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Dr Pepper Popeyes Love That Game Giveaway (code required) 10/26/20 ondenc. ondenc. Joined Sep 2014 Pentaxian 15,794 Reputation Points. 0 Deals Posted. 0 Votes Submitted. 1,590 Comments Posted. Give Rep Follow User Send Message. 1,590 15,794 Today at ... Test Your Love Online. We've got almost 100 ways to fall in love or put your real-life love to the online love test with a love calculator. Love games might mean a love tester, a love quiz, a kissing game, flirting game, or another type of dating game.. Escape the Camp with your boo, soothe poor Robin from Teen Titans in Titanic Heartbreak, fight out which Disney princess gets the guy in Ariel ... Popeyes and Dr Pepper know football fans Love That Game. As football fans perfect the homegate, Popeyes and Dr Pepper are celebrating the Love That Game. Even if your fantasy football team is a bust this year, everyone wins free fries in this football celebration. I'm creating the art and animations, writing the dialogue, programming the game, finding music with correct licenses, managing the patreon page and packaging/uploading the game. I love to do this, but please understand that it's a huge amount of work for a single person. The Love Calculator is an affective way to get an impression of what the chances are on a relationship between two people. To find out what the chances for you and your dream partner are, just fill in both full names (both first and last name) in the two text boxes below, and press Calculate. “Popeyes Love That Game”, c/o Merkle Inc., P.O. Box 5557, Department 844837, Kalamazoo, MI 49003-5557. Limit: One (1) Sticker/Code request per envelope. All mail-in requests must be handwritten and must be postmarked by September 28, 2020 and received by October 5, 2020. All Sticker/Code requests Love Meter Game There are many games are also available free of cost to play in free time to get some incredible moments. But Love Meter Game is one of the best games because you can learn a lot of things about your relation by playing this game. Act With Love is the fundraising platform for Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research that gives supporters like you the tools to raise money for innovative and life-changing breast cancer research. You can celebrate a milestone, move for a movement, or even involve your community in action by hosting a fundraiser. The Love Game™ is based on the proven research of Dr. Arthur Aron in the area of rapid intimacy. Created to be read with a partner over an hour or two, The Love Game™ guides you through a series of 36 increasingly intimate questions, designed to create a context for increased connection and vulnerability. Love Tester 3, Is it true love or is it bound to fizzle out? Maybe you’ll learn the answer with the love tester that you’ll find in this online game. Enter your name and the name of your crush and see what happens next!

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Inspired by the game that Adam Corolla used to play on Loveline! Guess the origins of bizarre tales of human nature! Are they from Florida or Germany?

2016.03.12 05:50 himmypop Ich liebe Käse. Ich will nur Käse. Hier gibt es Käse.

We Love Nagisa. Nagisa Loves Cheese. We Love Cheese. Nagisa and Cheese are here.

2020.09.21 00:17 Flannel-on-Denim How a friendship ended because of railroading, horrible puns, and a literal fight with Garfield

Well, after a lot of deliberation on telling this story, I have finally decided to tell the story of how a friend nuked our friendship because of his tabletop manners and inability to recognize his faults, both in-game and out. The story I'm about to describe is only the start, as there are more stories to tell, and this game was when my other friends and I realized how toxic this friend was in his behaviors towards the group. The eventual end would come much later, but this was ultimately the beginning of the end.
First off, the people in this story:
Myself - Playing a teenage Chosen hero who is a champion under the goddess Persephone.
My boyfriend - Playing a Monstrous werewolf searching for the person who turned him and coming to terms with his sexuality and curse. (This is important to know later).
Three other players, each playing the Divine, the Searcher, and the Big Game Hunter
And finally, Ghostly, the GM of this game and friend who would become a significant pain to the group throughout a couple of months.
The story begins as we were creating these characters in the midst of trying to find games. Our group was a pretty consisted of friends that had known each other for a couple of months up to a year or so (Most were brought together for games that I had run in the past) and typically either myself and another friend named Duke would be Keepers or DM's. While discussing our character ideas and talking about finding a Keeper to run for us, Ghostly decided that he would run for us because he had "a great idea" for a game.
For background on Ghostly, he was one of the people that I had met while trying to find people to join a Monster of the Week (MoTW) game that I had been putting together about a year ago before burnout occurred. Until that point, the games we played were never super serious, and his characters reflected that. So when we told him that this would be a more serious game for the group, as our characters, while humorous or slightly nuanced, would have a more serious tone. He assured us that he would do his best and work with what we had provided and set to work getting the game ready.
When the game finally came around, we were excited to get the chance to play our characters. Ghostly then began to set the scene. My character was arriving at Hellwater, Texas, where he would be staying with his Aunt and her wife in their sideshow horror house attraction (He insisted that these characters be the NPC's for Chosen's family, I understood why later). At this horror house, the Divine and the Searcher also worked there. Elsewhere the Monstrous somehow got mixed up with the Big Game Hunter in his investigations of some murder that occurred out by the railroad tracks that lead into town. Early on, it became clear that Ghostly was struggling to figure out how to run the system. Rused our dialogue had trouble pacing the game, etc. But this was Ghostly's first time being a Keeper, and we did our best to help him out, reminding him what our characters were doing and trying our best to be patient, but soon, the railroading began.
I had described to Ghostly how I wanted to find my chosen weapon (the key feature of my playbook) over the progression of the game. I didn't want to start out being the badass hero since my character was a juvenile delinquent with no real sense of heroics. The first thing Ghostly did was make is that both my chosen weapon and the weapon of the Divine just magically was in an old trunk in the house, and we just happened to find it after the Aunt told us to look for it. Slightly frustrated, I didn't overthink it and hoped that this was just a fluke and that things would get better as he got more comfortable.
I was wrong
The next thing he does is have my character interact with his favorite NPC (I know this because it was a character he used once), the ghost of a Spanish conquistador. Though my character had direct Greek roots, this ghost somehow ended up being my chosen's guide or something. He tells the Chosen his destiny and how he has to save the town, and if he failed:
It was hell or Highwater
He made this whole world and campaign setting, and I was beginning to have my doubts about Ghostly's reassurance that this would be a serious game.
After the Big Game Hunter and the Monstrous fought with a siren head like monster and the discovery of the weapons, Ghostly removed all player freedom having our characters suddenly meet in one place. Only after the Chosen almost being hit by the Big Game Hunter's car, and us suddenly being whisked away to a railroad museum. No roleplay, no reason why we needed to go there; we were just there now. After interacting with more DMPC's, we suddenly found ourselves in a supernatural otherworld. And that his how quick it was too, one minute we're in the train museum and the next we're in a supernatural train station standing next to a spectral train. This was the moment I knew this wasn't going to be a fun mystery, as Ghostly railroaded us into a fight with a haunted train.
We ultimately defeated the ghost train (which I think was the ghost of some dude that died preventing a horrible railroad collision, but I can't be sure), which was the end of session one. When he asked for our Feedback, we made it clear that the big thing we didn't like was the railroading, and that we as the players wanted choice in our actions as the game was about the investigation and finding out what monster threat is occurring that week for our cast. He said he would work on that and that the next session would be better for us.
It wasn't
Session two comes along, and we're ready to start, and it was going okay at first; Ghostly does a cold open with a man being attacked and his daughter being kidnapped in their own home. Our characters learn that the father is in the hospital, and the group thinks this is the beginning of something good. That is until another DMPC comes in and tells us to follow them to the library. I try to say we should go to the hospital first, but I'm told that what's happening at the library is too urgent to wait, so we go. Once railroaded to the location, we learn that something strangely supernatural is going on in the library and that we need to stop it. This is when we reach the moment; the clear moment in which it became evident that this was just a game for Ghostly to parade around his DMPC's and make dumb goofs.
You see, beforehand, Ghostly had shown us stuff from the /imsorryjohn Reddit and hinted at some possibilities for the next mystery (Ghostly was a big fan of Garfield and made it very clear how much he loved the orange cat). We think, "oh cool, some eldritch horror or something like that, that will be cool to fight!" What occurred next was not cool at all. Our characters had to fight a monster version of Garfield that came alive from the comic book strip because of some weird magic.
We had to fight Garfield. There was not an eldritch beast or old horror for us to fight or learn about, just a fucked up version of Garfield the Orange cat that would make the "I hate Mondays" and "I love lasagna" comments.
After a bloody and messy fight, all of our characters are again whisked away into some strange paranormal setting, this time different folklore and storybook settings where we had to each battle our way out and remeet with the group to find and stop the evil that had taken over this library. Honestly, this wasn't bad itself; it was kind of cool, each character set in different story settings, my Chosen ending up in a piece of Greek mythology. But what wasn't cool was how he handled my boyfriend's character, who up until this point had not revealed the curse and wanted to wait for the right time to tell the group what was up. Ghostly completely ignored that and just exposed the Monstrous's curse and that he wasn't human. And this would only get worse at the end of this mystery.
After fighting our way out, we finally confronted the cause of all this supernatural nonsense, a Baba Yaga that had used her powers to influence the library and create the illusions and situations we had just encountered. But as we're getting ready to fight this monster and get this over with, we get the sudden plot twist. This was all some initiation for our characters to work for the Baba Yaga.
The missing girl? Part of the plan. The DMPC that lead us there? Part of the plan. Every important DMPC that we'd known was involved in this. It was all some crazy job employment that no one wanted or needed.
None of our characters had an interest in joining her, especially my boyfriend's character, who wanted nothing to do with the supernatural because of what it had done to him. He tells the witch that he isn't interested and is about to leave when Ghostly just name drops the individual that turned the Monstrous and tells him where he was, all to get him to join.
My boyfriend, for obvious reasons, begins to get mad and tell Ghostly off because of this. I mentioned before that Monstrous's whole backstory and goal as a character was to find the person that cursed him; well, Ghostly just ruined that for the sake of having all our character join his stupid little alliance, so he could have more DMPC interactions and influence over the group. After everyone joined in to tell Ghostly off how that was bad DMing and that he couldn't just do that, he retconned the interaction and instead had it that the Baba Yaga would help the Monstrous find the one who turned him. Our characters leave, more DMPC's are shown to know about my character's chosen destiny and my boyfriend's lycanthropy (despite us doing our best to keep it secret) and that ended the second mystery.
This was the last session; all the players were done with the railroading; my boyfriend felt hurt that Ghostly ruined his whole character story for the sake of his entire Baba Yaga thing; many of the players felt like they were sidelined because they were not fighters and Ghostly hadn't let any research or investigation take place for the mysteries. Overall, it wasn't fun for the players anymore, and this was only two mysteries in. We, as a group, informed Ghostly that we were done with the game and thought it best to end it there. To which he replied:
"Oh, thank god, I hate being a GM."
He told us from the very start that he wanted to GM and was excited to do so, but I guess it was a lie as he was grateful to be done because he never really wanted to GM in the first place.
This whole thing was just a mess, and I apologize in advance if this sounds confusing or messy when reading it, because that was basically what it was like playing it.
TL;DR - Friend says he wants to GM for us, Railroads us and sidelines our characters to show off his NPC's, and the game ends because players are fed up with his horrible puns and his inability to listen to the players. Oh, we also had to fight Garfield.
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2020.09.20 23:22 wyrno I [28F] just ended things with my fiancé [28M]... did I do the right thing here?

