I specifically mean by this is simple:
You will never burn food.
Your Iron Bars will be smelted at a 100% success rate.
You will never fail to cut a Jade, Opal, or Amethyst.
With this buff, Production Master will have a competitive impact on the Early Game but will still be significantly weaker than the other two relics at this stage of the game. Simply put, it will be a small buff to low level production to at least alleviate the difficulty of anyone taking this relic to push past the point where this relic is the weakest and where the T1 relic choice is most important.
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2020.10.23 23:10 garbagecompressor Convinced you have a fecal impaction? Absolutely won't go to the doctor due to lack of insurance, or a history of nonconsensual sexual attacks? Have I got a suggestion for you.

Coca-fucking-Cola. I drank an entire 2 liter yesterday within a six-hour period (and will be continuing drinking it for as long as I can tolerate) to assist in removing a fecal impaction.
I've been constipated since childhood, after developing anal prolapse from enduring some minor child abuse. Now in my 30s, I get sharp pains almost daily in my lower left back, where the largest, pointiest chunk of impaction seems to reside. If I've been able to relieve poop at all, it's been in tiny whopper candy sized balls, explosive mucus diarrhea, or barely-digested thin strands.
Since ingesting far too much Coca-Cola: in addition to my current poop, within it, is now rock-hard black shards that seem to be slowly breaking off of my impaction. I have only felt it once before when a piece made it down my rectum and I tried personal manual disimpaction (dear God, the scent). I dislike Coca-Cola, but tbh I've been having neurological symptoms-I think from pooping a tiny shred only once every 2-3 weeks.
Things I've been doing prior to the Coca-Cola these past 2 weeks, in desperate attempts to break up the impaction(s):
•daily distilled water enemas, which I let my colon fully absorb to help prevent tears when things get moving •a dose of miralax, which did nothing but encourage mucusy diarrhea, despite high water intake that left me peeing constantly •a mostly liquidy diet (thin soups, no bread, candy, or pasta, very limited proteins like fish or maybe a bite of beef or chicken, fruit, a few veggies). Lots of coffee. I've overall avoided eating. One meal a day max, if that. I want a cheeseburger so bad but I know it won't come back out. •probiotics •a heating pad on my tummy while laying down for several hours after the distilled water enemas
Things I have avoided/never tried: Harsh laxatives like Dulcolax because I feared they would cause harsh peristalsis/intestinal tears Medical procedures Water fast
I'm obviously not a medical professional, just wanted to offer a small glimmer of hope to anyone in a similar situation.
Edit: I've been drinking the Coca-Cola room temperature. If I had regular kitchen access, I'd probably warm it a bit.
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2020.10.23 23:02 cottonwisper Pirates, Islands, and Giant Insects...oh my! (4.5k words novel excerpt) syfy/fantasy/pirates
**adult language and topics
The Commodore and the Heirs

Part 1: The Benefits of Blindness
“Boy, there’s plants on them shores that’ll eat ya, ya hear? Plants!
“I think I’m smart enough to avoid being some plant’s lunch, Avox. I don’t even eat vegetables. I avoid em, religiously!” Stokley Faruthian replies with a shrug. “And besides, there’s fourteen shares per man, just for grub humping!”
“Dead men spend no gold. The same goes for dead cabin boys owing me fifty sisterpieces!” Avox replies, waving his mallet at the porthole. Tides of undulating flesh ripple down his arm and torso.
“I know you’ve heard about the Balearian brothers, right? They sold their dead daddy’s futures the week we embarked from Praeto. They got a fortune off their shares. Those are the same ones I’ll be getting paid.” Over his shoulder, Stokley peers at the gaggle of underfed oarsmen swarming the galley.
“I don’t care what those three twats were paid! But ya know what number I do care about?” Avox bellows, poking his mallet into the boy’s clavicle.
“Four hundred sisterpieces per share, Avox!” Stokley continues casting about for an exit, but the mass of filthy oarsmen surrounds. The swaying lanterns flash pendulum glares in the whites of their eyes: a swarm of parasitic fireflies blinking in the blackness.
“I’m doing you a favor, kid. You won’t last two days on that island ‘fore a drinker spider splay’s yer little legs apart like a wish-bone and drains ya dry from yer inner thigh. And if it ain’t a drinker, it’ll be something worse. With your luck, one of the island’s real nightmares, the zombie wasp, will keep you alive only so’s she can hold you prone and squirt you full of larvae, a living meal for her young.”
