Intenet partner

I want to make it official.

2020.01.11 06:27 LOVE_NARC I want to make it official.

I want to officially start being a dom to my naturally submissive partner.
We've been together for about a year.
I'm trying to be more kinky ; she is a freak and I like that. But, with her permission, I need to dominate her more because shes a talk backer and I love shutting her up with my baseball bat looking dick in her small hot mouth.
She says two thumbs up.
So how can make it official?
I would need to look up specifically what vanilla means but I have been intenetting for quite a while so my assumptions about the meaning I'm sure are correct. I'm kind of a freak but I'm new to this stuff. Please don't kink shame me.
In my mind I'm always getting ready to get into BDSM but until now it hasn't felt right.
Her and her ex did all sorts of kink shit and that is intimidating but not to the point of me not wanting to. I think it may really help our relationship.
So what's step one?
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2019.10.15 14:25 GhostasaurusMeh [DELTARUNE Theory / UNDERTALE Theory] A final try trying to piece together DELTARUNE to UNDERTALE .

How are you doing, peeps of the DELTARUNE Subreddit! It’s me once again back on my bullshit with yet another theory! Yes, that’s right, another one! Even I am surprised of how much content I’ve managed to milk from this game! But honestly can you blame me? I’m amazed at how much there is to discuss of this based solely on a demo and a few soundtrack teasers with fishy descriptions, this game as it is right now is a fishing rod for theorist in which Toby Fox is expecting all of us to have a bite from.
CHAPTER 1 alone for as straight-forward as the adventure might seem it contains such deep dialogs and hints towards what could be in the future that even almost a year after of its release I cannot stop thinking about it, even after doing like four final theories on it. I mean it, my last one was supposed to be my final one because I felt that was it, that there was nothing more overlooking or giving a shot as I made sure to cover everything I needed to sort of get an idea where this game was heading to, and that for the most part… Is kind of true.
I think I’ve overlooked DELTARUNE from up to down, even tackling the teasers Toby posted on UNDERTALE’s Anniversary not too long ago, I’m basically done with that game minus for trying to figure out few subtle hints regarding Noelle and the possibility of her being The Legend’s Angel yet again despite it being a scenario I personally don’t believe considering UNDERTALE’s description of what an angel is, yet the imagery is there all over her father’s hospital room, many hints towards angelical presence that link back to Noelle; From a doll she made as a kid to knowing her family is quite the religious people as they’re followers of the Angel which for some mind-blowing reason is a god on this universe, what the fuck? Though there’s no way I can do a vague theory on it without linking it all together, but there you go, mini theory from me, give it a shot if you feel.
But that aside, onto the main topic here;
As I was saying, yeah right now I’m dry when it comes to DELTARUNE as I’ve covered everything I could though it is funny how when I think I’m done with it it is by pure coincidence that I end up going back in circles to theorizing on it because something does draw me back again to it, though the thing that drove me back to this game once more was not DELTARUNE, nor any of Toby’s official accounts, nor any sort of DELTARUNE specific teaser; It was the game that started it all, UNDERTALE, what made me dive onto this game once more, which again has made me go full circle on all my theories and you’ll get to know why in a bit.
Also, gonna have to make also a disclaimer for /Undertale as to why I’m gonna be cross-posting this there and that’s because this DELTARUNE theory will have UNDERTALE as its base because the thing that drove me back onto the game lies within these images (Spanish dialog sadly but don’t worry I’ll do my best to make an accurate translation below them):

\¿Synchronization? *The Daughter of my neighbor looks about your age**.
*Her name is “Suzy”. I think you two could be great friend.

*You have… ¡The blessing of a neighbor!
Now I’m almost sure what you see here are old news to everybody as for what I’ve researched anybody could trigger this Easter-egg right here depending of their fun value, even far before the Switch release of the game, and in fact that this exact same teaser as seen in the Switch version is a piece of evidence I’ve used a lot in my past DELTARUNE theories in regards trying to explain Susie’s connection with GASTER and the how’s and whys they’re connected, as well as to why she is so important for Kris.
