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This girl blows my mind and i dont know what to do and im confused and sad

2020.02.21 08:20 Donhonogahoos This girl blows my mind and i dont know what to do and im confused and sad

Alright fellas this is my story, my name is Benni im 19 years old and i got a female friend of mine she is getting 17 this year lets call her "april" cause if she finds this post im kinda screwed.
alright where the hell should i start.
around 6 months ago i met this girl on social media she liked a lot of my memes and she was kinda cute so i followed her on social media, then somehow we got into a conversation because of the game "Destiny 2" and we played it together a lot with her and her boyfriend, yes she got a boyfriend, lets call him "Dik" :), so april and dik were in a relationship since 2 and a half years, and i just came into theyr lifes because of that game and we startet to play a lot with each other, but the 2 lived 700 km appart from me in germany that would be around 430 miles so i promised them that i would come over when i got the money and time to do that because i got an apprenticeship as a trainee and i gotta do that for 3 years and i had a lot to work and a lot to learn in that time, the thing is my last time i had a girlfriend was about 2 years ago, and when i was at a vacation she cheated on me cause she found the gym guy more sexy that me, but thats another story, the thing is because of that and many other heartbreaks i dont open up to people and im always alone because there are realy bad people in that little village where i live and there are mostly eldery perosns only and the other kids only smoke weed do drugs and alk till the ambulance arrives, so im more like the introvert guy that plays games a lot, now the best part is my parents dont like me, both my mom hates me and my stepdad bought her to that, because im just waste of air. and my mom doesnt care about me anything that happens bad or good she doesnt reacts to im just nonexistent air to her. why? you may asking, because im the reason she cant move back to hungary and have a better live because im the reason she moved to germany and now she has got a shit life. but what part is it my fault i just dont understand it.
anyways this was just a summary that im all alone and by my side all the time, i cant open up to people because of trust issues and i dont have a lot of happy moments in my life, until i met april.
we played a lot together and i was always better than her in pvp so i teached her some tricks and showd her some tipps how she can improve and we started talking about personal matter and how her life is going on and that we have almost the same charakter, interests, hobbys and even the same taste in food, films and music, but most of all she understands me, she knows when im sad just with listening to my voice, even when i try to be the happyest person she knows something is up and its the other way around to when she drops hints and stuff i know something is up with her.
and now the story is getting out of hand we started to snap with each other with snapchat and i accidently send her an almost nude well i made it that ists all censored but i wanted to build up muscles and i sent her a pic odf my almsot sixpack all wet from the shower, but i jsut wanted to save that because ive got a galery full of these pictures and im tagging them with day 1, day 2, that i can see the improvement, holy moly i would never send a nude to a girl that i never met in my life..... so the thing is, she replyed with "omg you look hot af" and send me a censored one back.....
at this point ladys and gentlesirs, i dont know what happened but we got into a more intime conversations and talked aboout everything everyday we sent some fun stuff during snapchat, everything was sfw but still she was so pretty and her smile was so cute.
now the time came by and after 4 months i was her best friend and she started talking about her bf Dik who was like the name i gave him, he ignores her, doenst want to play games wiht her and when she feels bad and wants to hang out with him becuae she loves him hes like naah i dont care ima play some more cod with my friends, he cant show her love he only comes around fucks her once a week and thats it, he forgots dates and april then is waiting for him at the cinema or he doesnt even texts her, he even sometimes just forgots to text her back and just leaves it.
Then! Nwe years eve happened, i traveled the 430 miles up to her and stayed for 4 days, i visited her at a party and her bf wasnt there because he"doesnt likes partys" so what happened i chatted a lot with april we made a lot of fun about each other how tall i am and how tiny she is, *im 6f3 she is 4f9* and we looked each other in the eyes for so long and omg shes got beautiful eyes, with a green and gray mix ive never seen something that beautful before, and her smile all this warmth that she gave me all this indirect love that i felt, i fell in love at this oment with her, i openend up my heart for her a time ago and now she even stole it...
but then her bf showed up and hell, he was pissed, he instantly grabbed her and forced her to kiss and she was like iuuuh let me be, and this got on the whole night, he held her tight, slaped her ass all the time i was around and tryed to show domination i dont know.