How do you know? Like know know?
Things haven't been right for a while. Our sex life is lacking, we don't have intimacy or when we do, it's really forced. We're such good friends, we love spending time together, chatting, eating, playing video games or board games... Intimacy is just really lacking. I don't feel attracted to him, I don't feel romantic feelings, I don't feel what I would wish to feel in a romantic relationship.
We've been together 8 years. It ended today after a long lead-up. He tried to initiate sex and I broke down. He said he'd been expecting it for a while after I told him I was having doubts in july; he said he was prepared and had already grieved in his own way. We had a serious discussion, then we finished our game and went out for drinks with friends as normal. Wtf!? I thought break ups would usually be more dramatic than this, if you really care about each other. It feels like we are too good as friends.
Am I doing the right thing? I am changing our entire lives bases on.. what? That I don't feel happy, for some reason. I don't feel sexual chemistry. That's it though, nothing is really wrong... I don't feel connected to him and I don't feel romantic feelings but everything else is good.
How do I know I am doing the right thing here?
TL;DR: ended things because of sexual incompatibility, worried it's not a "good enough" reason
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2020.09.20 23:00 NYCDiesel2020 (Offer) $5 Unlimited VUDU CREDITS - Various 4K and HD TITLES (iTunes, MA, and Vudu) - 4K and HD COLLECTIONS - DISNEY Google Play - Complete TV SERIES (Request) ISO List at Bottom and Offers Trade

$5 Vudu Credit (VLH2) - Lionsgate Halloween 2020 - unlimited use; expires 1/3/21

$5 Vudu Credit (VLSS) - Lionsgate Summer Stimulus 2020 - unlimited use; expires 12/1/20

$5 Vudu Credit (VTBD) - Lionsgate Twilight Book Drafting - unlimited use; expires 11/1/20

4K Titles:

These are all full, untouched US codes, so I expect the same in return. If you're offering and neglect to mention otherwise, I'm going to assume they are. The onus is on you. Thanks for looking.

Disney Google Play (HD) Titles:


HD Titles:

These are all full, untouched US codes, so I expect the same in return. If you're offering and neglect to mention otherwise, I'm going to assume they are. The onus is on you. Thanks for looking.

TV Series (HD):


ISO of the following US 4K titles,

and the following US HD titles,

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2020.09.20 22:47 McSlayR01 Powerful All-rounder below $2000

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Extra info or particulars:
*I have a sample build list for what I was thinking here: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/nWdZn7
It is only a rough idea of what I am potentially planning; confirmations on parts picked, suggested changes, and complete overhauls are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks guys!
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2020.09.20 22:41 2ThiccCoats On the Pygmy Snowy Owlbear

Tl:Dr - There is official canon for a rare smaller Snowy Owlbear breed which is easily tameable by adventurers, and a cub can even be summoned with the find familiar spell. It's cute as hell.
If you're not aware, Wizards of the Coast are currently underway with their D&D Celebration 2020! With these days long of livestreams, Wizards have an interactive map on the internet of some major locations in the new Icewind Dale book with introductory flavour-text and showcasing some of the gorgeous artwork found in the book. Don't worry, nothing seems to contain any spoilers!
Well, hidden throughout the artwork are links to various puzzles and completing these puzzles offer free prizes as part of the Celebration. Many of these are hyping up the upcoming Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, but others are emblazoned with Adventurer's League emblems and might not appear outside of this event. These are an item and various cute and wonderful miscellaneous familiars for your Wizard or Warlock, or can even just be added to your games as parts of the wildlife.
Well today came the Snowy Owlbear Cub, which uses the stats for a cat and can be summoned with the find familiar spell. Now, the flavour-text which goes along with this companion states that it is part of a rare breed of smaller Snowy Owlbear, which is much friendlier and can create loving bonds with single adventurer.
Pair this with the fact the companion lacks the cold resistance of the Snowy Owlbear, and you have yourselves a new sub-species which I will henceforth be adding to my homebrew under the name the Pygmy Snowy Owlbear.
As headcanon, the Pygmy starts off as the size of a cat when a cub but can grow to the size of a dog, and is much more sociable than the standard wild Owlbear. The Pygmy is a scavenger, rather than a hunter, and find themselves living in the outscirts of settlements for warmth and scraps of food. Think of when you see a wild horse, and it comes up to you thinking your going to feed it something, and will promptly leave after the treats. I envision this Pygmy species acting in a similar manner. Adults are friendly, but if raised from being a cub like the companion stats out, you can earn a loyal pet for the rest of their life.
I hope this helps add something cute and relaxing to your games, and my headcanon helps to picture something that Wizards might have meant when they wrote that throwaway line about the cub belonging to a smaller subspecies. Happy roleplaying!
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2020.09.20 22:36 Sp4Rk3x3 Potential matchmaking solution

Sup people of the best game in the world.
Obligatory background check about me to establish a basis.
I have been playing in competetive sports and games esports in my life and achieving acceptable results: Champion of Estonia and a Bronze Junior medalist in Stiga Tablehockey game. Reached max cape in RuneScape before EoC. Was looking to qualify for StarLadder in Bloodline Champions before that beautiful but reckless game died. I love competition to the bones and Dota is the best thing I could ask for to satisfy my crave.
In a platform where drastic change would not lead to a collapse of a society I'm as baffled as probably most of you are why Dota is not undergoing through major changes. Especially when alot of us who played the game for a while are now in their 30s or 40s are funding you like you're going broke or something and need more software developers janitors to make a change. I look forward to every sunday when me and my boys gather in the office to have some fun in a game we love so much.
My suggestion to improve matchmaking would be an ELO based algorithm where Valve dustributes pro players MMR based on their DPC performance and then rest of the game can adjust itself in a few stages. That will require resetting MMR to 0 at the beginning of every season for all players. Having shadow MMR does nothing good to represent your current knowledge of the game. Dota is constantly evolving and taking a long break always results in decrease of skill.
For example TNC is given 5320, Vici is 5100, Secret is 4950 and so on. Then we introduce calibration for people with strictly 10k of behaviour score and give significant rating increases for beating higher ranked opponents, having big win streaks and vice versa. Giving +25 is simply taking too long to accurately represent capabilities of a player.
Party queue must allow big MMR disparities with greater consequences. I'm copying Henry Rawdota here but hear me out. There should be strictly solo matchmaking, party matchmaking of any kind and a full stack matchmaking. They all are different kinds of beasts, but first and foremost Dota is a team game and I want everyone to enjoy it properly on their level.
Thnaks for coming to my TED talk.
TL;DR - Fix matchmaking using ELO rating system based on DPC and our wholesome 10k MMR behaviour score community.
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2020.09.20 22:31 MaysEffect 28 [m4r] SoCal to the world