I bring back this now because, personally, I’ve never personally experienced it on my own behalf, in fact this is the first time in 5 years I see this teaser on my own in the PC version, though that’s not exactly the reason why talking about this specific dialog after 5 years; The reason I’m actually bringing this back is for this specific dialog right here that was not included in the Switch version (Or so I believe) and has been quite overlooked by both communities…
“*Not knowing where I live is not a problem. That’s how Destiny wants it**.**
\In the* grand scheme of life is possible that SHE might be the reason why YOU came HERE…
…The things one does finds when internet goes out for a bit and boots up UNDERTALE to pass the time.
Needless to say, I’m quite speechless and mind-blown at this, and more so surprised how anybody hasn’t spoken about Clam Girl’s dialog prior her goner dissapearence. It such a revealing piece of evidence that has sadly gone overlooked, so much so that if it wasn’t for the fact that the internet went down for a bit I wouldn’t have known about this.
Now I wanna talk about the last two images in specific and what they could possibly mean honestly because there are quite a lot of confirmations there that I though where just assumptions of mine in all my previous theories regarding Kris and his possible connection with Susie, as well as GASTER’s master plan behind all of this but that means going back to the first ever theory I’ve touched upon and the most unpopular theory of all the DELTARUNE theories, The CHARA+Frisk=Kris Theory.
… No joke, I just heard a UNDERTALE/DELTARUNE fan scream in frustration from over here as I wrote those lines.
Okay, first let’s address a few elephants in the rooms as we go on with this theory.
First, I’m far way too aware of Toby’s statement in behalf DELTARUNE and it’s connection to UNDERTALE by saying they’re both a separate universes and that DELTARUNE is it’s own weird standalone title that has UNDERTALE characters and mechanics to it, that’s not to say that I wanna choose ignore those words for the sake of earning credibility with an half assed theory that connect both games, but actually rather means that I just truly don’t believe most of his words. Keyword MOST.
Let me quote Toby’s statement:
I will say that basically, what you're seeing here is not the world of UNDERTALE*.*UNDERTALE's world and ending are the same as however you left them.If everyone was happy in your ending*,* the people in the UNDERTALE world will still be happy*.*So, please don't worry about those characters, and that world*.* It will remain untouched*.*
To rephrase that, DELTARUNE's world is a different one*.*With different characters, that have lived different lives.A whole new story will happen...
I don't know what you call this kind of game.
It's just a game you can play after you complete UNDERTALE*, if you want to.”*
This statement right here honestly feels like a solid confirmation that DELTARUNE has no relation to UNDERTALE in any sort of way, which is what everybody has taken to believe ever since, however I’ll have to make clear that meanwhile it FEELS like it doesn’t entirely mean IT IS that way. That’s not to say we should dismiss Toby’s words altogether, in fact I’d advice to take my theory with a big chunk of salt since the accuracy of this might equal to zero, however what I’m trying to get across is it’s that the statement itself feels ambiguous for various reasons.
If you did pay attention to the parts I made a big bold deal about (puns) you’d see there is actually quite a bit of fishy paraphrasing every time Toby refers back to UNDERTALE which sounds quite ambiguous, mostly the word “World” and how the specific world Toby decided to mention was that of the one of that the Pacifist Run, hence the phrases **“**IF everyone was happy in your ending, the people in the UNDERTALE world will still be happy”, “UNDERTALE's world and ending are the same as however you left them.” And “that world. It will remain untouched” which makes sense, it is after all the true ending of UNDERTALE, thus being called the True Pacifist Ending;
Though I find it weird how only one out of the two endings of UNDERTALE ends up being mentioned by Toby in his statement as true UNDERTALE enthusiast would know there are actually two endings for UNDERTALE, the Pacifist Run and the Genocide Run.
One could argue it is supposed to be included in the bunch as Toby does indeed say “If everyone was happy IN your ending…” however I actually think that cannot be the case here considering how huge of an emphasis the Pacifist Run has in the overall statement, starting from Toby Fox treating it as a standalone “World” as in that’s the only ending that should be taken for granted.
Having that in mind, canonically the Genocide Route is not treated as a world in itself but rather as an alternative timeline to UNDERTALE, most specifically a side effect of the choices you’ve made in the game, yet when Toby does adds “IF everyone was happy in your ending, the people in the UNDERTALE world will still be happy” does actually not sound like a statement but actually a requirement in order to UNDERTALE to work as an standalone universe completely separated from both The Genocide Route and DELTARUNE, and that’s where I feel things clear the blurred lines from Toby’s statement.