however the next morning he was playing smash with his buddys there and i was talking with april and she said she was hungry, to her bf, and he doesnt cared he just bumped her away and said"make youreself breakfast stupid" i was speechless man i was like wtf why is he so cold to her, so i grabbed a pan and made everybody pancakes and omg ive never seen april so happy before she even started crying after eating the pancake and she said because, this moment for her was just so precious afterwards. so later on her bf got home and we axplored the capital a but so we went to some places had some fun and i brought her home. as i brought her home we started talking because the train was empthy and i confessed my feelings and sayd that i know that she has a boyfriend but sadly you cant choose in who you fall in love with, and that im sorry for having feelings for her. then she replied the same that she is sorry for having feelings for me but she is in a relationship and she still loves dik.
so after even 2 days she only met me and we were sightseing the city, when we set in the train she always laid her head onto my shoulder and held my hand. and then it happened, we were staing at an escalator and she was a but higher than me so we where on the same hight, and outta nowhere she kissed me, but i quickly moved my hand to my mouth becuase it felt wrong, and i started to cry because i wanted to kiss her back but she has a boyfriend and i felt so bad at that time.
so the 2 days where over and she cryed when i went home again but we stil played a lot together when i got home and talked about a lotta stuff until....
untill a week after newyears eve:
she was cold to me doesnt replyed or just red the messagdes but nothing more she spoke cold to me when i called her didnt wanted to speak with me i "annoyed" her, she never said that to me before never as i had a mental breakdown to what happened she said the a lot of people said that she was getting to close to me and how dares she because she has got a boyfriend and she loves him and he loves her too. so she needed time to kill of the feelings for me, so that she did but i still had feelings for her and we still did those fun snaps and talked like before and she said maybe who knows the future we will one day be together, i planned everything to move to her after 3 years and sayd her that i could wait for her, she is the girl, the woman in my life, that partner that i always wanted, she is the one and i dont want to lose her.
but that was only a lie all was a false hope, she clarified a week ago that she sees me only as a friend and that was all made up so i had some good moments in my life and didnt felt sad and that i should realise that she has a boyfriend that she loves and cares about. but the thing is i could hear out that she wasnt telling the truth i can tell when she is lying and when not, and that what she said was a mix of a lie and the truth, and now i got to the doctor and he said that i got skincancer and its gonna be a surgical removement and she called me and was in tears that she loves me and doesnt want to lose me because im the most precious person in her life.... what should i do im confused and all in tears, i love her, i realy do. this jerk of boyfriend doesnt deserves this beautiful person, why is life so so unfair...
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2019.01.01 23:56 AlexReynard AlexReynard's Top 20 Transformers Of 2018

If I thought last year was a good one for robots, I had no idea the tsunami of bliss that was about to flood my way. HasTak has seriously upped their effort to show the third parties why nothing tops the originals. So although Cyberverse is a buffet of stinking fish, Botbots is pure silly fun; POTP was a kaleidoscope of G1 amigos we thought would be left behind after CW and TR; the Studio Series is a heart-stopping showcase of design, ingenuity, and sculpting; and the Masterpiece line keeps blowing us away (and blowing holes in our wallets). As if all this wasn't enough, BigBadToyStore has been massively discounting older third party figs, and eBay's also blessed me with many a great dirt-cheap deal. (When's the best time to buy an older figure? Two weeks after FansToys releases their version of the same character.) I'm overwhelmed. And if I cheat repeatedly on this list, it's because I literally could not make it any smaller.
20. DX9 Tyrant / Generation Toy Op EX / X-Transbots Eligos
I literally can't decide which of these I like most, or least, so they end up in a three-way tie. All of them are statuesque titans. Imposing to look at, time-consuming to transform, and possessing more than a few flaws. Tyrant's parts scrape against one another. Op EX has a lot of too-loose tabs. Eligos has all that and worse. But damn, they're gorgeous on a shelf.
19. G1 Trypticon
You can tell how good of a year it was that this absolute legend is so low on here. I think I love his sheer WEIGHT in my hands more than anything else. Though his perfect tabs and ratchets make my heart sing too. He's a commanding-yet-loveable presence atop my hard drive, but there's not much else I can do with him. In city mode he takes up even more room!
18. Unique Toys Soundmixer
Overshadowed by KFC's Transistor, I picked up this little guy in BBTS' recent purge of back stock. If you want a Deluxe Blaster that doesn't quite fit any main line's aesthetic but has a seriously fun and clever transformation, he's your man. He stayed on my desk for a long time in the role of fiddle-with-while-watching-videos.