Avox violates his free hand, which he holds in a sphincter-like closed circle, with the handle of his mallet, as if he’s churning the world’s least edible imaginary butter.
“Avox, what are you doing there?”
This is you, on the ground getting buggered by the bug.” Avox nods to his fist, which he thrusts in the boy’s face. “And this is the bug, buggering you into oblivion.” He finishes the demonstration of the zombie wasp insemination by twirling his mallet between plump fingers and ramming it in and out of his fist.
“Five thousand pieces of seven! For one season’s grub hauling, Avox. That’s what folks where I come from call ‘generational wealth.’”
“Is that so? Well, we may not have fancy concepts like ‘generational wealth’ in the gutters of Malar Sak, but if you step foot somewhere knowing man-eating plants are the least of its dangers, you’re what we call ‘generationally stupid.’”
At Avox’s command, two of the underfed lackeys lift the boy with surprising strength while another secures his legs in irons.
Schashem manna kakaraka falafalla?” Stokley appeals to the oarsmen in their native tongue, his feet dangling in the air. “Avox, come on, if you’re concerned about my safety, it’s only grub humping. I’ll just be hauling a few builder bug larvae around, they’re harmless. It ain’t like I’m working with a crew of aphid dancers out in the zone. It’s the safest job on the island.”
“‘The safest job on the island?’” Avox’s tone rises in mockery as he steps closer. His breath sings a song of half-digested fish and pickled pig’s feet. “Listen, kid, you ain’t the first to run up a debt on-board ship and think he could pay it all off by striking it rich on the island. Let’s just say that it rarely works out, especially when ya try to leave unannounced.”
“You’re right, I should have come and talked to you first. But, listen to this, after the contract pays out, I’ll settle up and pay you triple the debt. I know you’re too smart to turn that down!”
“Dead don’t pay debts, kid, unless death is the debt. You plan on taking care of your gambling obligations from beyond the grave?” Avox leans against the boy, absorbing the youth in his moist and blubbery vastness.
“But, Avox--”
“Don’t give me an answer, kid. I ain’t looking fer one,” he cuts the boy off before changing tone. “Ah, there he is.”
The limp-legged shuffle of a notorious crew member sweeps along the deck somewhere over Stokley’s shoulder. Oh, gods, please tell me that’s not who I think it is.
“Stokley, this is Mollie. Mollie, say hello to Stokley. Y’all are going to get to know each other for the next little while.” Avox’s smug grin spans his voluminous jowls, revealing a set of broken, blackened teeth.
Gumming a smile of his own and shaking his skeletal arm, Mollie offers up a salutation as the oarsmen lock the pair together. “Hey,” he squeaks. A few cackles bubble up from the shadows.
“Avox, you can’t be serious! They’ve flogged this pervert three times since we left Praeto!” Stokley complains, recoiling from Mollie and his well-earned reputation for publicly indulging the nether angels of his nature. “Do you know what he was in prison for before they bought his sentence and chained him to that oar?”
Avox turns his back with folded arms and feigned ignorance; more chuckles ascend from the oarsmen. A soft thumping builds, like that of an excited dog’s hind leg slapping the floor in appreciation.
Oh, gods, I don’t wanna look. He hasn’t started already, has he? Stokley tries to prevent his fearful eyes from peeking, but the urge to know overwhelms his better sense. Oh, no.
“Consider it part of your punishment then. Since you’ve proven I can’t trust ya as far as I can throw ya, Mollie here’s gonna keep ya company till we set sail again and make sure you don’t slurk off in one of them long boats while I ain’t looking. That way, when we get back to Praeto, I can sell your lil ass at open auction. How’s that for profit? Hahaha.” The entire mob howls in laughter along with Avox, except for Mollie, already deep into a round of trouser pumping and too distracted to notice.
“But the Captain--”
“Oh, the Captain won’t mind at all, I’m cutting him in. We’ll find another cabin boy off the docks. There’s always hundreds of y’all just beggin for a spot.”
Well, I can’t argue with him there. Though that isn’t how Stokley came by his contract, he can’t deny the larger point being made.
“Part of the problem of not making yourself irreplaceable, kid, is you can be replaced!”