One thing I feel both Sans Fight and UNDERTALE as a game have made pretty clear is what exactly is considered a timeline but for knowing what exactly they are we’ll need to have a dive through the topic;
So timelines in UNDERTALE to their core are the derivatives The Player’s choices in games which lead the game to trigger one of two different scenarios, four even if you count the Neutral Run and Soulless Pacifist Run but we aren’t touching those too much as both of these are derivatives of the Pacifist and Genocide route respectively; that’s a concept well understood and all but honestly it also feels like simplification to what a Timeline actually is since, you see, there is a lot more to the term than what this concept does imply to be.
Personally I feel UNDERTALE treats timelines as the many self-contained variables of one specific world, taking shape depending of whatever kind of task the Player chooses to do and creating a different outcome within the same realm of said reality which in context of the game actually does make a ton of sense considering that The Player in UNDERTALE can actually trigger quite a few more out comes within the realms of both the Pacifist Run and the Genocide Run for their endings, from not talking to Alphys to deciding whether or not to kill Flowey, these are just variables to that self-contained world.
This can also be proven in Sans’ own words during his fight as he states “Our reports have showed a massive anomaly in the timespace continuum. Timelines jumping left and right, stopping and starting. UNTIL SUDDENDLY EVERYTHING ENDS.”, and I think to what Sans is referring here is actually not many worlds being tampered with but rather the same world being repeatedly messed until The Player reaches a specific ending that suddenly ends everything in said reality, that to me I feel is what I feel UNDERTALE refers to as a timeline, same reality repeating over and over again until it reaches it’s end.
This however… Is not what a timeline truly is, In fact what these actually are is just many variables to the same reality as in the end all of this go back to the same ending of same reality.
Notice how Sans makes the keyword “Until suddenly everything ends”, this to me does have an actual explanation. As I said before, Players can actually trigger quite a lot of variables to UNDERTALE’s two endings depending of the task they’ve done of their journey, those will then dictate in what scenario end the game but notice how those variable aren’t impactful enough to be considered a definitive ending to UNDERTALE, let alone be their own world, the only time the game truly stops is when you reach UNDERTALE’s two flagship endings and that’s what Sans hopes to use on his favor in order to keep his world still existing during his fight, if Frisk doesn’t reach the end there’s still hope. This is… interesting.
Especially because, as I said before, this is not how timelines work exactly.
In real life and scientifically alternative timelines are theorized to spawn with basically anything, in fact you reading this theory is considered a timeline considering in another timeline you chose to ignore it, just a simple thing like choosing to drink water is its own timeline but what UNDERTALE does not tell you is that every timeline has their own flow for as small as the action is taken and that that flow creates another world.
Sure, I know you’re gonna bring back at me the many variables that can be spawned from the Pacifist Ending alone to counter my statement and sure you’d have a point HOWEVER as I spoke earlier notice how none of those timelines drastically change the world of UNDERTALE to the extent the Pacifist Route and especially the Genocide route do; They don’t cause the same level of heavy impact onto the story to even be considered a standalone world because as we see in UNDERTALE’s file select screen after both endings we do then get True Resets buttons for each ending, something we don’t get with the variable endings, in fact even after restarting the game from a variable ending it does feels like a continuation of your same run, not like a totally different run or ending to the same extent the Neutral Run does, and even then this one is also a variable ending.
As I stated before, UNDERTALE abuses of it’s meta reset button to create a sense to the Player of them venturing between multiple timelines when in reality you’re basically causing trouble onto the same timeline with different outcomes in each run until you finally put it to it’s end, that’s what Sans meant when he said “Timelines jumping left and right, stopping and starting. Until suddenly everything ends”.
A timeline instead would be us going onto UNDERTALE, choosing one specific path and no matter the variable taking said world to a totally different route that completely separates that reality of any of its variable, a specific ending- Wait a minute.
You now see my point? That my friend IS considered a timeline, a standalone world, much like UNDERTALE’s Pacifist Route has been confirmed by Toby himself is.