17. Power Of The Primes Orion Pax/Optimus Prime / Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime
I bought these two on the same day and as far as I'm concerned they're an unbreakable set. They both do so much, you can play with them for hours. Pax is a bit wonky, but he suffers so Prime can shine. The designers vanished as much of the trailer's grey as possible to make a robot you could mistake for MP-10. Rodimus' transformation takes more risks but is more inventive (and steals from DX9 Carry in the best ways). But my favorite part is how much the simple, clean Hot Rod makes up for the disappointment I felt from his TR figure.
16. Titans Return Overlord
I pooh-poohed this guy for a long time. I heard plenty of reviewers saying he was weak and inferior to Sky Shadow. But I found him for 1/2 off at a Canadian Toys R Us and said "Why not? He looks cool." And dammit he does. A tower of mighty Decepticon intimidation. His transformation's simple but reminds me of the 'moving big rectangular chunks around' era of late-G1. And the designers put more effort into his base mode than I expected.
(I also bought TR Misfire the same day and he deserves a mention for being pretty great too.)
15. SXS Hot Flame
Considering how ridiculously kibble-free this robot is, it's a miracle it transforms into anything. Yes, Calidus looks better as a car. But Hot Flame has this Jack Skellington silhouette that tips the scales for me. His transformation seemed impossible the first time, then simple once I realized: each limb first, then the torso. And when everything all fits together with that last click in robot mode... Mmmmmmm!!!
14. TFC Toys Rhadamanthus
It's that grin. Look at this cocky asshole. What a bastard. Ugh. I love him. I actually found him at a collectible shop on New Year's Eve last year, but since I'd already done my 2017 list, he was in the running this time around and held out all year long. He's a standard jet transformation with a robot squished underneath, but the shoulder-stretch is a nice touch. Plus he becomes a bust of Liokaiser, so that's nice too. And did I forget to mention his adorable teensy lion/gun/brassiere partner?
13. POTP Outback
I cannot explain this guy's inclusion, aside from me having low expectations and him exceeding them utterly. I skipped Brawn because he looked too simple, but saw Outback in a comic shop and nabbed him on a whim. He is simple, but everything on him fits and moves snugly. The addition of heelspurs helps a ton. And then that FANTASTIC headsculpt with the eye-catching silver and blue! Which made a friend of mine ask if it was on the wrong body.
12. Botbots Cuddletooth
You are a gumball machine toy!! How the hell are you on this list? And so far above $100 third party giants!? Allright, maybe it's because I'm a slut for chainsaws. So when I saw Botbots had one I knew it was my must-have. And it was right there in an 8-pack the first time I found them. And the transformation's actually pretty clever. And it has little hearts for eyes! And I found out it's name is Cuddletooth. CUDDLETOOTH!!! And it's a she! And she just wants hugs! ARRRRGH THIS IS EVERYTHING I LOVE
11. BadCube Steamroll
BadCube has leapt far ahead of where they were with Sunsurge. As much as I love that frustrating Adonis of a figure, he's nerve-wracking to transform. Steamroll is smooth as butter. Elegantly transforming no more than necessary. Only one peg holds his whole lower leg assembly together, because that's all it needs. And the way the hood mass-shifts into his chest is some applause-worthy chutzpah. Having the doors open and the headlights pop up in the could-not-be-prettier car mode is just showing off.
10. POTP Deluxe Punch/Counterpunch
One of my absolute favorite G1 toys as a kid, I've waited so long for a proper reinvention of him (them?). Thew already mentioned it, but it really is nice to have a Generations Deluxe with no line-specific gimmicks. They don't have to force in a combiner peg, and if he was in TR they'd probably give him two Titan Masters and just ruin him. Instead he's a sleek little car with perfect colors and a creative double-transformation. All I wanted.
09. TFC Toys Hydrant
I got Warning Line this summer (thanks again BBTS!) and he's batshit but fun. Then for Christmas, this jaw-dropping hugeass blue firetruck the size of a baseball bat came driving into my heart. As a robot, Hydrant's got unfortunate proportions no matter how you pose him. Thankfully, his immense minigun helps a lot, plus his great little noggin fulla light-piping. Transformation to torso's a bit nightmare, but clicking and tabbing and shoving all his rectangles together into firetruck mode is Maximum Satisfaction.
08. Titans Return Full Tilt
Yes, just Full Tilt all by himself. And Necro. I passed on TR Trypticon himself because I simply have no room for him, yet I scoured eBay for his purple partner. He's dead simple, but somehow perfect. The car would feel right at home in Tron. The robot gives off a vibe of the little competent guy in the shadows who does all the real work. Like Soundmixer, he was my go-to transform-back-and-forth figure for a while.