Just realized the chat option here really is useless, either that or I'm dealing with the typical left on "read" situations.
Anyways, just posting up a bio of sorts out of courtesy to my recent lurking here (this is kind of a copy/paste job from the first message attempt to a cis gen female). I see the male to female ratio on this sub is like 30:1 so I can safely assume any female here is getting lit up with guys village bukkake style. But I'll add myself to the list of potentials.
Quick info - INTP/J Gemini in Socal. Darkish, tallish (people ask me to reach top shelf items), middle weight (I HAD an athletic body lol), Male born n raised.
Short story for why I'm here - As of recently, the universe has been talking to me to make a baby or kick rocks. Most people would say screaming, but my hearing is slightly impaired, so I can't tell. 30 is creeping up QUICK, and I don't want to raise a child when I'm 60, so sooner is better. My over ambitious dreams is to have a biracial Cis female baby that would some day be a formula 1 driver...
Just an unoriginal reoccurring dream...now you know a deep secret. Men- don't steal my fucking dream!
Hippy Photo > https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8iv5gyEmNhqUG90cGJrZEJLNkk/view?usp=drivesdk
More about me - tl:dr
I've been a forensic specialist and media editor on/off for the past 8-9 years. They aren't exclusive to eachother just something I got into from media journalism out of college. (If you're wandering...Yes I've dealt with the deadz...yes I'm kinda jaded and disconnected from reality because of it...and no, I'm not showing you any pictures)
My taste in music is arguably shit. I don't bother with radio music and can't think of a "top 10" song I would ever claim to love since I've been an adult. However I think music is important to judge compatability between people, it's a basic universal language. So if you don't like my taste, not sure a relationship is worth it, or vice versa. However I am extremely tolerant of all types of music and I listen to just about everything except Edm (my ears can't take it).
I frequent sci-fi/engineering movies, books, shows almost exclusively. My ideal vacation would be to Mars or the Moon, although there are some cool places on Earth I can see myself going. I'm not an anime buff, but I do have a Blu-ray copy of Afro Samurai and Shigurai death frenzie. Take that for what it's worth. Also I kinda have a conspiracy fetish although I don't take them seriously at all. Did Hitler really die or escape? Chicken or egg? Jesus?
I use the same username for just about all my social media accounts so it's probably easy AF to dox me if someone is so inclined. Not much to hide though, so good luck if that's something you're into...my dick pics are already out there somewhere lol.
I can't say I'm a hopeless romantic, never really had a problem dating, just as of recently I stopped caring for several reasons. Overtime I think we become more and more picky about things we do and don't like. My current list of things that don't make my third leg hard is pretty much tattoos, makeup, people who put their shoes on furniture, and last but not least, people who eat cheetos in bed. Kinda inherited most of this from my parents.
I can't flat out say i'm into older women, but I can't help getting aroused when I see older women with large breast. Probably a built in issue from several occasions of being touched (molested) by older women as a child. No, not my mother. It is what it is... I've dated just about every race except Asian, not really my fault, just never had the chance or tried, oddly enough I have mostly Asian friends (and mostly girls)...don't know what that is about.
I'm also trying to ween myself off gaming and focus more on learning some new trades. With that, PC master race. Other than that, just your typical socal bro. Played sports in high-school even though I never really cared for it, I have started watching NBA more as of late however (mostly thanks to covid19). I also like MMA, favorite fighter RN is Irene Aldana. Watch her vids and you'll see why, she's a total weapon. Speaking of weapon, I am an enthusiasts of the weapons. Another inherited trait from me father. I don't own any, just love the mechanics and engineering.
Well lastly and most importantly I'm a petrol head. "Hybrid head" is probably more appropriate for the times we are in, and that's the extent of political correctness you'll get out of me. My favorite past time has and will probably always be driving/riding. Per my dream story, you can safely assume I'm an avid Formula 1 enthusiast, but I like all racing categories. I frequent the canyons regularly (would probably be there now if it wasn't for the fires). But yeah...That's...about...it
Good luck weathering this fire season. Keep that mask on! 😎
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2020.09.20 22:25 al3bbasi An idea for a game that I really wish to see someone make for the series x.

I’m not sure if you guys feel the same way but I still haven’t found a horror game that is as disturbing and stressful as silent hill P.T. One of my favorite genres in gaming is horror, I loved the first Outlast and I like the resident evil series. But I haven’t seen a developer that could capture the true essence of horror like Kojima did with P.T.
I know it’s originally intended to be a PS exclusive but I feel like Microsoft should find a developer that can make an actual horror game like that. I know some of you may tell me that we have The Medium but it just doesn’t cut it for a true horror game. I don’t want scary games in third person with camera angles I want something that makes me feel like I’m actually in the game and gives me anxiety not knowing whether I should check what’s behind me or keep walking forward. That type of game. Resident evil 7 which I believe was inspired by P.T tried capturing the same vibes but couldn’t do it that way. Even though RE7 is one of my favorite games, it can be like a walk in the park after one play through but P.T is just terrifying no matter how much you’ve seen the gameplay.
What we need is a first person horror game with that same eerie essence. Where we walk in dark hallways with creepy radio chatter and having someone following us. Just the thought of knowing you’re being watched in a game can be very terrifying. Where we can’t fight like outlast to add more anxiety when we can’t defend ourselves. Where we walk around and hear nothing but creaks just to make our hearts pound not knowing what’s open those doors. Having us explore a house that has some dark history behind it, Ex. Murdered family. And the souls that have been killed in that house follow us around and we seen them in their half ghost half decomposed version like Lisa in PT and they haunt us throughout the game. Or we can hear their voices but can’t seem to find where it’s coming from. Pounding doors with nothing behind them?! I know I’m literally describing PT but it’s very possible for them to make something of similar nature.
I may get criticized or downvoted if people don’t agree with me but think about it for a second. Wouldn’t it be amazing to finally have an actually terrifying game. Unlike resident evil 7, where we get terrified of being caught. No I mean like it’s terrifying walking around that we don’t know what to expect. That type of horror.
TL;DR If Microsoft want to make a really amazing exclusive they should definitely look towards the horror genre and make a first person game that’s as terrifying as P.T. Or buy the rights to silent hills from Konami and hire kojima to start what he envisioned. Do whatever it takes to make a really good horror game!
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2020.09.20 22:23 MohammedBaaqeel Oculus quest 2 mediocre tracking?

tl;dr because I talk too much: Is Beat Saber Expert + / ++ too much to ask for for the new Quest 2?

I'm thinking of buying an Oculus Quest 2 (and yes I know about FB and the privacy thing) but I was an owner of the OG Quest pretty much the main game I played was Beat Saber. tracking wasn't perfect so I would miss notes I was 100% sure I hit.
Now there are more games like Walking Dead, Sniper Elite and maybe Medal of Honor fingers crossed (anyone know if MoH is coming to Quest natively?)
My love for Beat Saber will never go away so when I heard the Oculus quest 2 has fewer infrared sensor points than the OG Quest I started questioning this new Quest. tracking wasn't perfect on the OG quest so I would miss notes I was 100% sure I hit.
Would this new quest be even worse?!?
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2020.09.20 22:22 incredibilis_invicta Breach rework

Currently, breach is not as good as it should or could be. Breach has massive balancing, map and NPC issues. The entire game-mode is very obviously skewed towards attackers, especially on the last part. More on that later.

Current issues:

Breach suffers mostly from the insane advantage attackers have over defenders. For attackers to capture a point, it takes only one team-wipe to guarantee two points. This leads to an obvious and problematic snowballing effect since more zones means easier time pushing ram. This makes the attackers get an advantage which defenders can't do anything against since a captured zone cannot be recaptured or nullified. Then they buffed the ram health by 750 hp making the ram 3750 hp (from 3000). Even the banner placement is very attacker oriented since maps like Qiang pass and Walled city have very obviously, poorly placed banner locations. When the match starts, some attacks can often already capture parts of the zone, allowing attacker minions and officers to gather at the point. Qiang pass is very obvious with his. This leads to the next issue...

NPC damage and health is way over-tuned. Pikemen having 50 hp and dealing 10 damage is absolutely insane. Officiers dealing 40 damage is even worse. This should be an easy change for the team, simply lower damage and health. This would mean feats like Pugno mortis would be able to one shot pikemen. Something like this could be appreciated:

For the sake of attackers, their pikemen should run to the ram on second part because of the fact that if one cauldron kills every pikeman it can take a significant amount of time for the pikemen to walk back to the ram, leading to defenders often getting another cauldron. Same goes for defender minions on point, make them run there.