When you think about it most AUs you see on the net, for as outlandish as they are, are far more accurate to what a timeline is than what the game presents as the game instead traps you on the many variables of a self-contained universe yet no matter what it’s still the same world since once you’re done with the true ending that universe, that universe is done for, basically meaning timelines in UNDERTALE are not a completely separate universes but instead a variable of the same reality that will reach the same end no matter what, for as cruel as it might end.
That is why I have the feeling that Toby Fox might have sneakily decided to outsmart everybody by making them think DELTARUNE did not have any sort of deeper relationship to UNDERTALE as he only chose to speak about ONE out of the TWO outcomes found within UNDERTALE, and there’s no better supportive piece of evidence the DELTARUNE Website itself which advices Players to play UNDERTALE first if they like to then fully enjoy DELTARUNE. Nice thing to advice by the way, but honestly the game at it is fully enjoyable as it is without prior UNDERTALE knowledge as the game does fill all the basis pretty well, the only time you’d need your UNDERTALE 101 knowledge is when something UNDERTALE related pops-up which is mostly seen on character relationships and Kris suspiciously know about, and yes I know there Player Theory and I do too think it could be the most possible scenario but one thing does not add up here;
Why would we need to know about UNDERTALE stuff if most characters are starting from scratch, when most relationships have broken up, when everything is coming with a clean slate and when Toby specifically wants the player to look at this game with a clear outlook and no clear relation to UNDERTALE?
That’d be unless DELTARUNE started where UNDERTALE left of, but more on this later.
Then why? Why would he do this is? Why would he deny something that clearly everybody first experiencing this game would immediately think about? Well I think the answer is quite simple.
A thing I completely dismissed from Toby’s statement regarding UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE and that I cannot specifically quote to exact phrases because THE INTENET WENT OFF YET AGAIN BUT I DON’T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT, THANK YOU; Is that he rather have players not care too much about it, at least for now.
He’s worried any sort of prior DELTARUNE knowledge would get in the way of the player fully enjoying his new game and he doesn’t want that enjoyment to be tainted with the stakes and hype UNDERTALE has created, any sort of UNDERTALE follow up he’d create would immediately cause high expectation which is something he clearly does not want to happen. Something he even added later on as he stated he cannot make Players feel the same way again which to me feels that’s his way of saying that not even he could be able to create yet another true UNDERTALE experience that satisfies everyone that played his previous game, so instead of choosing of choosing to advertise it as a direct sequel it would be better to neglect UNDERTALE altogether and keep it low-key for now.
With that out of the way, what does this mean for the Genocide Route? Well if you’ve been paying attention then the answer is pretty much simple.
UNDERTALE subtlety yet smartly made a huge parallel difference between what exactly is a timeline ingame and what is a world, if a variable of a specific reality that still follows the same end for all realities is considered an UNDERTALE timeline, then a “World” must be interpreted as an actual timeline;
A world in which an event has unleashed a totally different outcome that has no way of being fixed nor connected back to its former variables as seen in the Soulless Pacifist Run, and has created yet another standalone world; A standalone alternative reality in which the events unfold cannot be erased no matter how many times you try to reset.
That to me, my friends, is an almost accurate depiction of a timeline is.
But there’s one thing yet to be tackled from this whole Timeline/World ramble fest and that is, what makes a timeline turn into a standalone world? Or should I say alternative reality, which is gonna be a much more suitable term for the picture I wanna give.
If Toby Fox’s statement is something to go off, when he says “If everyone was happy in your ending, the people in the UNDERTALE world will still be happy. So, please don't worry about those characters, and that world*.* It will remain untouched*.”* Then this tell us an alternative reality is created when a world reaches an end that drastically changes the course of a reality and moves on from there to a point of no return; Untouched.
But here is the thing, the Genocide Route in the way it ended has no world in which to continue on, it is completely erased with all variables of it completely tainted to point of no return.
I know once again you’re gonna take the Soulless Pacifist as proof to dismiss all my words on this statement but here is the thing; Repeating the events of UNDERTALE over and over again, pacifist or not, even with no soul, does not feel to me like something entirely suitable of being yet an alternative reality, if anything it falls one the variable category ‘cept for a grander scale.