07. Studio Series Blackout
Despite some thin-feeling plastic and a few transformation issues, this was really the figure that made the Studio Series unignorable. I'd go so far as to call his robot mode true art. It's uncanny how close he matches the concept drawings. Incredibly striking, with a head that's second to none. And he also becomes a helicopter so damn big it'll defeat any shelf in your house!
06. Newage Flipper
HE'S SO ADORABLE!!! Red cartoon hearts pop out of my head whenever I look at him in either mode. And never could I have imagine that a figure this tiny would feel so indestructible. His transformation is SO MUCH FUN! Everything's snug and tidy. I am absolutely happy with choosing him over MP-21. And now this company's gonna do Cosmos too!? Sweet Jesus, he might take my #1 spot next year.
05. Studio Series Jazz / Studio Series Ironhide
Same as with POTP Prime & Rodimus, these two are always a duo in my mind. The Little Guy and his Big Buddy. And they're both at the top of my Studio Series list (Stinger, Ratchet, VW Bumblebee, Dropkick and Crowbar were all painful exclusions). Jazz is everything good about the Human Alliance toy, compressed and somehow feeling sturdier. After figuring out the annoying mystery of his roof peg that was causing gaps in his back end, he's super fun to transform. Ironhide's much more complex, but I gawk every time at how smart the engineering is. Forget the MP; this is my Ironhide.
04. ToyWorld Muddy
I picked up Muddy and #3 on eBay within a week of each other, both at unbelievable 'Did I just steal this?' prices. I'd been looking for a third party Stomp-alike for a while, and ToyWorld had the creativity to seal my decision. I love that they don't just accept the kibble as part of the design. Everything gets tucked away in genius ways, leaving a robot that's as good-looking as his dino mode. Plus he wins first place in the light piping category with those ice blue eyes.
03. MakeToys Wrestle
Another overlooked toy. I initially bought Ocular Max Backdraft for his beautiful truck mode, and MP Artfire for overwhelming robot sexiness. Then I spotted this guy for pennies, took a chance, and he actually surpassed both of them. He's my pick for Most Fun To Transform Third Party Toy Of The Year. So many of them are pretty but a pain in the hands. Wrestle has a ton of GREAT ratchet joints. So clicky! And he looks like a total powerhouse in robot mode. This mold was too thicc for Inferno, but suits a construction worker like Grapple far better.
02. Papa Toys Flame Warrior
I only know of this guy because of u/FunyunRob's post about his breakable knees. I thought, 'That's an action figure. No way can that transform.' How wrong I was. FansToys was late releasing Hoodlum, so this is my Masterpiece Hot Rod for now. After shaving down the knees, he's a joy to transform, compressing by magic into a perfect representation of my favorite G1 car mode. In robot mode, he's the Hot Rod I've always wanted. And though the backpack doubles the figure's width, at least with the folding silver pipes it looks cool.
01. Power Of The Primes Battletrap
I got him back in March, and for the past nine months, every single new figure has been compared to him and comes up short. Nothing in the entire year has been so enjoyable to transform. He's a miniature explosion of happiness. I adored his dorky G1 toy, and getting an update of him with two unique new robot modes was like Double Christmas. I love the blocky 1987 aesthetic of his vehicles, the cute-little-mooks-ness of his robots, and the poseable, low-kibble stunner of his combined form. That head is as perfect a modernization as Hasbro's ever sculpted. I could not be happier. :)
And now...
Kamen Rider Zi-O Ride Striker
I loved Gaim's Lockseeds, and this badass stopwatch fits right in with them while actually folding up far more compactly.
Super Wings Transforming Astra
Bought her just because I like cute girl space shuttles. Who knew she'd have some of the best ratchet joints of anything this year!?
G1 Octane
An old Christmas toy I played with to death. I found a replacement at a comic shop and spent months bringing him as close to perfect as I could. I hunted down his accessories and dresed him in Reprolabels. I even modded back in his waist-slide transformation step, and finally discovered a way to store the tailfin in truck mode.
Red Dragon Thunderzord
My favorite Power Rangers toy of all time. I was heartbroken when the hinges for the dragon arms all cracked, but I scrounged a new body for four bucks at a flea market and sanded them all down to prevent future breakage. Plus I bit the bullet and finally bought his tailtip piece.
Omnigonix Spinout
Don't get me wrong, he took a LOT of modding to get him anywhere close to good. But much less than I'd feared. And he's handsome enough to have been worth the effort.
See you all next year! Maybe by New Year's 2021, Studio Series Devastator will be on all our lists!
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