Capture points should not take longer to capture but getting from one to the next should take longer since capturing one during a team wipe leads to the second archer point being almost guaranteed. Something like moving the points around and making the maps larger would work. Then when it comes to the points, make them bigger with less junk to stall with. Some points are good with them being open and spacious and then others are super small. All points should be big to allow for better team fights. Then remove necessary pillars and stuff like it because hiding behind a pillar shouldn't be something that's possible, it encourages stalling which is neither fun nor fair.

Last phase, commander phase... Wow it is just an instant loss for defenders. The commander has VERY low HP. One push or wipe and they'll deal anywhere from 50% to 75% of his HP. Then Hitokiri can use her T4 to deal >200 damage. I've seen games where her T4 has reached 300+ damage and just decimated the commander. Then the ballista is unfair. It's too good for attackers since most maps have it closer to attackers. It deals 60 damage and baiting the commander isn't difficult. For the commander phase, a health buff would be much appreciated. As well as a change for the ballista and possibly allowing attackers more ways of engaging the commander rather than just "run in guns blazing, hoping for the best". Another approach would be to give attackers less respawn or even let defenders respawn faster.

Changes to improve upon breach's core play:

Breach NPCs need lowered damage and health as previously stated. Along with that, bigger maps or longer distance between points would stop snowballing. For some other vital changes, make the ram more important. Currently it's largely ignored in breach since going for archer points and stopping the cauldron is more important than the actual breaching machine... Something to make this work would be to incorporate something to reward being at the ram, other than giving more speed. Ram health needs to be decreased since losing in the ram phases is now very difficult.

Defenders need more time to defend or possibly even be able to recapture points (such as 2 points are captured, one can be recaptured but the other is locked). This would make the cauldron point a thing that the attackers have to defend and the defenders can either ignore it and focus on ram or push into the point to recapture it. For this to work, recaptured zoned need less minions.

Bots need to be more competent since having a bot means a much harder time. As well as that, bots should also be replaceable mid game which it currently isn't. Reaching 2 phase makes it MUCH harder to get teammates.

Renown for kills need to be improved and pikemen renown needs to be decreased. Currently killing 4 pikemen is equal to killing a hero in a 1vX. 2 pikemen is killing a hero in a 2vX and killing someone in a 4vX grants you... a pikeman... wow. I personally feel that pikemen renown should be 8 and killing a hero should be: 1vX: 55 (from 48)
2vX: 35 (from 24)
3vX: 25 (from 18)
4vX: 20 (from 12)
This would promote team-fighting and anti-ganking. This would make killing heroes a better strat than just killing pikemen to unlock feats. The point is to fight other people while attacking or defending so killing NPC minions shouldn't go above killing real players. Other actions like gathering a banner or successfully defending a point could give more renown.

Changes to spice it up (not needed but would make it more fun):

Currently, breach is a very dull mode. Rush points and ignore ram, prevent cauldron, kill commander or defend points and commander. Sure there exists a guardian, granting a large amount of renown and instant pikeman killing but what's the point when that leaves you extremely vulnerable to the other team? Same goes for protecting or stalling ram. It's very circumstantial and can't be done without the perfect moment. Instead the game should focus on the ram AND ramparts. For that, i think the ram should be more involved with the attackers to force them to play with the ram and defenders against. This would make different strats work such as all in on ram or push points.

Pick-ups are a slight edge in the fight but I'd love seeing some more pick-ups be introduced such as pikemen morale boost or the "unlock all feats" from skirmish. While talking about skirmish: I'd like seeing more variation in minions. Not just pike men and officers but also the shield enemies from skirmish and possibly some other types of minions?

Competitive mode:

What I imagine a ranked breach being like is fewer minions, no power ups or guardian and a better commander phase. Personally I'd love seeing a ranked breach, granting a lot more steel, XP and custom rewards. Reason why removing power ups is because I believe competitive shouldn't be about "who gets the better power up" rather it should be about skill and team coordination. Other changes would be to have single pick, something which is much needed and wanted. Shield banner would still stay since it encourages rotation and team-fighting. This mode doesn't need a rank but then if a rank should be implemented, a reward for reaching high ranks should too. An even more crazy idea would be to make pikemen be the only NPC and instead introducing 5v5 for breach to make it even more of a team fight, this doesn't need to be competitive. Alternatively make feats disabled.

TL;DR: NPC damage should be lowered, points enlarged and attackers made less powerful. Renown being less minion oriented and ram being more integral. Lastly an idea for competitive mode.
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2020.09.20 22:17 XioteG Halfway Through My First Ever Play Through of Halo: CE, starting to dislike it.

Let me preface this by saying I started playing Halo at like 12 or 13 years old, I had absolutely no idea what was going on, but I had played Halo CE at a friend’s house with him and his little brother almost every weekend. I didn’t actually play the story, just the multiplayer between the three of us. It was so fun that I wanted more of this. Halo 3 showed up out of nowhere (for me at least) and as soon as I saw the trailer, I knew it would be massive fun. I had no idea what was happening, but it was fun anyway.
Now, I wanted to experience the story for myself, so I started from the very first game chronologically, Halo Wars. Went on to Halo Reach, and now, Halo: CE. Let me just say, after playing some very visually appealing shooters, I was surprised that I actually disliked Anniversary Edition’s graphics. But the original graphics just.. filled that void! Doesn’t matter that it looked like Legos, it just looked genuine and I felt at home with them.
Anyway, I started playing on Heroic because I recalled hearing that Halo is “meant to be played on legendary” but I know that CE is near bs on that difficulty. I wanted something challenging but not irritating. So, what better middle ground than heroic right? Well, sorta. It is very challenging and you have to use cover a lot more than usual which adds strategy and a feeling of reality. And I loved that! The more I went on, the more I learned that this game was NOT doom. Combat has a sort of ebb and flow that adds to the whole military aspect while staying true to the fantasy/space scene.
Now for what I really wanted to talk about. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I want to share it anyway. The maps. It’s not that they’re too difficult to traverse or almost like labyrinths, I don’t mind that at all. What bugs me is the sheer length of the levels. I probably shouldn’t be complaining about this, especially because of how dedicated to giving quality content Bungie was. Adding long levels like this is absolutely unheard of from today’s video game standards. But the levels seem too long. In a nutshell it’s like this: go to a room, shooty shooty, exit room, rinse and repeat 8 more times.
I wish there was more variety in it. I’m at the flood mission with 343 Guilty Spark leading me to the index, at the start he says something along the lines of: “follow closely, this is just one of 10 portals” which made me groan. I don’t think a game should make you do that. On the flip side, Halo CE made feel genuine fear when first encountering the flood even though I knew what happened which is amazing. No other game has done that which proves how invested newcomers can get into the story and gameplay. Maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way. Maybe the giant levels are there to emphasize how big Halo was and how expansive the universe and story was. Maybe the devs really wanted something with replay value and wanted tons of opportunities for players to feel like a badass. What do you all think?
TL;DR Level length is super long, too many of the same things happening over and over, struggles to keep my attention for long periods of time. Playing on heroic is challenging but fun and rewarding.
P.S. Who decided to give the flood rocket launchers?
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2020.09.20 21:59 iacrotty 33 [M4F] [M4R] - Indy/Online - Looking to make new friends

I'm generally terrible about putting myself out there so I'll just go for it.
Hello There! I'm a soon to be 34 single father of 3 kids currently going through a divorce. 12 year marriage that has been on-again/off-again toxic finally ended. She gets her new BF, I get the kids, house, and everything else, so that's a win.
Enough of my sob story exposition. Mostly just providing context if I seem like "damaged goods." I'm an introvert nerd/geek. I'm not much for the college bar scene with loud dance music and the like. If i'm going out I prefer a nice place with live music, good drinks, and better company. In the world of 'Rona this likely works out to my favor. I'm also terrible with dating apps so I suppose 'Rona has also killed my ability to meet people organically.
What can I say, I love being a nerd/geek. I play video games when I can (XB/PC), watch Sci-fi and fantasy and comic book stuff, watch plenty of anime, and read quite a lot (Dresden Files anyone?).
I'm currently doing online courses to earn my MBA and it's going along but does take up some of my nights right now.
So what am I looking for? Honestly right now to make new friends, have people to converse with, laugh with, maybe hang out if you are close. If not close, then I'm still game to talk to you and hang out virtually.
I'm not wanting to rush into another relationship. After 12 years I'm rediscovering who I am, my passions, and repairing the damage that was done. I like to get to know people before I take the next step. I've got snapchat but really don't use it much. Also on discord. DM/Chat me on Reddit and I can share my Discord name.
So in closing, hope you all have a great week. Hope to hear from some of you, but if not, c'est la vi. To quote Dr. Ian Malcolm, life finds a way. Cheers
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2020.09.20 21:44 Character_City_7831 Is it too soon for me (22F) to drop off something to his (24m) apartment when he's had a bad day?