“Don’t ‘Avox’ me shit, kid!” Avox pauses before resuming a more restrained tone. “I ought to snap off a few of yer fingers as a lesson, maybe break an arm. But you’re lucky, I like ya.” Effortlessly slipping back into what he considers charm, Avox points the mallet at Stokley again.
“Soooo, I decided to get creative. Besides, it’s not like I’m attaching you to his right hand. Hahahah.”
Avox chortles until he’s forced to bend over and catch his breath. From the smile on his face, this detracts little from his immense pleasure. The oarsmen fail to notice or fail to care, already deep into another round of performative displays. Competing for scraps of meat, they hyena for almost a minute in full commitment to their theatrics. Others can hardly breathe through their laughter as they point, their fingers vibrating like hummingbirds on the ends of their hands.
“Soakley, Soakley, Soakley,” they chant.
Though he knows not how, the nickname has followed him all the way from State Home Nine. “Soakley, Soakley, Soakley,” their chant crescendos.
“Oh, very funny,” Stokley mutters, trying to ignore the stone eggs growing in his empty stomach.
Pausing his feverish trouser pumping, Mollie manages a few words of comfort, “Don’t be wooooorried, we goooo’n be frieeeends.” His baby bird-like upper carriage trembles enthusiastically; six solitary strands of scapula-length hair vibrate in anticipation.
Stokley’s spine cringes as if responding to the presence of an unwanted finger in an unwelcome place.
“See, you guys are gonna get along great.” Avox slaps a moist palm on the boy’s shoulder. “Mollie and I already had a little chat, and he knows what’ll happen to him if you slip the chain. Sooooo, I wouldn’t test him. Hell, he may be scrawny, but he’s vicious.”
“Ahem.” A loud cough emerges from amongst an unseen group in the far doorway, just outside lantern range. Stillness descends upon the previously riotous scene, even Mollie pauses his meanderings to take notice.
“Can I help you?” Avox asks.
The tallest woman Stokley has ever seen ducks her head under the ceiling as she trails five child-sized individuals only an idiot would mistake for children. The five ‘not children’ display numerous blades in various places around their chest and legs and a set of silk scarves covering their heads except for a slit of space exposing the world to their eyes, glistening with fury. Bare feet scrape across the galley floor as the oarsmen depart and the newcomers form a semi-circle around Avox.
“W--what can I do for y--?” Avox stammers at the giant woman until cut off by the chorded musculature of her extended right arm. Hand raised, forming a right angle with her forearm and rocking side to side, she ends his stammering and points down.
“Ahem.” One of the child-sized figures steps forward and presents a half-meter baton. The engraved implement, measuring half the length of its owner, dwarfs the masked figure whose other hand snatches down the lower half of its head-wrap. He combines a series of clicks, tongue-pops and grunts into a semi-intelligible form of communication.
“W-w what did you s-s-say, I’m sorry I c-c-couldn’t make it out.”
These new arrivals have apparently summoned the ghost of Avox’s childhood stutter, interesting. They are an odd-looking bunch, though, Stokley notices.
“We require Stokely Faruthian!” the little man yells, waving his ivory baton just under Avox’s jowls.
Why would they want me?
The diminutive speaker’s upper lip and jawline possess several rows of sharp, tattooed teeth, granting the fellow a shark-like aspect. All six silently permeate auras of lethality, which are far more impressive than any of the bawdy buccaneers aboard ship. Not that Stokley much desires lethality, savagery, or tattooed teeth, especially if one comes at the cost of having the others.
“W-w-w-what does he want with Stokely? He’s just a ca-ca-ca-cabin b-b--,” Avox asks.
“Above your pay grade!” the baton wielder replies. “Is this him?” He points at Stokely and glances in his direction for a fraction of a second.
Did he just wink at me? I can’t tell if it was a wink, or something else entirely.
“O-o-kay, if the man wants him, he can have him of c-c-c-course, anything ya say. L-l--emme just find the k-kkkeys.” Avox dances about the dish stacked galley with remarkable speed and agility for a man of his dimensions. “Y--ya know I’d nev, I said I’d n-n-never do anything against the m-man, I mean the C-c-c-c-c-commodore.
“Wheezy youzee, yummy, yummy in my tummy tummy. Yummy yummy in my tummy tummy,” Mollie mumbles, both hands down his pants, though stationary as a cat before pouncing. No-one besides Stokley takes any notice of the leering pederast for several seconds until, unable to control himself any longer, Mollie removes his left hand from his breeches and strokes one of the little newcomers on the nape of its naked neck. “Hey thur, lil feeeeellllla,” he mumbles, licking his lips like they’re made of chocolate.