In fact if you wanna take that logic and truly apply to the canon that’d mean that if CHARA was truly traveling in the body of Frisk through many versions of the same universe that’d mean we’d eventually have a game where the Genocide and Pacifist timeline crossover as Frisk and Possessed Frisk face off to one another as he’d eventually get there, and I highly doubt that’s gonna be the case here.
No. To me a world in UNDERTALE is that that goes beyond where UNDERTALE left thus truly making it an alternative reality, repeating the events of the game is basically the opposite of it yet the reason I feel the player is able to do this in UNDERTALE might actually be for narrative presentation rather than anything, that or just plain reply value. It could be possible that he went off to do a Soulless Pacifist Run afterwards to free himself from the spell of DETERMINATION made long ago by the adults of the war, which preventing the monsters to escape and consecutively preventing him to erase the timeline for good #Thebarrieraintmagicifsothemonsterswouldhavefoundawaytoescapewithastrongerspellsincetheyreabletodoandareremadeoffuckingmagic; AND THEN finally delete for good the world of UNDERTALE since we do see it sort of happen in the Soulless Pacifist Route as a bunch of nines fly off the screen to then close our game.
Regardless, my point still stands, especially if we’re talking about the Genocide Route in which CHARA deleted all of his realities and possible variables as he turned that world into ashes to no return, just in case you also want to use that argument against me; CHARA makes it clear that his current reality is basically done for and that they too are also done with the world of UNDERTALE, so on his own words, he moves on to the next.
DELTARUNE. A timeline that definitely qualifies under the “World” category because of how distinct it is to UNDERTALE and how different yet the same most of the returning UNDERTALE characters act.
I know most people reject this outcome and I can see why some people would but honestly there is room for The Pacifist timeline and The Genocide timeline to co-exist with it being the prequel to DELTARUNE with all in this in mind. Just knowing that in the beginning both timelines split, that The Pacifist Route continued on in what we see in the true credits, whereas the Genocide Route went off to continue in the world of DELTARUNE, helps once again understand the very first statement Toby made in regards both game…
I will say that basically, what you're seeing here is not the world of UNDERTALE*.* UNDERTALE's world and ending are the same as however you left them*.”*

Also internet went back on, hurray.
*Deep exhausted sigh* So once again, take my words with a big chunk of salt honestly, I could be OH SO WRONG about everything but yet again, as we see in my pictures above there is a clear link between both games, one far deeper than people make it out to be; One that explain how Kris’ body can still live on without his SOUL in him (To anybody trying to tell me that’s the player, THAT’S ALSO HIS FUCKING HEART DUDE, EXPLAIN THAT SHIT), how does he knows about all previous relationships and names of characters seen back in UNDERTALE, why is our SOUL forced by Kris’ body by his own will no less and then taken out, and why would GASTER try to contact with Kris or more so the Not-Kris during the beginning of the Survey.
With all this that’s not to say that Toby’s words aren’t to be believed, just that despite it seeing all the fishy stuff that seem to connect both games, even if vague, I think there’s actually a bit of a light lie there which I choose not to believe, at least at the moment. And once more, I know there is Player Theory but yet again is worth giving this theory another shot and have it at least in the side because at the end of the day the possibility is there…
Which leads me to elephant and point number 2!!
Finally, after so much ramble of timelines and worlds and alternative universes, we are here. The point I’ve been wanting to tackle since the very beginning, the message.
First the elephant, then point.
There seems to be a whole lot of confusion behind to who the girl referred on Clam Girl’s dialog is referring to since her name despite similar to Susie’s is spelled “Suzy”. Me personally? I feel people are overanalyzing it. Yeah, I know, how ironic coming of the guy that literally would over analyze how many times Toby Fox has sneezed as proof that there could be more UNDERTALE sequels XDDDDD.
But to be honest, the confusion right here, from a development stand point, is easy to solve. When you make a character a lot of stuff can change as you develop them, from appearance to behavior, and one of them being the names. Meanwhile the spelling is different I have no doubt it is the same girl to be very honest, we know that DELTARUNE’s story has been developed basically hand-to-hand with UNDERTALE’s game development, “Suzy’s” sudden inclusion on the script seems like more than just a random UNDERTALE Easter-egg but rather something completely done on purpose to tease DELTARUNE as the message itself makes clear.