Is it too soon to make a nice gesture when hes had a bad day? Is this too "relationshipy"?
I've been dating this guy for 3 weeks now. We have been taking things slow but have seen each other quite a bit in the last 3 weeks! By slow I mean we haven't slept together and our dates last a few hours. We have been texting a little bit every day. He'll sometimes send random updates about his day, or we'll flirt a little, etc. I've met his friends. I think things are going well and I've really just been myself- stopped listening to all of the dating advice about texting and playing games. I have my own life, friends, job, and school, so I don't have to pretend I'm busy or unavailable the way these "dating experts" say you should be. Additionally, he has been very honest and open with me that while he does not want to get back together with his most recent ex gf who doesn't live in our state, he is still working on getting over the relationship (sounds more like a bruised ego situation than a heartbreak but who am I to say). This hasn't really been a problem and I actually liked him a lot more for being honest and vulnerable with me. This is part of why we are taking things slowly, and we have been completely normal and good since this conversation a couple weeks ago.
I definitely want to be exclusive and I want him to be my boyfriend. But we've had a few conversations about our goals and dreams, so I think we are in a great spot to date at the moment but our lives are 99% sure going in different directions when we finish grad school. I'm just trying to go with the flow, live in the moment, and do what feels right for now.
Anyway this is all just some context on where we are at in the new relationship. Today he has texted and expressed that his day keeps getting worse- has a strange elbow rash and is trying to make a derm appointment, but a doctor friend he described the problem to thinks its something with no cure. Then his bank account was hacked and he had $500 dollars stolen. He doesn't complain ever and is very positive- so I know he is actually upset and stressed today for him to say he is having a bad day. Me being who I am immediately wants to get his favorite ice cream and drop it off at his place, give a kiss, and go back to my own stuff. If it were reversed and I were having a bad day, I would absolutely melt if he showed up with something for me and just to tell me he hopes my day gets better. But I would love that because I want him to be my boyfriend... I'm unsure what his perspective is. Is it too soon??
I've been dating someone for 3 weeks and we are taking it slow- no sex/sleepovers yet, but we see each other a lot and we have plans for Tuesday. Is it too soon to bring him something nice (not stay and hang out) because he has had a horrible day? Is this "too much" for where we are at?
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2020.09.20 21:44 Elutrixx How do I ask for help?

(Tl;Dr at the bottom, Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn't my first language)
As you can maybe make out by the flair i am not talking about a simple: "Hey bud can u help me move that big thing?" Honestly I am truely at a loss here. So i'll try to start from the beginning and give as much context as possible. I haven't had the best childhood with a depressed, alcoholic father and a mother that tends to think her opinions are untouchable. In school I was the nerd being bullied for pretty much anything. After some other tragic incidents in my life I happen to suffer from depression. I've been in therapy for several years now and it helps a ton. About my current situation that I'd love to get a couple more opinions on: As you can probably imagine I don't have or ever had many friends. In fact I only began to understand what having friends you trust really means by beginning of this year. In the summer I got to know a person that has grown very dear to me. For the first time in 10 years I willingly went out on social gatherings thanks to them giving me the confidence and stability that if anyhting goes wrong they'll help me out. As pathetic as it might sound like, i feel like i found one of my first "true" friends. In the past two weeks I have been feeling worse and worse due to different events happening. I already talked with my therapist and it helps a bit. At them same time my friend offered me to talk with them (probably realizing i was acting odd). I admit I declined, assuring them I was okay. We have been playing this game for about a week now... Sadly I have to report that with panick attacks haunting me and my lack of sleep I am simply unable to drive and visit them anymore.
I have a simple question, which the title already consist off: "How do I ask for help?" To be more precise: "How do I ask for help without making them feel bad that it iis only now that I ask?" I don't want them to think I do not trust them. I am just scared to admit that I wish for their offered help. I am scared of opening up to anyone because I seem to always get hurt.
So tell me. How would you formulate that question? Do you have any better idea's? I'd just love to talk to people before I do anything stupid.
Tl;Dr: I am depressed, friend asked me if i need help, i declined, now realizing that I wish i diidn't. How do I talk to them without hurting their feelings?
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2020.09.20 21:43 Elutrixx How to ask a friend for help

(Tl;Dr at the bottom, Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn't my first language) As you can maybe make out by the flair i am not talking about a simple: "Hey bud can u help me move that big thing?" Honestly I am truely at a loss here. So i'll try to start from the beginning and give as much context as possible. I haven't had the best childhood with a depressed, alcoholic father and a mother that tends to think her opinions are untouchable. In school I was the nerd being bullied for pretty much anything. After some other tragic incidents in my life I happen to suffer from depression. I've been in therapy for several years now and it helps a ton. About my current situation that I'd love to get a couple more opinions on: As you can probably imagine I don't have or ever had many friends. In fact I only began to understand what having friends you trust really means by beginning of this year. In the summer I got to know a person that has grown very dear to me. For the first time in 10 years I willingly went out on social gatherings thanks to them giving me the confidence and stability that if anyhting goes wrong they'll help me out. As pathetic as it might sound like, i feel like i found one of my first "true" friends. In the past two weeks I have been feeling worse and worse due to different events happening. I already talked with my therapist and it helps a bit. At them same time my friend offered me to talk with them (probably realizing i was acting odd). I admit I declined, assuring them I was okay. We have been playing this game for about a week now... Sadly I have to report that with panick attacks haunting me and my lack of sleep I am simply unable to drive and visit them anymore.
I have a simple question, which the title already consist off: "How do I ask for help?" To be more precise: "How do I ask for help without making them feel bad that it iis only now that I ask?" I don't want them to think I do not trust them. I am just scared to admit that I wish for their offered help. I am scared of opening up to anyone because I seem to always get hurt.
So tell me. How would you formulate that question? Do you have any better idea's? I'd just love to talk to people before I do anything stupid.
Tl;Dr: I am depressed, friend asked me if i need help, i declined, now realizing that I wish i diidn't. How do I talk to them without hurting their feelings?
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2020.09.20 21:37 theoppositeofsmart Deleted DOTA today. Just saying goodbye yall

TlDr: I love DOTA. I quit the game because most of my games are a stomp(either side - there is no fun unless its a fair game). Most payers have very bad behaviour and terrible understanding of the game. A game should leave you satisfied or challenged. DOTA leaves u frustrated, angry and disappointed most of the games. I see simillar posts throughout the internet.
Preface - I loved DOTA in college but didnt play. I had played all the previous versions - warcraft in college. I didn't like warcraft much but I just loved DOTA. I couldn't go to gaming pubs even when I wanted to as I wanted to prioritise my career. After some struggle I finally got an amazing job and the lockdown came. I said hey! Lets get DOTA! Thats when I bought stuff n custom built a gaming computer... Sweet! In the beginning, it felt amazing win or loss didn't matter. The mindgames, the strategy, good moves of some opponent Too good!
Main thing - After a few months flew by I saw some people just being plain stupid. All carries, flaming supports, solo gaming, going afk, no fight only farm dudes...all type of shit. I said that will stop in MMR. Nope! I got herald 5 we started playing and the shitstorm upped a level. Support role going carry builds, doing KS thing, people fighting for mid finally going for 2 people mid...WTF.
I want to play 2-3 games a day, i play my role the best i can. People don't. They don't understand positioning, itemization, no dust when enemy has riki...and other shit. 90% of my games are snowballing of a carry from either side with like one or 2 fair match a week. It has been going on for months. It isn't fun anymore. Most of my games are ruined. Taking this shit after office hours isn't worth it. I have seen similar and worse behavior of players in DOTA on youtube and other places for higher level MMR also. People look as if it is normal. It doesn't. It doesn't look healthy.
I am not a candy crush guy. I love DOTA but people are fucked up. I don't understand and now I dont want to. Should've bought a PS or Xbox. Wasted a lot of money. Thanks to the bottom tier human beings for ruining a great game. Oh ya and c u in hell DOTA team...u got no control.
To the rest of yall have a great time 🙂⚔️
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2020.09.20 21:17 Chocolate_AlmondMilk typical boyfriend/not quite stepmom problems