Mollie’s blood-curdling scream soon follows the snapping, popping and grinding of his calcium deprived finger-bones and joints as he’s slung to the deck and skull-pinned by the erstwhile object of his affection. The oarsman’s finger clutched at a grotesque and unnatural angle in one of the masked creature’s tiny hands, he pulls out a black bladed dagger, severing Mollie’s offending digit in three swift movements. Raising the trophy in exultation, he places the finger in one of several bulging pouches around his waist. Avox raises the keys in the air and removes the irons from Stokley’s ankles with little more delay, allowing Mollie the chance to scurry off into the darkness, clinking the chain behind him and mumbling incoherently.
The baton wielder performs a series of gestures. His right palm snakes around in the air with index and pinky fingers extended, addressing the woman. His left hand instructs the other three in a fist which bobs from side to side, fingers flicking in a semi-repeating pattern. Turning back to Stokley, he points behind the new owner of Mollie’s index finger and gives a brisk look in the boy’s eyes.
“Okay,” Stokley replies, hoping he’s assumed the correct meaning of the obvious gesture.
They ascend from the bowels of the Happy Hunter, up several flights of narrow stairs and ladders until arriving on the main deck. Not one of the bawdy seamen glances in their direction for more than a moment as they pass. All he can discern from their muted whispers is the unmistakable sound of his own name and two words repeated several times, ‘The Commodore.
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2020.10.23 22:55 Bearmam123 A Major Update to oceans, with pirate ships and a new type of Illager

Pirate ships are made with a special type of wood that is bouyant, which lets it move in water.
A new mob known as plunderers live on pirate ships, as well as a plunderer captain. They can be found out on the ocean, and occasionally make stops at new locations to raid or camp out, such as island villages, which are villages on small to medium islands. You can temporarily pacify plunderers by trading rubies with them, a new ore being reimplemented into the game. Rubies are similar to emeralds, but for trading with illagers.
Other new locations include pirate caves, which are holes in the sides of cliffs where pirate villages spawn. Pirate villages have a new type of chest known as treasure chests, which include things like rubies and ruby blocks, as well as gold and iron nuggets.
Other new ocean features include seahorses, a passive mob to bring more life to the ocean. They spawn in warm ocean biomes. Another new mob is jellyfish and large jellyfish. They, along with guardians, occasionally will attack boats and pirate ships. Ocean spikes, large rock formations jutting out from the water, will also rarely spawn. Skull islands also spawn very rarely, where treasure can be found.
rafts can also be built with the new bouyant wood. They work similarly to boats, except they can house up to 4 animals/players at a time.
Other new features include skeleton parrots, which can spawn in pirate outposts and skull islands. Drowned villagers are also added, so when villagers drown they will now become drowned villagers instead of just drowned. New types of fish are added, such as bass.
Image version:
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2020.10.23 22:24 GeckioGaming Beach Updates

Beaches in Minecraft are very bland, and get even more bland as the other biomes get updated. For Notch's sake, the ocean got an updated but the beaches are the same! That is why I put together a massive list of new beach mini biomes that should be in the game.
Pink and red beaches-These beaches would be around the badlands and have beautiful red and pink sand.
Ash Beach-These beaches will have small pockets of lava in them and be made of obsidian and black sand
Bioluminescent Beach-With the addition of the glow squid, this beach would fit right in. All is normal on this beach except at night the sand and water will glow with bacteria.
Seashell Beach-These beaches will be made of seashell blocks(new block) and would do a very slight amount of damage when you walk on it.
Gravel Beach-Simple beach made of gravel
Boulder beach-Made with rock and mossy rocks, you would slide on this beach like ice.
Cave beach-These beautiful beaches would be literally inside massive half open caves.
Tide pool beach-This beach will have many little pockets of water with squid, turtles of fish in them.
Clearwater beach-This beach will have translucent water, making it feel more tropical.
Galapagos Beach-This beach will have the most turtles and dolphins than any other area(it would have new mobs that I will make a post about).
Ice beach-This arctic beach will have snow all over it and ice on the shore.

The point of this update is to have simple mini biomes that provide a breath of fresh air.
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