Then why didn’t Toby change the dialog by the Switch release of the game? Or heck, the PS4 version? Honestly I think he forgot and it he didn’t maybe he changed the spelling last minute?
To me personally however I feel he changed the name Suzy was changed to Susie because it looked cuter written that way, but who knows, maybe I’m wrong on it.
Now, many people do have this kind of morbid though that Suzy might be a goner version of Susie in UNDERTALE but even if this was true… It could still be the same girl, honestly. The fact that Suzy might be a Goner in UNDERTALE and more so is related to GASTER only gives my point much more credit than it deserves as many of GASTER’s followers are IN DELTARUNE with most of them being goners, if GASTER sent back Clam Girl back to UNDERTALE to tell Frisk about this random girl is because he wants them both to meet eventually in the world of DELTARUNE, which leads me to elephant number 3.
How do we know is Frisk the one she’s talking to and not us the actual player?
Well, the answer lies within the dialog itself, and in case you wanna bring Player Theory let me just add that Toby is a guy that likes to underline when the game is talking to the Player or to the character on screen, Clam Girl’s addition of “She’s around YOUR AGE” to me pretty much confirms that she’s talking to Frisk as an individual rather than us the literal Player, is just too oddly specific considering the chronologically UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE seem to be years apart from each other.
Which finally gets me out all elephants in the room and finally gets me onto the topic here.
So okay the message itself and what is added to Clam Girls’ dialog I think I’ve talked a WHOLE LOT in my past theories so let’s just breakdown the basis.
Clam Girl is character that appears in Waterfall when depending if the fun level is set to 8 or below, when you approach her she’ll talk you about her neighbor’s daughter as seen above, this implications seem to be describing Susie and teasing DELTARUNE to the player meanwhile also enticing Frisk to know said little girl, most remarkably in the Switch version when you approach her and she turns gray like most goners and says “The moment you’ll meet her is fast approaching.” Few months later, boom! DELTARUNE.
With that out of the way…
I feel it pretty impressive how Clam Girl claims how Susie, a character not even part of UNDERTALE might be the reason why Frisk as a character might have arrived to The Underground considering she’s nowhere to be seen in the game or has little to literally nothing to do with the story of UNDERTALE. What’s even stranger is that her claim when rephrased implies that their meeting is something that has been fated to happen from the very beginning in the grand scheme of life.
This to me is actually quite revealing because I feel it has one implication, that from the very beginning GASTER knew all the events that would unfold in UNDERTALE, most specifically the Genocide route and what it would spawn in DELTARUNE in consequence, and maybe even going as far as being the mere reason why everything we see in DELTARUNE fell to place for Kris in the way it did.
For starter ever since my first batch of runs into the game I always took notice of how much DELTARUNE’s universe seems to be trying get both Kris and Susie closer together in some way, ways that might seem coincidental yet we have to really be question knowing there seems to be quite a lot of GASTER’s involvement in here, especially now that we know from Clam Girl’s dialog that it could be all because of destiny that they met but it makes me wonder what kind of destiny she’s talking about here? Is it GASTER or is it The Legend of the Delta Rune to which she’s referring? And if so, how does GASTER knows about this?
I kind of have a hypothetic scenario that could possibly explain what’s going on around here, as to how much it holds up tho guess we’ll have to see about it but honestly I feel is worth giving it a little look through as one of the thing that strikes me more about Clam Girl’s pre-goner disappearance is how much she insists that Susie is the reason Frisk arrived to The Underground, almost as if she was talking of soul mates of sorts that are destined to one another, which yes does sound like just pure shipping material but honestly I feel puts GASTER’s plans for Kris and Susie in a much more exposed manner.
First and fore most I wanna point out that I don’t feel GASTER might be the one behind Kris and Susie’s supposedly fated comradely of sorts but rather somebody that’s playing along maybe for his own purposes, GASTER being a being scattered across time and space means that he knows and can see the ins and outs of the UNDERVERSE (Not trying to reference to the AU but rather trying to make a Spider-Verse joke) for what his followers have let us see based solely on their behavior and how they do refer to him, for this reason I’m almost certain that GASTER if he was able to foretold the events of The Genocide Route then I feel he was able to see beyond it and what he found in regards to DELTARUNE and possibly change its future by trying to use Susie for his own plans meanwhile still trying to get her help Kris and the SOUL that lies within the body, Frisk.