I kind of want advice (mostly want to rant)
My(24F) boyfriend(jim) (27M) and I have been together for a year. It started rocky. He comes from an impoverished home. He had nothing to his name, no solid job, no goals, and a 1 year old kid (w/ a 1 night stand). I decided that I really liked his personality and wanted to try. I always wanted my SO & I to have similar values and have our first kid together. I was willing to compromise because he was fun to be around & made me smile/ feel special. He moved to my city to get away from his area & start again. His parents take care of his kid during his days; he pays the medical insurance & helps them out. He’s about to go through court w/ HCBM for custody/child support. I am about to graduate & work. I’ve been the breadwinner because I’m a (military) reservist and have gotten high paid internships (engineer). I paid fohalfed many dates after the first few and helped him out a lot. (Never paid for anything and he’s never asked for money but like clothes & gifts for him and the kid). I know this is looked down on/stupid but I helped him get a car and co-signed for it. (We’ve discussed the terms of if we break up, but I guess we should get it in writing...) it’s a used car & short lease. I just truly believe we could get through anything and I love him. I want to talk finances and goals more often (originally I was obsessed with planning and being better and discussing money and goals) but I’ve become a lot more relaxed/lenient. He kinda used to get annoyed.
So here are some issues I’ve been struggling with... He used to drink a lot before he met me, he frequently has sober weeks/months now but he still kinda hangs out with his friends that partake in that behavior too much & his mom is still very concerned which freaks me out. Also, a lot of them are negative & he sees it but they’re his friends & he loves them so much. While I’m at his parent’s house with the kid I feel like a stepmom. I find myself getting sad & a little jealous that the kid isn’t mine. He honestly insults me a lot (sometimes jokes, but his sense of humor is harsh), and it kinda hurts my feelings. I tell him to be nicer, he tries but also tells me he doesn’t appreciate that I shut down/don’t communicate more & that I don’t show him enough affection. To be fair, when we first got together I insulted him a lot. i had a superiority complex of being the breadwinner & etc. It’s balanced out a lot & I am a lot nicer - he is too but he’s sometimes rude/impatient & it stresses me out. Sometimes he’ll just tell me I am annoying or he’s tired of my behavior or profanities. The other night I was feeling sad about being a stepmom so I was going to work on some personal projects to get my mind off of things, I asked him for WiFi & he kinda freaked out on me so I walked out to sit in the car. He came out & said his stepdad didn’t pay for the WiFi so no internet, I told him that’s fine but I wanted to be alone & didn’t wanna talk about it. He may have thought it was the WiFi but I just didnt wanna talk about it because i’ve brought it up the stepmom thing few times, first he said it was annoying but then he said he understood & I felt validated. But Idk where the sudden sadness came from (time of the month 🙄) so I just thought I needed a few hours to cope. Later he told me I was acting like a victim & he did nothing to me. which I agreed & said i wasn’t mad at him. i know he did nothing to me but i just needed to be sad for a little bit. i went to the living room to try to fall asleep on the couch & he came in (it was dark so i got scared and screamed) and he yelled at me for it because he didn’t want me waking the baby and told me i needed to lay in bed with him. i went in there to lay with him but i couldnt stop crying and he told me he no longer wanted to live with me because i ruined this weekend. i became furious, went to the bathroom & cried & just wanted to leave. i was so angry and sad. i tried to get a hotel but he basically told me not to so i just laid there and cried myself to sleep.
Also, with his kid, he’ll turn on the TV instead of playing or while feeding him, or be mad that he’s not going to sleep exactly when he wants him to. I LOVE kids, so I think it’s such a blessing to have him and I want to play with him to help him get tired or do things without the tv on but jim will say like “he’s my kid, he can multitask” or “don’t encourage him, he needs to go to sleep” even tho all he’s doing is sitting on the couch telling him to sleep while watching tv. his mom tells him he’s just a baby so he needs to have more patience but SO is very dismissive about everyone’s input unless it’s something he wants/needs.
the next few days he told me he loved me & i just need to show him affection. he said he needs it but i still feel a bit broken. i love him a lot but i feel very conflicted and just want a little support.
today, we got into a fight. i have been texting an internet friend of mine (we game together) that i’ve never met. i tell him all my relationship problems and confide in him a lot. today jim asked to go through my phone and i told him its a bad idea and he hardly lets me touch his phone but i always let him use mine so it was weird & i said i was a bit uncomfortable. he went through our messages. my friend is flirty so i understand how jim feels but i always shut it down/remind him i have a boyfriend and etc. in the past jim has told me he didn’t particularly want to hear about my emotions and not to tell him everything i feel about him. with covid going on seeing a therapist feels eh. he’s made jokes about like not talking and sucking his dick or w/e so i just assumed he was one of the guys that was ok with me just talking to other people as long as i satisfied him and didn’t physically cheat which is ok with me. well, jim says im emotionally cheating and i had a huge breakdown about it and packed all my stuff at MIL house. he says i caused a scene and i have to pretend everything is ok, but i don’t want to. idk how to feel about our relationship rn.
TL;DR: Boyfriend was broke, I kinda “built him up”, he has a hcbm, i feel like a stepparent and it hurts my feelings, he also says mean things to me sometimes but demands love and says he doesnt like it when im sad/im not allowed to be sad unless something bad is done to me. i also emotionally cheated a bit. (nothing sexual, just ranted about my feelings/our relationship to a male friend & he flirted a bit) i don’t want to leave him. any advice?
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2020.09.20 21:12 raulxd99 Looking for some friends. Help

This post might be a little long, and didn't want to post gnv because I figure there is more people from my age group (21M) and I go to Santa Fe so our sub is inactive.
I've been living for 2 1/2 years already here and can't seem to meet any friends, specially because I am an international but at the same time I'm not. I was born in Florida but lived all my life in Panama ( the country) and moved here to do my college. The first year was hard because I broke my wrist and couldn't cook so I had to live off fast food for 2 months and went through some anxiety and depression cause I couldn't do any sports activities and gained a little weight, which afterwards made me feel insecure, and was not sure if a girl would want to talk to me back then.
During my second year here I was going out a little but it felt weird going out on my own while every other person around was surrounded by their friends while I was alone I did go to some clubs and stuff in downtown last year cause I'm kind of a party person myself and used to go with my friends back home. But as I said going alone is difficult.
And this year COVID came in and as I was trying to break the ice and things got worse cause I could not go out anymore. I did try to make some friends in clas back in my first year but people where kind of in their own bubble and I felt like they didn't want me to talk to me. And now my classes for the past year have changed, almost 75% of the classes are people out of my age group, in fact there was this one class that had literally 30-40 year olds.
I do have roomates, but one of them is 30 years old, and the other one just moved in and I do hang out with him from time to time, but he is usually with his girl and third wheeling literally makes me feel depressed.
I decided to write this post because I went through a mental breakdown last night and was tearing up because I have some friends from back home and a family member in VA that are having fun over at their college, at it kinda made me jealous and sad because I haven't been able to accomplish what they are doing and I feel like a failed at everything. Specially cause back homw I was not like this and was really open into talking to people, not sure if its a culture thing here, but if you are not in someones social circle here they will not talk to you. I know college is meant so you can study, but I also want to feel the other experience of socializing and getting to know awesome friends.
If anyone wants to be my friend, my interests are: watching and playing sports, cars would love to join a car group and go to meets but I have a lame car lol), gaming, exercise, exploring new places and I guess I like to party. Btw I am triliangual if that matters. Well hopefully this post works or else I really don't know what to do. Have a nice sunday guys!
TL;DR: Feeling sad cause I don't got friends, trying to find friends. Interests in last paragraph.
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2020.09.20 20:29 CallOfBootyMobile If you want to see actual changes, you need to type mature sentences with coherent words. Constructive criticisms, not incoherent gibberish. I left this subreddit due to immaturity level of the userbase.

Long ago I made this account because I loved this game, but wanted to see changes. I figured I would make changes via memes and jokes. Hence my username. But I soon realized the maturity level of this subreddit is that of a pre-schooler.
Long ago the player base had a lot of issues with the game, but the dev's actually fixed a lot of the problems that people asked for with proper English and sentences. Now all posts here are "uPvOte" "dOn'T doWnvote."
Honestly if you want Activision to take you seriously and still support this subreddit, then step back ask civilly. People still tag me from time to time with memes and jokes, but I rarely check this subreddit. I still play the game.
tl/dr: If you love this game, then support the community with positivity.
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2020.09.20 20:21 Nickadimoose The Making of Ghost of Tsushima

My name is Nickadimoose and I'm an amateur game historian or at least I try to be when work allows. I also make videos for YouTube about my write-ups, when time allows.
Today I wanted to cover the History of Ghost of Tsushima, how it was made, the design decisions, the inspiration for it, as well as just generally talking about the game's positives and negatives aspects.
As a warning, this text has references to how the beginning of the game plays out, as well as some hints about how the story progresses in terms of the main character. If you've not finished the game or you're still playing, you may wish to hold off on reading.
After the release of Infamous Second Son and First Light in 2014, American based video game studio, Sucker Punch Productions, were looking to undertake a new challenge; after developing the Infamous franchise for 9 years straight, they wanted to test themselves creatively as a studio and make something new and different.
Though they didn’t know what they wanted to make yet, they did know one thing: that the next game had to be open world, as creative director Nate Fox explains:
“We wanted to stay open world because we’re giving authority--power to the player. We didn’t want to walk away from that, we think it’s integral to modern gaming that players are in charge.” - Nate Fox, creative director for Ghost of Tsushima.
They began to explore a few ideas, just conceptually, like pirates, Scottish Outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor, the Three Musketeers and about 70 other suggestions, but none of them felt right. Then things fell into place when they pitched one, simple concept: a Japanese samurai in feudal Japan.
It sounds perfect, doesn’t it? It’s a concept that you can instantly visualize the moment you say it.
After they settled on the idea of making a game about a samurai, it was easy to draw inspiration from outside sources and arguably none were more influential than legendary filmmaker & screenwriter, Akira Kurosawa.
For most western audiences, Kurosawa's films were the first real taste of Japanese culture. He earned renown as a filmmaker during World War II, but it wasn’t until the release of Rashomon that he would go on to become a legend. It was his unique style of focusing on the natural beauty of the land, as well as exploring the depth of his characters’ emotions that made his films so successful. This is where a lot of people developed their love affair for the iconic, honor bound samurai, including many at the Sucker Punch studio headquarters. It’s in Kurosawa’s works that a lot of Ghost’s art style and direction would be given life.
Ghost of Tsushima would borrow heavily from Kurosawa’s films for it’s visual design & overall style. Even though I couldn’t find a source saying so, I’m sure it was something like Seven Samurai that inspired the stand-off mechanic in Ghost.
It wasn’t until they poured over the history of Japan that the last piece of the conceptual puzzle finally fell into place. They now had a setting for their Kurosawa inspired, samurai epic.
The Mongol Invasion of 1274 was the first strike against Japan by Mongolian emperor, Kublai Khan.
Kublai Khan, a descendant of THE Khan, had just forced the subjugation of Korea and taken the area around modern day Beijing, creating the capital of Khanbaliq. In order to further unify his power in the region, he set his sights on the island of Japan.
On November 4th, 1274, more than 23,000 Mongol, Chinese and Korean soldiers, carried across 700 ships, poured onto the sands of Komoda Beach at the northwest tip of Tsushima Island. The Jitodai, So Sukekuni, gathered what little fighting men he had available in such a short time, 80 samurai, and began the impossible task of defending the island from the Mongol horde.
Faced with such impossible numbers, So Sukekuni and his brave samurai were overwhelmed and Tsushima was taken.
Over the next month the Mongol Navy ravaged island after island until they were met by a typhoon over the waters of the Sea of Japan, that would come to be known as the kamikaze, or the divine wind. 75% of the Mongol fighting force were lost to the kamikaze and what remained of the fleet pulled back to the shelter of Korea, biding their time & eventually recovering enough for a 2nd attempt in 1281.
As far as historical accuracy goes, the opening to Ghost of Tsushima is pretty faithful: 80 samurai, led by Lord Shimura, ride to Komoda Beach to stop the first step of the Mongolian invasion of Japan. The defense force crumbles, little by little, until the only people standing are Shimura and his nephew, Jin Sakai. In one last desperate bid, they charge Khotun Khan, intending to take his head, but ultimately fail. Shimura is taken captive and Jin is left on the beach, wounded and dying.
Even though this is the last event you’ll play in Ghost that matches up to the historical account of the true invasion, you have to admit this is the perfect place for an open world adventure to start: it’s up to you, samurai shamed in defeat, to raise an army against your oppressors, so you can take back your family, your honor, and your home.
Although it sounds easy on paper to see how the story would evolve from here and how the rest of the game would take shape, it would be nothing of the sort for the development team.
Ghost would prove to be unlike any game Sucker Punch had ever made. The road to the finish would be fraught with challenge and that challenge would threaten to bury them during every stage of development. They would need perseverance and fortitude to make it through the six long years it would take to turn a simple samurai fantasy into a full scale epic.
The art of Ghost is perfect, you have this seamless blend of natural beauty contrasted against the horrors of a brutal occupation. As you progress through the story the scenery changes along with the hero--the bright, vivid colors slowly begin to take a turn towards the bleak.
The wonders of the natural environment are still there, but they don’t stand out as starkly anymore. As you get sucked into the story, your eyes instead begin to fixate on the devastation left in the wake of the Mongol army--dead bodies strewn along the roads, houses ransacked and burned, forests stripped bare and lives forever changed and because you notice all of this a bit more, that note of pure beauty for the land doesn’t stand out as much as it did in the beginning.
You’re instantly grounded by the stakes of what you have to do as the player and the knowledge of what will happen to this beautiful place if you fail. It’s masterfully done and no doubt was a tremendous effort to achieve.
Despite how complex the task of creating a 13th century Tsushima Island was, the entire process began pretty simply: with a 10 hour flight across the Pacific Ocean.
At the beginning of the year, the research team, including lead artist, Joanna Wang, took a trip to Tsushima Island to see it for themselves: the goal was to get a sense of the island’s natural beauty, so they could take pieces of it back to the studio in Washington. To that end they recorded hours upon hours of bird song, the stillness of nature, they even photo scanned some of the local flora--in a blog written by Joanna, she talks about the experience and the motivation behind such meticulous work.
“Ghost of Tsushima is by far the biggest game we have ever made. The map is divided into three regions filled with more than forty diverse Biomes and hundreds of points of interest. Our goal when building an open world game is always if you can see it, you can reach it, with as few exceptions as possible. You will journey through lush forests, cross boggy swamp lands, and enter into frozen mountainous landscapes.
We collected so many references from movies, games, paintings, and even travel posters to draw inspiration. We want to present you with an authentic, believable world, a world that would call out to you, inviting you to explore, a world that is rich and full of surprises.” - Joanna Wang, lead artist on Ghost of Tsushima.
Thanks to being a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment, a Japanese company, the research team were able to make contact with the island’s locals, including artisans and historians, who could educate them on the island’s rich history & culture.
They would take a second trip in November, once again touring the island, speaking with locals, observing seasonal changes and even attending the festival on the sands of Komoda Beach, honoring the brave dead. It’s safe to say these trips helped develop the art-style of Ghost of Tsushima into what we know today; for a developer to be able to visit a place in person, not only once, but twice, is rare in an industry dominated by huge bottom lines and a laundry list of bankrupt studios. It was a gift. A gift they would take back home to their studio in Washington.
However they couldn’t just replicate Tsushima on a 1 to 1 scale, the island was just too big, so they were faced with the task of creating an island that could mimic the feel of the original, without the scale. Instead of creating individual assets and trying to disperse them over the world in a natural way, the team chose to focus on creating multiple procedural generation tools. The procedural generation would make the environment look more natural and also be more time efficient if changes were needed down the line.
Those procedural generation tools no doubt gave them a freedom of control that allowed them to change the environment to suit the vision they were after; whether that was removing dense foliage to keep players from getting lost in a lush forest, or just keeping the horizon clear so the visual cues could be readily seen, it was a balancing act to keep the environment navigable, but genuine.
I love how they’ve done those small visual touches too; the guiding wind for quest locations, the foxes leading to inari shrines, the torii gates, the smoke on the horizon, the golden birds, all these very visual elements that keep me engaged in the world and that gorgeous art style. It’s a really effective design.
All those visual cues wouldn’t stand out nearly as much if it wasn’t for the minimalist design for the heads up display though. In an interview with co-founder of Sucker Punch, Brian Fleming, he spoke about the inspiration for the HUD and why they chose such a simple concept:
"The art, the way that buildings are outfitted, everything in Japan tends to celebrate negative space, it tends to not be cluttered, it wants simplicity, so that has to radiate through everything we do.” Brian Fleming, co-founder of Sucker Punch.
It was a choice that could have easily backfired if the balance hadn’t been maintained between the player, the combat and the natural world; simplicity is good, but if it’s not backed up by every element of design, that same simple concept will only frustrate players.
Thanks to artists like Joanna Wang and the dedication of the research time, the art of Ghost of Tsushima stands above all other titles of the PS4 era. It’s simply exceptional and makes the world feel rich and alive.
Combat is at the core of Ghost of Tsushima, making or breaking your experience; at first glance I thought combat would be rather clumsy, but there’s this wonderful element of finesse and polish to it that you don’t understand until you try it for yourself. Throughout my time playing Ghost I felt that Jin’s movements looked real and deadly. It was only afterwards, while researching this project, that I discovered just how real it truly was.
Thanks to the help of two samurai, Masakumo Kuwami & Ryusetsu Ide, the combat of Ghost came to life in the mocap studio. The pair worked tirelessly with animation director, Billy Harper, to really nail down the specifics of how a samurai would move, how they would strike, how they would block, everything the animation team would need to recreate Jin’s fighting style faithfully.
It wasn’t only the combat they went through the trouble of portraying accurately though; thousands of hours of actor movements, actor expressions and even the horses were recorded by Billy Harper and the animation team, all to bring the world of Ghost to life and make you feel like you’re in control of a genuine samurai.
A samurai epic wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful score though and thanks to the work of Shigeru Umebayashi and ELAN Eshkeri, we have one.
In a blog written by Sucker Punch audio director, Bradley D. Meyer, composers Umebayashi and Eshkeri spoke about their experience with making the games’ score, including a look at the inspiration behind Jin’s iconic theme, Way of the Ghost and The Heart of the Jito.
Jin’s theme, “The Way of the Ghost,” was one of the very first pieces I wrote. Usually productions are ready for music after everyone else has been working on the game. As much as you might understand the story, it always takes time to really get under the skin and appreciate the depth of well written characters and story. While some of my first sketches evolved, this theme really stuck. It’s all about how the people of Tsushima see him. He is their hero: strong, infallible, inspiring and full of hope, but what really fascinated me about Jin is the contrast of what is going on inside him. In order to save his home and the people he loves he must go against everything he was taught to believe in and break the code of the Samurai. Throughout the game, Jin is a character in deep emotional conflict and this, above all else, is what drew me to Ghost.
The historical setting is fascinating. I began to study ancient Japanese music, folk songs, court music, sacred music and taiko, as well as the different pentatonic scales used in Japanese music. It is a very rich world full of a lifetime’s worth of exploration. In the game’s score I used Shakuhachi, Koto, Shamisen, Taiko Drums and Chants, and my favourite discovery, Biwa. The Biwa is an instrument that Samurai used to play and the art of it was almost lost — there are now only a few players in the world! Luckily, I was able to find one of them to play on Ghost. It’s a really special sound and you can hear it on 'The Heart of the Jito.'
I wanted to create an emotional world that would not only support the narrative and action beats of the game, but I hope it also completely draws the player into the heart and soul of Jin’s emotional journey." - Elan Eshkeri, main composer for Ghost of Tsushima.
"When listeners hear the music for the game, I hope that they feel the hearts of the people of Tsushima – those who love the land, living and plowing with the natural bounties it offers, and those of the warriors who take their katanas and follow the way of the samurai." - Shigeru Umebayashi, main composer for Ghost of Tsushima.
It really speaks to the power of musical composition that even if you knew nothing about the story, just hearing the first few, quiet notes of Way of the Ghost, you can feel the weight of it - it’s evocative and daring, speaking to the core struggle Ghosts’ story emphasizes without having to say a word.
Like all great works the score highlights and pulls on the emotional strings of the listener, emphasizing the positives along with the negatives, punctuating the established tone. It doesn’t try to force you to emotionally bend in these moments, one way or the next, but instead allows the story to carry you along until the music is needed to drive home the point.
All in all, the score for Ghost of Tsushima is a marvel, transporting listeners back to 13th century Japan and what it means to be a samurai.
It was 6 years of effort, hundreds, if not thousands of design choices, the hands of hundreds of talented programmers, designers, artists, composers, directors, researchers & consultants, that produced one of the best, if not the best, game of the PS4 era.
Kurosawa would always explore this idea of the old world meeting the new in his films, clashing for the soul of a culture. If Ghost of Tsushima and Sucker Punch are representative of the PS4 era, the past, I'm hard pressed to ask: what could the future offer that’s better than this? It’s a game that I think will always feel timeliness and with a free multiplayer DLC on the horizon, I hope we’ve not heard the last of Jin Sakai & The Ghost of Tsushima.
Anyways, thanks for reading. If you have any questions about the history, design elements or anything else, feel free. This is what I truly enjoy doing, so don't hold back.
TL:DR Ghost of Tsushima/Sucker Punch Productions took a lot of inspiration from Akira Kurosawa's works. Also, thank you for reading. As a small content creator who really enjoys doing these projects, it's always exciting to see the end result. Thank you, very much, for indulging me.
(description of the type of effort put into making Ghosts’ visual art style; a discretionary tale of the use of negative space to fill in the gaps of artistic style).
(describes the team’s interaction with Sony Japan and how they took two field trips to Tsushima island after landing on the idea. Once to study the architecture, the land and the various elements of the island, another to stand on the beaches and watch the annual ceremony for the invasion of Tsushima at Komoda Beach).
(making a game with filmmaker Akira Kurosawa as the inspiration; this document references quite a few of the older movies Akira went on to make and why the team at Sucker Punch took inspiration from this legendary Japanese filmmaker).
(details of Sucker Punch Productions, as well as the three releases they made about Ghosts of Tsushima over the years).
(details of the Mongolian invasion into Tsushima Island, including more to note about the Kamikaze or divine wind, a typhoon that dashed the Mongol fleet to pieces while harbored in the bay around Hakata Bay).
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sucker_Punch_Productions (Sucker Punch Productions history, as well as key-figures)
(a blog-post by lead artist, Joanna Wang, on crafting the environment of Tsushima Island during the team’s two trips to the island. This also includes recording hundreds of hours of bird-song. This also includes a ton of custom videos on the process of rendering the environment, a very good visual resource).
(co-op multiplayer mode of Ghost’ - seems to be headed towards a more supernatural element with the story. A multiplayer character, class based campaign with friends, as well as a survival mode and tough enemies fighting mode. Anyways, fucking excited!)
(a blog-post on Sucker Punches’ Twitter that speaks about the road to completing Ghost of Tsushima, from start to finish).
https://kotaku.com/the-art-of-ghost-of-tsushima-1844693448 (a look at the people behind Ghost of Tsushima and the art-work they submitted)
https://twitter.com/BillyHarper73 (animation director’s Twitter)
https://www.vgr.com/ghost-of-tsushimas-combat-will-be-bolstered-by-historically-accurate-motion-capture/ (article about the motion capture session for the combat)
Masakumo Kuwami or Ryusetsu Ide (names of the samurai for motion capture + Twitter hyperlinks)
(notes on the soundtrack for the ghost of Tsushima game, composed by Shigeru Umebayashi and Ilan Eshkeri as written by Bradley D. Meyer, Sucker Punch Audio Director).
https://www.rogerebert.com/roger-ebert/video-games-can-never-be-art (video games can never be art)
(further influences on Ghost of Tsushima as told in an interview with Nate Fox, including the value of tension, the trip to Tsushima Island, and the inspiration for Jin Sakai.
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2020.09.20 20:21 OdessaLyn TIFU By F*rting On My Chances Of An Epic Love