We have to remember, GASTER tried to help the SOUL out on his own meaner but ultimately failed in the process, meaning even him is unsure if Susie could actually help SAVE the SOUL trapped inside Kris.
Second, I do actually feel that there could be some kind of mystic shenanigan trying to get Susie closer to Kris considering how everything was played out in CHAPTER 1, and we have a legend to back this up in case the Dark World turned out to be real all along.
It is way too coincidental how these two kids went from literally barely knowing a thing from one another to being assignment partners and teammates linked by supposed a legend, and traveling together or making up together the mystic realm that is the Dark World, ending up with them becoming really close friends afterwards which is something that’s remarked by Kris and Susie from their own respective mouths; Which means yes, destiny does have a play indeed on this and GASTER is going along with the ride by possibly helping them in the future so the outcome the game has is the best outcome that benefits both parties, The Fun Gang and GASTER.
TL;DR GASTER saw something, something that had to do with the Susie and Frisk, something that would possibly put a stop to CHARA, and something that would benefit GASTER in some way, but whatever it is he fears might not come a reality if he doesn’t put his own cards in the issue, help shape the future on the best way possible;
and one that could possibly put him back together which is the vibe I’m getting from this, personally don’t see GASTER as a kind of kind-hearted fellow who just wants to stop the world from CHARA’s disasters, I feel there is more to his presence in the game and that he’s using Susie as sort of a decoy, but in case you don’t believe, take it from the Mystery Man himself because in words of GASTER:

\Phew!** Finally finished! That was quite the ride there. Been writing this theory the past 8 hours, basically didn’t sleep to not lose the ideas I had in mind :s
Overall how do I feel about my own theory? I feel I just wasted my time XD.
Honestly this theory seems to have a base but even I doubt it’ll turn out to become a reality, even after pointing out stuff that should make sense but I know is not what Toby might not actually have implied with them in the end. There is yes fishy coincidences and strange wording coming from both Toby and the games themselves but time is to tell whether or not I’ll be ever right with any of my theories so once again take this theory with a big chunk of salt and try and be nice in the comments with me, I know there is a low chance of this being real so if you wanna point out the flaws at least make them fun for me to read XD.
However as I said before, it was worth giving it a shot to be very honest, maybe this way of explaining the CHARA+Frisk=Kris theory might draw a much more open minded approach to the scenario, we’ll see about it. At least now you go home with a different take on the game ^^UUUUU.
Now, is 08:16 a.m. over here, gonna go ahead and pass out on bed, dudes :’v.
You guys can however let me know what you guys personally think. Ghostasaurus out
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2019.10.07 02:29 Telnet_to_the_Mind Message+ vs Advanced Messaging RCS

Hi folks. I work in the Telecom world, so this *may* be a bit more technical of a question, so those VoLTE and V-ICE engineers feel free to reply! So I work for a provider that VzW partners with. My question is about the connection and type of Messaging services that are being offered. So as of right now, (10/6/19)
  1. Is basic SMS messaging services still supported?
  2. RCS will replace SMS correct? So is RCS going to take the form of an app on Verizon phones? Or is it going to appear to the user as the native messaging service that is on the phone by default when they first turn it on?
  3. Verizon has an app called Message+... is this RCS based? What role does Message+ play? Why is it needed if RCS is the same thing? (is it?)
  4. What is this "Advanced Messaging" from Verizon, and how it is different than Message+, RCS and or other OTT client applications?
  5. If Advanced Messaging is RCS and if it will be 'just on' as the default message service for Verizon phones, does this mean that Message+ will be pretty much un-needed?
  6. Do all OTT client applications like Facebook Messenger, or what's APP... do they require an internet connection to use? Could you not use these applications on an LTE connection to a tower?
  7. If you can, use these app's purely in an LTE environment, then I assume it's eventually routing to an intenet backbone to deliever?