Some back story: I (22F) have been in love with someone, Damon (22M), since the 7th grade (I’m a college graduate now). Sadly, we were apart of totally different cliques. Damon was in the “popular” clique and I was in the clique of girls who tried way too hard. I was a misfit. Knowing that I would never have a chance, I would admire from afar. Literally. Our math teacher would have to call my name in the middle of class to snap me out of my Damon trance. I joined our middle school wrestling team in hopes that he would finally notice me (I know, sad), and when he didn’t I quit. SOMETHING HAPPENED THOUGH! None of my friends knew this, but I had been playing video games ever since I could hold a controller in my little hands (curtesy of a gamer, older brother). Somehow we became friends on Xbox. Fireworks. Everyday I would see his GT on my screen and my little heart would flutter. It was almost like an unspoken truce to never talk about it at school, but we played COD together (cue me falling deeper in love)... Then it happened. I heard at school that he kissed one of the girls in my friend group... so it was possible, just not a possibility for me. At that moment, I gave up. I was devastated to not be the one.
Fast forward to senior year: after years of not speaking to each other (even though our lockers were right next to each other), we were placed in an AP lit group together. Great. Discussions of meeting outside of school to work on our projects begone and I suggested meeting at my house. So here we are, sitting in my basement, working on this project. We finish early and somehow all ended up on my bed watching a movie. My friend, and member of said group project, tells me that she likes Damon while he’s in the bathroom. My heart aches. She wouldn’t be the first friend to get him instead of me, so “go for it,” I said. My friend goes to the bathroom next and I’m left alone with Damon. Ugh. I have a god sitting on my bed. I have DREAMT of this moment. “Whatever,” I think to myself.... but what was that? Why is he looking at me like that...? On cue, my friend comes in...
Fast forward to the dreaded moment: I am in my first year of college. Damon completely out of my mind... or so I tell myself. I still may look at his name in my phone and ask myself what could have been... College was changing me. I was more daring and bold. I decided, after some liquid courage, that it was time to make my move. I asked if he wanted to meet me half way and come over to my parents house. HE AGREED. So here we are, laying on my bed just like old times, looking at each other. Years of emotions and feelings pooling on the tip of my tongue. It happens. We kiss. An earth shattering kiss. I’m screaming inside of my head, “this should not be happening! I’m still that middle school misfit and he’s... HIM! Practically a god in my eyes.” We make out and then cuddle. My dreams are all coming true. I just fell asleep in the arms of my little girl crush, but then I wake up. How do I wake up? From the sound of the most aggressive f*rt in earths history. I just waged war on the love of my love via booty cannon. I tell myself, “NO NEED TO PANIC, he’s probably still sleeping.” I slowly rolled over to look into the open eyes of the love of my life. Total despair washes over me. I jumped up and said that I had something to do today and needed to go. So we both part ways and here I am typing this almost four years later. I’m typing this now, because he recently snapped me and we began talking, but I don’t think I can ever see him again after I viciously attacked him with my butt.
TL;DR: I attacked the love of my life with my booty cannon
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