  8. Again does this include the Message+ app? is Message+ an OTT client or an RCS application?
  9. I assume RCS will not need any sort of internet connection?
  10. Last one! The project I'm working on describes handling Verizon VoLTE subscribers OTT devices. Does this mean that you support ALL OTT clients, Facebook, what'sApp etc included? So if a Verizon subscriber is using Facebook Messenger this is included? Or does this mean that it only supports Verizon OTT client apps?

Thanks ahead of time and appreciate any feedback and information you can provide!
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2019.03.02 21:10 rqaaa I don't understand why sega doesnt return to making consoles.

I may be a little ignorant as to exaxtly why dreamcast failed. But i friggin LOVED dreamcast. I remember going into sams club and they always had one hooked up that you could play i wanted it so bad. Years later i had actually got one and the graphics were beautiful for the time it had intenet, and even though people complained i liked the controller in my opinion it was way better than the n64 controller (Looking back i have no idea how i even played on that thing)
Anyways back to my point it seems like they never stopped making decent games. They made alien isolation, and they have always been huge in Asia. Even shenmue games are a hit worldwide. That must keep them pretty profitable. Sega was ome of the originals, one of the biggest console companies in history, so i dont get why they dont take a chance and try again...?
If they were to take a look at specs of next gen and made something compareable, i cant picture it flopping. Theres a theory out there that sega partnered with Microsoft and that xbox basically is the new sega systems but i highly doubt it. It would probably be called the sega xbox to boost the brand. And they have made at least 1 exclusice sonic game for playstation.
I feel like its been long enough that there has been only 3 major consoles out there. We need another compettiter, especially since (PLEASE DONT GET OFFENDED) ...nintendo does there own thing. They are kinda seperate from the console war they dont take part and competiting in it by making a beast of a console they just do what they want really, its about fun factor with them. At least thats how i veiw it (dont hate me). Also in sorry but i DO NOT see the mad dog being any bigger than the nvidia sheild or something like that. The design/the name/ the company it all adds up to a flop and nobody is excited for it.
Sega, Apple, or samsung. They all deffinitely have the money and the fans to back a console and do something truely great in the gaming industry. Im realy surprised that apple in there quest to create a product for all of your electronic needs hasnt tried...again anyways, i know they half assed tried to make the pippin but they coulda learned from that i cant believe the name pippin even made it out the door with them. But you have apple computers, apple tv, apple phone, apple ipod, apple watch, apple ipod, apple cloud, apple apps, apple energy, apple smart speakers, all kinds of apple software, apple music, apple cloud, they are even creating apple cars. Why the hell not try to make a console. Consumers would buy the hell out of it. A luxury gaming console compatible with all of your apple products it would fit so well.
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2017.10.26 07:31 Akwardbun 21/f Dont really have friends and got dumped by my bf maybe play games together?[skype] [kik]

I generally dont talk to many people, but feel like need to have friends other than when i have a partner. read my other posts for a timeline of stuff I guess. I've recently gotten into playing WOW I like the intenet and memes. kinda boring but maybe find something to talk about[If I don't respond its cause I just got dumped and probably don't feel well enough to talk at the moment but will respond later sorry btw] Also pls tell me if you just wanna talk for literally one day then delete me its kinda weird lol
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2015.04.16 11:04 jmesfrnco Mark Zuckerberg defends after many partners start to leave the program, says 'net neutrality and universal connectivity -- can and must coexist'

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2013.10.20 23:29 JanderCLander Is there any medication to reduce urges?

Since 10th april I decided to quit from porn and until now I had 18 relapses. Now I am strict into no fap and doing a local recovery program. I am having a lot of urges since 23 days of abstinence.Does any body knows if exist medication to help to prevent urges or at least to calm you down? Would like to know how long it will take for: -stop having urges? -not fantasizing with porn images during making love with your partner? -stopping of thinking about sex all time? Just want to seduce young girls about 18 and older but so goodlooking ones. -focus on reading,memory,etc...
I am having orgasm with my partner but no PMO anymore? Is this hard mode making my recover slower?
Please I need to hear good opinions about people in my situation who started at masturbation with 7 and intenet porn since 17. I'm 32 and I really want to scape from this nightmare!
I'm desperate and with big urge, please help!
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